Your Ultimate Guide To Love Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs

If you're an astrology buff or anything like us, you've probably turned to astrology in love more than once to find out if you and your partner are actually a good match. It turns out something as simple as two people's star signs can actually tell you far more about compatibility than one might think. That's because they can highlight our strengths and weaknesses, shining a light on where couples may work well together ... or not as the case may be.

Not convinced by the whole zodiac compatibility thing? Well, that's okay! As "Ghost of a Podcast" host and author Jessica Lanyadoo admitted to Oprah Daily, you don't have to be all in to still be able to make some use of zodiac compatibility theories. "Astrology doesn't rob you of your free will — it only helps you to make the best use of it — which is invaluable when it comes to relationships," she explained. So, basically, zodiac traits don't have to be treated as gospel to help point out an area where you and your partner, or potential partner, could work a little harder to heighten your compatibility levels.

So, with that in mind, which zodiac signs are actually considered compatible when it comes to romantic relationships? We took a deep dive to find out.

Aries, get yourself a Sagittarius or Gemini partner

Aries people — those born between March 21 and April 19 — are more likely to be leaders and strong personalities in the world, so they're a good match for a zodiac sign that's typically a little more laid back. That's why Aries, a fire sign, is known to match with other fire signs or the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

One fire sign, in particular, that our awesome Aries is a great love match with is Sagittarius. Sagittarians tend to love adventure and are fun and outgoing, which is perfect for that Aries personality. These zodiacs have been known to share mutual values, positive outlooks, and a whole lot of passion. Just remember, two fire signs can make for some fiery arguments, but some equally hot making-up. "They're the type of people who could keep the spark alive for a long time. They're always kind of building each other up and expanding their horizons together," astrologer Alexandria Lettman explained of this love match to Well + Good.

But it's not just sassy Sagittarians who Aries work well with. Gemini is another solid match for Aries, as astrologer, psychic reader, and spiritual Emily Newman explained. "Both have comparable communication skills and work hard to achieve success, and since Aries is headstrong and short-tempered, but Gemini is calm and has a split personality, it makes it easy for Gemini to deal with Aries' mood swings."

Sagittarians can also make a hot love connection with Leos and Aquarians, though

We already know Sagittarians (those born between November 22 and December 21) work well with Aries, but that's not their only compatible zodiac sign. As a fire sign, the passion a Sagittarius puts into life can lead to some lively, discussions, which is why Leos are a solid love match. Leo is another fire sign and will give Sagittarians a run for their money. That's why all that passion between these two signs is best channeled into a fun adventure ... or time in the bedroom. Because these two have a lot in common, they make for a very natural match. "They value freedom and aim to discover new things. Both are action-oriented, quickly energized, and enthusiastic about living life," Emily Newman told Well + Good of this high compatibility.

Aquarius is also an ideal match for a Sagittarius. As an air sign, Aquarians have the ability to tone down a Sagittarian's sometimes fiery demeanor. These signs also have the opportunity to teach each other a lot about the world, and as so many Sagittarians have a desire for truth and to learn more about the world, that's where these two zodiacs can really work together. Because Sagittarians are such a good match with air signs, that means Geminis and Libras can also be ideal partners for this group.

While Leo's are really well suited to air signs, too

It's not just the Sagittarius zodiac sign that gets along well with Air signs, as Leos are often best matched with Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians, too. With a Gemini, these two signs are very likely to go the distance and will enjoy a lot of mutual respect, while life with a Libra will be full of positivity. When a Leo gets together with an Aquarian, though, the name of the game will be self-fulfillment, as these two signs will be able to mentor one another through life. These two can actually make a perfect balancing act, as well. "Leo can help Aquarius find themselves and their own unique value as an individual, while Aquarius can help Leo see the value of the people around them," Tenae Stewart, astrologer and spiritual coach, told Well + Good.

As a fire sign, Leos (those with birthdays from July 23 to August 22) like to be the center of attention, so other fire signs like Sagittarius and Aries also make good partners for this group due to their own outgoing nature. As Juliana McCarthy, astrologer and author of "The Stars Within You," put it to Well + Good, "Air signs can fuel fire signs with brilliant ideas and intellectual stimulation, while fire signs help bring air signs' mental energy into action."

Gemini's can actually work best with other Geminis

Those born between May 21 and June 21 are Geminis, and for them, it's not always a case of opposites attract. In fact, it's more like the same attracts. Geminis are particularly romantically compatible with other Geminis, as professional astrologer and tarot reader Liz Simmons admitted to Women's Health, such that two members of this zodiac together can be a total soulmate attraction. "It's almost like reuniting with their other half and becoming the strongest version of themselves," she shared, which may explain why Gemini is so synonymous with the idea of twins.

A fellow Gemini isn't the only one for this air sign, though. If a Gemini falls in love with a Leo, the twosome's romance can actually be full of creative and artistic freedom. "Gemini lights up Leo's fire in that way, so while watching this couple converse, you'll notice that it's very gregarious and excitable," Simmons shared of this match with the fire sign.

Another love match we know for Geminis? Sagittarius! Gemini-Sagittarius couples tend to get very close quite quickly, with their romance full of passion. These two signs are great matches when it comes to communication, while both are often open-minded and fun in the bedroom, which is sure to make for some spicy connections. Equally, as a fellow air sign, Libras are also known to work well with Geminis.

And Libra's are a solid match for other air signs as well, especially Aquarians

When it comes to all the Libras out there, these compassionate and high-morality people tend to work best romantically with other air signs. As we mentioned, that means they make good matches for Geminis, as well as Aquarians and even other Libras. Aquarians, in particular, are great partners for Libras, because both can happily give each other the freedom they need. As astrology expert Imani Quinn explained to mbgmindfulness, "The most immediate thing about their compatibility is that they both process similarly — they're going to intellectualize things, whether that be their relationships or their own internal processing system."

But it's not just the familiar for Libras, aka anyone born between September 23 and October 23. This group also demonstrates how opposites can attract. Libras don't tend to have a lot in common with Aries, but that doesn't stop them from working well together. In fact, the great thing about a Libra-Aries couple is how much the two can learn from one another. The differences between the two can also bring a little extra spark and excitement to a romantic relationship, seeing as Aries is a passionate fire sign.

While an Aquarius is a great match for Libra and Sagittarius lovers

As for those who fall under the Aquarius zodiac sign, they too mesh best with their fellow air signs, so Libras (as we know), Geminis, and other Aquarians. That's because this group has such a good understanding of one another and what they need, which means things can generally be smooth sailing for these two. "They would not get caught up in melodramas like a lot of other signs do. Whenever there's an issue between them, they can rationally arrive at a solution and then move on!" senior astrologer and author Narayana Montúfar told Women's Health.

But while an Aquarian (someone born between January 20 and February 18) can work so well with the air signs, one of their most compatible zodiac signs is actually none other than a fire sign. As mentioned, a Sagittarian is a loving match for an Aquarian because air feeds fire, so that helps these two work well together. "Aquarius loves the ways worldly Sag brings optimism and helps Aquarius see the big picture," Montúfar shared. We can expect an Aquarius-Sagittarius couple to get into deep conversations with themselves and others, while also giving each other space. "This is a good match because neither of these two signs will be tripping about the classic romance problems — jealousy, neediness, etc.," Montúfar added.

Taurus has a long list of compatible love matches

If you're a Taurus, darn, are you the lucky one! Taurus, which includes anyone born between April 20 and May 20, is actually one of the most compatible of all the zodiacs, as they get on so well with a vast array of other signs. On top of matching well with other Tauruses, they're also known to have loving and fulfilling romances with Virgos, Scorpios, Capricorn, and Cancer. See, we told you there was a long list! The latter is known to be one of the best matches for this group, though. A Taurus-Cancer relationship is usually one of the most organic, with both bringing their desire to be loyal and nurture their partner to this romance. That's why these two are so sexually compatible, too, as they have such an emotional and deep romantic bond. Phew! Is anyone else getting hot?

A romantic bond with a Virgo, which is a fellow earth sign, is also a good idea for a Taurus. That's because both thrive in tranquility and creating a stable home together. "In matters of the heart, Taurus desires stability, loyalty, and luxury, seeking to settle into a partnership that will honor who they are and bring to them all of the gorgeousness that the Earth can provide," Fernando "Fernie" Salinas, tarot reader and astrologer, explained to Today. That's why Taurus can be fiercely loyal, craving the heartfelt love many Virgos are happy to give and want in return.

Virgos aren't only compatible with Taurus' though

Speaking of Virgos, we know their love match with Taurus is strong, but they too have a fairly long list of signs they're compatible with. Among them are Scorpio, Capricorn, and Cancer. The strongest match, aside from Taurus, is often considered to be with Capricorns. As both are earth elements, they share a desire to stay grounded and have stability in life. But don't confuse this relationship for being boring; These two signs also find communicating about sexual needs easy, which means both are able to get more of what they need in the bedroom, strengthening multiple facets of their relationship.

But Cancers can also make a very strong match for Taurus people (anyone born between the dates of August 23 and September 22). With Cancer, Virgos are believed to have super strong connections in love, passion, friendship, and trust, all the things required for a loving and long-lasting romance. In a Virgo-Cancer relationship, the two tend to share a genuine appreciation for one another as they can both be traditional, old-school romantics. "Both signs are caretakers, so they're right at home with each other," tarot reader Theresa Reed explained to Bustle. "Sensitive Cancer helps Virgo get in touch with their feelings, and Virgo's grounded practicality gives Cancer the security they crave."

Capricorns and Tauruses are two of the most compatible signs around

As we previously mentioned, Capricorns and Tauruses are ideal matches. The two earth signs are super down to earth and work well together when going for their goals, while having a natural bond most people would be envious of. "Taurus, one of Capricorn's finest soulmates, is reliable and faithful, and both of them have a strong relationship with one another," Emily Newman described this pairing to Well + Good. Those in a Capricorn-Taurus romance tend to share the same interests and values too, creating a stable routine that keeps them both grounded.

But a Taurus isn't necessarily the only one for a Capricorn. Scorpios can also make an ideal partner for those born between December 22 and January 19, as these two signs can also have a natural and totally easy bond. Both have similar values when it comes to wanting to prove their power in this world, and both also show a lot of loyalty in a relationship. Though this pairing can be a bit more of a slow burn in the early stages of dating, there's still a lot of long-term potential when a Capricorn and a Taurus really start growing close. "It's so hard for these two to get to know other people, so if they get together, there's not a whole lot that would split them up," astrologer Roby Antila shared with mbgmindfulness.

Cancers can count Capricorns, Virgos, and Tauruses amongst their love matches

When it comes to Cancers (people born from June 21 to July 22), Tauruses can make excellent partners for them, as can Capricorns and Virgos. The reason a Cancer-Taurus pairing is so highly regarded is that Taurus people can offer stability, a sense of calm, and loyalty— many of the things the water sign Cancer craves. Those in Cancer-Taurus relationships also tend to share the same goal of having a stable home full of love, which may include the traditional life milestones of marriage and children.

As for a Cancer and a Virgo, we already know traditional romance can come into play for these two, which may make for some shyness in the bedroom. But don't get that confused for things being stale. "Once they get the ball rolling, Virgo can morph into the attentive lover, which is something Cancer needs," Theresa Reed shared of their sexual compatibility while speaking to Bustle.

When it comes to a Cancer's compatibility with a Taurus, they also work so well because of how reliable and trustworthy Tauruses can be in relationships. Cancers have a lot of emotional intelligence, which they need to be matched. "Taurus, being a fixed earth sign, helps sensitive Cancer to open up quite easily. Both are supporting of the other, and there is emotional depth to the relationship," astrologer Clarisse Monahan shared with Bustle, noting Cancer-Taurus relationships are famous for their loyalty.

Scorpio's are highly compatible with other water signs

As for Scorpios, other water signs like Cancers and Pisces make for great matches, as do other Scorpios. For Scorpio-Cancer relationships, astrologer Constance Stellas explained to Bustle that the two people often share a very profound understanding of one another emotionally, which makes for a deep and meaningful romance. With a Pisces, in many cases, a Scorpio can become their muse and vice versa. Pisces have also been known to help Scorpios get out of their comfort zone a little more and take a few more risks in their life.

Water signs aren't the only group that Scorpios can create a solid love match with, though. Earth signs (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn) are also known to make great partners for Scorpio people because of how down-to-earth they are, along with the stability they can provide. As we know, Taurus people really can be The One for Scorpios, with professional astrologer Liz Simmons even telling Women's Health, "Taurus and Scorpio have a love like no other." So, there we go! That's down to the fact that the two signs are both pretty sensual, which makes for a healthy sex life, while both also tend to be looking for a long-term, committed love.

While Pisces can expect to find passionate romance with Tauruses and Capricorns

Last, but certainly not least, Pisces people are known to be most compatible with the likes of Tauruses and Capricorns, though, in reality, Pisces get along well with almost every zodiac so they can afford to be picky when it comes to choosing a partner. A Pisces-Taurus relationship tends to work well because both can help the other in areas they lack. Taurus people are known for their ability to be reliable and consistent, which may be lacking in some Pisces' lives. "Pisces is a romantic at heart, perfectly complementing sensual Taurus," Annabel Gat, certified astrologer, explained to Well + Good. That means, for these two, there's a whole lot of love outside the bedroom, as well as in it.

But that passion can also be found between Pisces and Capricorns. Thought to be just as compatible as a Pisces in a relationship with a Taurus, a Pisces-Capricorn relationship often comes with a lot of balance. Capricorns aren't known for being overly emotional, but Pisces are known to wear their hearts on their sleeves a little more while still bringing some rationality to the situation at hand. That's why these two are so good together, as they have the ability to draw out each other's good qualities.