The One Type Of Jewelry You Should Never Wear On An Airplane

Everyone has their go-to outfit and accessories when flying, but there are many things you should never wear on an airplane. Necklaces, bracelets, and rings are often worn as everyday comfort pieces to complete an outfit, but it might be a smart idea to rethink your jewelry choices on your next flight.

The process of boarding a plane can be long and tricky, allowing the opportunity for many things to go wrong with your belongings — especially jewelry. The small size of most pieces makes them easy to be misplaced, damaged, or even stolen when moving through TSA or boarding your flight. According to WUSA9, a Virginia flight attendant was caught on camera stealing bracelets from a TSA checkpoint at Reagan National Airport.

Non-malicious luggage loss is also a common tendency at airports. Fox Weather reports that over half of US airline passengers have experienced lost luggage while flying, and if you tucked your valued jewelry into your lost suitcase, it may be gone forever. To avoid a catastrophe, avoid wearing this type of jewelry on an airplane.  

One type of jewelry that is a no-no on an airplane

Who What To Wear spoke to a TSA representative named Lisa Farbstein to understand what types of jewelry you should never wear on a flight. Her number one piece of advice was not to bring any large jewelry to avoid being flagged, potentially leading to a pat-down by an unenthusiastic TSA agent. 

"Pass on anything super large and bulky earring-wise. The machine is looking for your body, and if all of a sudden something is protruding from your body, the machine might trigger an alarm. TSA officers don't want to give pat-downs, and travelers don't want to receive them," she explained.

According to Rellery, bulky jewelry is defined as any pieces that appear big when worn. Some examples include bangle bracelets or Lou Link earrings. It's best to leave these pieces at home or put them in your carry-on bag before going through security to ensure a hassle-free flight.

What are some other jewelry tips for an airplane?

Aside from bulkier jewelry items, Farbstein also recommends a few other tips surrounding daintier pieces, such as rings and necklaces that can also potentially cause issues with TSA. "Skip rings that go over two or three fingers, as they might trigger an alarm. It's not a good idea to bring that with you." 

She continued, "If you are wearing a necklace, take the necklace and swing it to the back so the necklace is hanging down your back instead of your front. That way, if the TSA office has to resolve an alarm, the pat-down is on your back and not on your chest. Much more comfortable for everyone involved." 

In addition, expensive or flashy jewelry, such as wedding or engagement rings are items that should never be put into your checked luggage due to the possibility of it being misplaced by an airline company. Smarter Travel warns that the maximum payout, regardless of how much such items are worth, is around $3,300 per passenger. You don't want to ruin your trip with the loss of your favorite piece, so follow these tips to ensure their safety at the airport and beyond.