The Silk Skirt Trend Reigned In Summer 2023 - How To Wear It In Fall

In case you were wondering, lingerie as outerwear is still trending — you have been warned. And you guessed it, the silky slip skirts that appeared this summer will definitely transfer into this autumn's looks. This is great news! No need to hesitate to embrace this look for another season. The silky skirt has endless wearability for every season. We've spent all summer idolizing the notion of an elegant, flowing silk skirt blowing in the breeze on a sunset beach, so now we can continue our love of this look next to the fall leaves blowing across a cozy school campus. Layered and accessorized just so, the silky skirt looks great with almost everything, even in cooler months.

How do you style something so light, delicate, and perhaps sheer, during the seasons meant for clothes that protect against the cold? Lest you forget, silk is one of nature's most durable fibers! Have no doubt this enduring fabric will be a choice that's strong enough to partner with everything you love about fall. Here are a few ways to jump right in.

Tea length transformation

Silk skirts and slips are often tea length by nature. The original purpose of them was to serve as an additional layer underneath a top skirt for modesty and comfort. They were not meant to be seen. This fall, however, it's time to reject tradition and bare it all, completing the look with your favorite funky, chunky boot. Take advantage of this raised hemline to show off your favorite foot wear otherwise relegated to fall and winter function over fashionable form.

Decadent digs

For centuries, history has shown that silk has been (and continues to be) a coveted resource used in a variety of industries. When it comes to our day-to-day decorations, whether it be clothes or homes, silk is a highly valued fabric not only for it's subtle iridescence symbolizing luxury and status, but also for it's sensual texture. Silk sheets and lingerie are still highly regarded as the best fabric to touch our bare skin. What better way to symbolize decadence than opting for more? Extravagant, romantic Victorian silk drapes pooling at the floorshow off your lust for the maxi dresses, long pants, and trains.

College prep

In 1996, Sharon Stone infamously wore a Gap t-shirt to the Oscars and soon after, others followed haute couture meets mass market. You can do the same with your precious silks. Something as simple as an basic tee shirt pairs well with a silk skirt, for the same reason. Regardless of the purpose, price point, or any trend, if a style has hit the fashion runway, there's going to be a luxurious option as well as fast fashion. Putting them together in the same look is a statement unto itself. 

Dress your silks with big, oversized sweaters that look like they've been pulled from a pile on the floor in a mad rush out the dorm room door. Every outfit is a story of where we've been and where we're going. The droopy, oversized boyfriend trend on top of a silk skirt tells a tale of a romance so intimate and whimsical you can carelessly wrap yourself in their discarded clothes to keep yourself nice and cozy.

Genuine goth

Silk slips and exposed intimates are a common part of goth styles. Born from punk, goth emerged in the 80s as a rebellion against all things art devoid of the darker sides. Goth isn't afraid to walk hand-in-hand with divergence, embracing our shadow sides. Go goth with a silk skirt by pairing it's more fragile nature with good 'ol goth extreme armor. Layer additional dark colored long sleeves, fingerless gloves, hoods, hats, makeup, and chokers. No such thing as too many layers when it comes to goth.

Spring fields in autumn

Florals and finely, detailed prints are also trending with this silk skirt look and are just as powerful a statement as the popular maxi denims. Florals reinforce the delicate nature of a flowing silk fabric that's calling for a little added warmth in cooler weather. Spring prints and fall knits go hand in hand this season, like necessity breeding invention. Clever contrasts like higher hemlines and exposed legs meant for higher temperatures together with thick, fuzzy, cuddly tops stand out as an eye catching yin yang, too. 

Consider color

We love a good monochromatic outfit. It's hard not to feel confident in a bold commitment to one color and one only. So, don't worry if the bright and light color of your favorite summer silk skirt feels like it won't play well with the deeper tones of autumn. Lean into the theme and match it with a long sleeve top or sweater in the same hue. There's many ways to make your summer silk skirt a fall-into-winter staple. Just go for it!