Statement Faux Fur Is The Must-Have Outerwear This Winter

Love it or hate it, faux fur is back. The fluffy trend has been seen all over the runways, and winter is the perfect time to embrace it. A number of big brands, including Stella McCartney and Gucci, have shown off their own versions of the trend on the runway for Fall/Winter going into 2024 — and it's a look we're not expecting to see fade away anytime soon.

There's probably an instant idea you get in your head when you think of a faux-fur look. Most of us probably get that throwback to a glamorous 1920s woman strutting around in what was probably a real fur coat. But today, things are a little different. Now, faux fur is the only way to go and styles have certainly evolved. The reason the fur look is making such a comeback? Well, that could have to do with the 1990s fashion resurgence we've seen, as fur looks had a bit of a moment during that decade.

But, while glam is certainly one way to rock the look (one we totally love, by the way) don't think there's just one way to incorporate faux fur into your wardrobe. There are plenty of ways to make this trend your own, and we've compiled some of our very favorite styles for inspiration.

Bring the warmth with a hat

While you may think first of a faux fur coat when it comes to nailing this trend, one of the best ways to incorporate it into your look is actually with a hat. A fluffy hat will keep your head and ears warm as the mercury plummets, and, in the right shade, it can instantly make so many outfits instantly on-trend. We love this white look as it's perfect for the winter, though a black or dark brown hat will also work with so many different looks.

You can even wear faux fur if your winter isn't cold

It's true. Faux fur certainly doesn't just have to be reserved for the colder months. In order to rock the look if you're lucky enough to live somewhere that's permanently hot, we'd recommend opting for a furry jacket that's a little more colorful. Bringing in the color, like this gorgeous rich purple shade, will make it instantly more appropriate for when the sun's shining, while a denim skirt shows a little skin so that you don't overheat.

But faux fur doesn't have to be dressed up

Though faux fur gives an air of glamour and elegance, that doesn't necessarily mean you always have to wear it in a dressy way. As this look proves, you can just as easily pair faux fur with something a little more casual. The shade of the fur gives a more classic look here, but we love the juxtaposition it then has when paired with a more dressed-down sweater and metallic sneakers.

Or grab a gilet to get on trend

Another fun way to incorporate some faux fur into your wardrobe is to pick up a furry gilet. A gilet will still keep you feeling toasty on those colder days, but you'll also be able to wear it as a stylish transitional dressing piece far into the spring — what a win! A fun gilet like this will also add a little extra glam to any outfit without becoming the sole statement piece in a way a faux fur coat might.

Put the fur on your scarf

Rocking the faux fur trend doesn't mean you have to get your hands on a fluffy coat or scarf. Another way to get in on the look and still make a statement is to wear a faux fur scarf. Not only is a scarf super practical if you're in for a cold winter, but it's also an easy way to instantly accessorize any outfit. There a wide array of different colors out there too, with many costing less than a jacket or coat.

And don't forget the glam, oversized look

It's the classic. And it's classic for a reason. How could we possibly show off our favorite faux-fur styles without a nod to the classic, oversized coat statement? Proving the glam look is just as chic today as it ever was, this white faux-fur outerwear is totally showstopping. Pair it with stilettos and a chic darker look underneath (that'll let the coat have its moment) and you're good to head out.