Don't Throw Away Your Cracked Powdered Makeup. Here's Why

You just got home from your favorite beauty store and you're ready to try out your stunning new blush powder. Then, the unthinkable happens – you drop it, and it shatters into a bunch of cracked pieces. It's a sad sight to see, especially after finally finding your perfect shade match. But don't worry; it's completely fixable. And there's a chance you already have what you need at home to salvage the broken powder.


While you could just buy a new one, there are actually some simple solutions to fix your cracked powder products. Makeup can certainly cost a pretty penny these days, so why not save some cash by bringing the powder back to life? All you need is some rubbing alcohol and determination. (One exception: if the makeup comes in a glass container and the glass breaks, it's best to throw it away to avoid any shards damaging your skin.) 

Use rubbing alcohol to save your powder

This tip works best for bronzer and blush, but you can also do it with a pressed powder foundation. Take a butter knife, spoon, or toothpick and mash all of the remaining powder into dust, as fine as possible. Add a small amount of rubbing alcohol, just enough to create a thick paste, and stir together. Flatten out the paste into the palette's shape and pat it with a paper towel to help absorb any excess alcohol. Let the mixture dry overnight, and when you wake up the next morning, it'll be like you never broke it in the first place. You'll have a powder that looks good as new. 


If you're finding it difficult to mix the powder and alcohol in the original palette or container, you can remove the powder and crush it up in a Ziploc bag to reduce the mess. Then, put the powder and alcohol in a bowl and mix it together before transferring it back into the palette to dry.  This method is demonstrated in a TikTok video from @emilyyroses. 

Don't worry if you accidentally add too much alcohol; it will all absorb and eventually evaporate. A higher alcohol content will harden and evaporate quicker, so go for 70% and higher. 

Repurpose as a loose powder

Broken powder certainly doesn't mean it's unusable. Whether it's a bronzer, eyeshadow, or foundation, another option to save the cracked pieces is to crush them into a loose powder instead. Experts in the makeup world know this to be true, including makeup artist and global educator Hannah Hatcher. She told InStyle,"If any powders break, whether it's a shadow, bronzer, etc., you can always break it up and put it into a container and use it as a loose powder." Hatcher recommends putting the broken-up powder through a sieve as an additional step to make the powder as fine as possible. Then, depending on the product, you can use it as a loose finishing powder, bronzer, or blush. 


Though your makeup can be saved most of the time, be aware of how old your products are and how often you use them. "If the product has changed colors or smells a little strange, you should definitely toss it. This could be a sign that there's life (aka bacteria) in your makeup and you don't want to make this a science project!" Claudia Soare, president and creative director of Anastasia Beverly Hills, told InStyle. Otherwise, it's totally safe to repurpose your cracked and broken powder products.