The Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Be Total Swifties

Swifties make the world go 'round. In fact, they're also written in the stars. Much like the woman they admire, Swifties are known within pop culture to have a keen attention to detail, detective instincts, and an unmatched ability to connect with Swift's music. Besides using astrology for love compatibility between zodiac signs, knowing where you stand as a Swiftie (and astrology geek) and using it to navigate fan culture is just as important.


You may be wondering why astrology is important to Swifties, and the answer lies in Swift's 17 career-spanning years. From the country roots of debut Taylor to the synth-pop of 1989, there's no shortage of personality, charisma, and individuality in Swift's musical catalog. Just like you can rock a pout with Swift's favorite red lipsticks, you can figure out whether your astrological chart (which includes your sun, moon, and rising) was destined to make you a Swiftie. Following in the steps of our Sagittarius queen, let's find out whether your zodiac sign is most likely to be a Swiftie.

Cancer rising

Cancers are known to wear their heart on their sleeve, much like the sentiments expressed in Swift's songwriting. Per Yoga House, your rising sign falls into the 'first house' of astrology, which reflects how you process your thoughts. The feelings you have about who you are, what you stand for, and how you present yourself to the world are typically reflected in your rising sign — for Cancers, that means being hypersensitive to your feelings. For example, while you may be an extroverted and optimistic Sagittarius, others may see you as your Cancer rising, which can be extremely sentimental and emotional.


In addition to traditional Cancer traits, Cancer risings carry their very own traits that make them perfect candidates for Swiftie culture. Cancer risings are known to be fluid with their emotion, meaning they experience extreme degrees of highs-and-lows. Swift has publicly lived through a number of eras in her life, from the devastating heartbreak of Red to the romantic euphoria of Lover — there's no denying that Cancers are meant to be Swifties.

Virgo moon

Virgo moons are some of the most creative, generous, and ambitious signs. According to Allure, Virgo moons are excellent at creating systems of creativity for themselves, like a consistent routine and constant movement. When they can provide those same creative systems to other people, it brings them even more joy. Swift is no stranger to creativity, ambition, or generosity, and her power in the industry has helped a number of young female artists become songwriters themselves. Much of her past experiences have been filled with misogyny perpetrated by the media, which is something she's used to advocate for young girls writing about heartbreak.


Just like Swift, Virgo moons are also obsessive over-thinkers. Being smart, helpful, and worthy of belonging are constantly on their mind, which is why they need more self-soothing than the average person. Although it is easier said than done, peace can only be achieved for Virgo moons by letting go of their desire to please everyone. By embracing her authentic personality and not letting the spotlight impact her joy, Swift is certainly doing the same.

Taurus sun

Taurus suns are grounded in their humility and playful in their sensuality — just like Swift. According to InStyle, Taurus suns lead with stubbornness, loyalty, and sexuality, traits that are present in each of Swift's albums. Tauruses also rule the second house of self-worth and income, easily making them a contender to relate to Swift's music and personal experiences. Tauruses are also hopeless romantics, eternal optimists, and the first to hide their hard feelings. If that doesn't sound like a reflection of Swift's music and persona, we don't know what is.


Tauruses also tend to be attracted to their exact opposites. Until her most recent connection to football tight end Travis Kelce, Swift's past relationships have predominantly been with men who are quiet, private, and introverted, unlike her bubbly and extroverted personality. Tauruses will often find themselves with partners who reflect their opposite traits and, as a result, challenge and protect them.

Aries Venus

When your Venus is in Aries, you're the first to embrace love for all it is. Having a Venus placement in Aries means that every relationship — whether romantic or platonic — matters to you equally, and maintaining these relationships is always your top priority. Since the beginning of her career, Swift has been known to value her personal relationships, from sharing secrets and spending time with fans to financially supporting her band and their families. Per Refinery29, an Aries Venus will do everything they can to make their relationships work.


On the other hand, an Aries Venus is also the first to end a relationship when it no longer satisfies them. Having a mutually appreciative and engaging relationship is extremely important to them, and not having these sentiments reciprocated can force an Aries Venus to disengage completely. In recent years, Swift has been known to let go of anything that no longer serves her and expressed these feelings in songs like Getaway Car, The Moment I Knew, and Long Story Short. If your Venus is in Aries, it may be time to give Swift's music a listen.

Scorpio sun

Last but definitely not least, Scorpio suns are typically perfect candidates for Swiftiehood. Scorpios are fixed water signs, which means they're loyal, devoted, and passionate (three characteristics often tied to Swift herself). Swift and her Scorpio fans are driven by their intuition, meaning their gut is always the first to assess any situation. When they love someone, they love deeply. When they don't like someone, it's clear on their face. Swift has never been one to hide her true emotions, whether in her songwriting or during public appearances.


When it comes to their craft, Scorpios are the first to learn from their mistakes, refine their skills, and grow as a result. Swift has been at the forefront of multiple controversies and left each one with more knowledge, like turning her passive politics into an inclusive and progressive fight against Republican politicians. Scorpios are devoted to learning, constantly evolving, and extremely intelligent as a result of hard work. If that doesn't sound like Swift, we don't know what does.