Styling Tips To Help You Show Off Your Favorite Pair Of Mules

The right pair of mules can elevate your day from whatevs to wonderful, especially with just the right outfit. Of course, mules come in every imaginable style — from casual flats to flaunty heels –, but the line between low-key and dressy gets blurry once you start pairing mules with trends and aesthetics. If you've got a pair that you're over the moon for and want to show them off, avoid outfits that overshadow or otherwise downplay your shoes. On the contrary, your fit should set the stage to let your mules be the center of attention.

There are specific strategies you can incorporate into your outfit planning that ensure your cute AF mules are the focus of attention. These rely on knowing the best length for pants and dresses and how to plan texture, colors, and accessories to support the goal. So, put your best (muled) foot forward with this style inspiration that makes the most of the versatility of mules.

Mules and skinny jeans are a match made in shoe heaven

Regardless of whether your mules are flat or heeled, a pair of skinny jeans will never fail you. The long, uninterrupted silhouette of the denim helps the mule become a focal point. This is especially true in this look posted by @trendyshoesbysteph, where the denim is minimalist and without accents or features that would distract from the look of the cute mule. We love this look for a casual day at the office, or a casual-yet-refined dinner date look.

Natural fiber mules are great with casual shorts

Hopefully, you have a pair of neutral-colored mules in your shoe rotation. Better yet, a pair with woven natural fiber strapping is the most versatile, pairing well with everything from dresses to this casual cotton shorts look posted by @shopsaltandfreckles. It looks great, but you might be wondering what makes it work so well together? A woven or braided shoe, like this summery mule, brings a balance of casualness (because of the low-key material) and refined cuteness due to its attention to detail with the intricate pattern — perfect for shorts.

Invest in a cute jumpsuit

Bringing together a jumpsuit and mules works well, and we love the abbreviated crop on this denim jumpsuit inspiration from @eticadenim. Having that gap between the jumpsuit's cuff and the shoe creates more visual access to the mule's details. Plus, this outfit inspiration takes it a step further by adding a necklace that complements the color of the mule, which signals this is an ensemble — as opposed to just sliding into whatever shoes are sitting next to the door on your way out.

Get your mules more attention with this anklet hack

If you want to be sure everyone is paying attention to your cute mules, this simple trick is a sure thing. Wearing an anklet will automatically garner more attention than a naked ankle on its own. First, we love everything about this particular mule shared by @mademoiselle_parisienne_49 — the itty bitty platform, block heel, and wide suede strap. It's the anklet, though, that makes the look really pop, especially because it echoes the color scheme of the mule and toe polish.

Monochromatic vibes always pair well with mules

Although an all-black look isn't quite the same colorful vibe as Queen Elizabeth's famous monochromatic outfits, it's still gives an air of regal refinement. In terms of showing off your mules, a monochromatic outfit offers the added bonus of less competition; there are fewer visual features for the eye to evaluate, so the shoes really shine bright. The small metallic accent on the mules posted by @losanoofficial seals the deal, though, by adding that touch of eye-catching glimmer.

All eyes here -- a pop of color makes all the difference

Create a showstopping fit with this simple strategy. If you limit your look to a finely tuned color scheme with just two colors, you can add a pair of mules in a contrasting hue. This creates a significant visual contrast and allows the shoes to get all the credit they deserve. The folks @dune_london nailed it with these bright orange mules paired with a straightforward blue and white color palette.

Play with textures

However, it's not just the color of the wardrobe pieces that matters when it comes to showing off your favorite pair of mules. Here @nousleslibellules brings together textures that convey a comparable sense of relaxation. Similar to how monochromatic styles rely on color, this look is applying that everything is similar vibe to texture. The result is that the soft vertical pleats of the billowy pants make lines that lead down to the also soft texture of the mules. As a whole, it creates a standout look, very much rooted in good vibes only.

Here's why distressed denim works well with mules

Regardless of the season, metallic shoes are the most stylish way to rock the super shiny trend. Plus, when that shine is in the form of a flat mule paired with distressed jeans, it's basically your superpower. Choose denim with partially destroyed hems like this inspiration from @plain_irish. See those dangling white threads? Whenever you walk, cross your legs, or move, those frayed bits of denim act like an attention-getting flag. They're wispy and move when you move, drawing attention to your cute AF mules in the process.

Let your office fit set the stage for drama

We love the idea of an office mule. We concede, obviously, this might sound like a quirky way to get that coffee run done, but it's more of a power outfit vibe. The idea is easy; create an office look that conveys style and professionalism, and add just a touch of wow factor with a bright white mule, like this kitten-heel look from @dune_london. In this example, the toenail polish is an absolute match to the shoes, which inherently says to those in the room, "I'm detail-oriented and, by default, a force."

Do it. Wear the socks.

There's a special brand of freedom associated with wearing socks with mules (or sandals!). Take this idea and run with it; you don't need to limit yourself to this cute look from @s2_vichy. For variety, you can combine sheer, fishnet-style socks with open-toe mules or OG 70s-style knee-high athletic socks with a sexy high-heel mule. This is a style that allows for plenty of creativity, and it guarantees your shoes will be the highlight of your fit.