Here's What Went Down With Nail Pak After Shark Tank

"Shark Tank" fans, remember in April 2012 when an innovative nail polish came in front of the Sharks? That idea was none other than Nail Pak, presented by founder Barbara Lampugnale during Season 3, Episode 12. The unique idea was a nail polish bottle with a nail file and remover at the bottom. Lampugnale came up with the idea in dire times when her husband's business took a hit and their home was about to go into foreclosure. With six children to take care of, Lampugnale knew she had to do something to get her idea off the ground. The entrepreneur was so determined to make the company a success she actually sold off her property, including her engagement ring. "As a result, I was able to start my business," she told "WTNH News8" back in 2012.


Lampugnale put up $300,000 to create the company behind Nail Pak, Duality Cosmetics, but knew she needed more to make the product huge. And that's where the Sharks came in. Her appearance was actually a long time coming, though. Lampugnale applied for Season 1, but didn't make the cut. She then landed a place on Season 2, but turned it down because she didn't have anything to pitch. "For Season 3, they contacted me asking if I had product yet — when I hung up the phone, I started making calls to assemble an amazingly talented team and three weeks later, I had my Nail Pak," she told Women's Wear Daily.

Lori Greiner saw big things for Nail Pak

Barbara Lampugnale walked into "Shark Tank" looking for $50,000 in exchange for a 20% share in Nail Pak. The entrepreneur impressed the Sharks early when she confirmed her nail polishes retailed for $14.99 but only cost $3 to produce, but shared that she'd struggled to distribute the products because she'd been focused on getting a patent and building a stock.


Robert Herjavec made it clear he wouldn't be investing, while Mark Cuban also shared he wouldn't be investing as he felt the company needed too much work. Kevin O'Leary made his interest clear though, sharing he wanted to team up on it with Lori Greiner, just like Greiner did with Cuban on the jewelry brand Stella Valle. She, though, wasn't so keen on the idea. O'Leary then attempted to get another Shark, Daymond John, on board with him, but as the two tried to work out terms, Greiner jumped in solo. "I think that product's going to be huge," she told her fellow Sharks. "It's going to be everywhere."

Greiner initially offered the entrepreneur $50,000 in exchange for 51% of the business, promising to put in on QVC. O'Leary also offered $50,000 but only wanted 40%, asking John to go in with him. But Lampugnale clearly wanted Greiner on board. She asked her to drop to 40%, and the two agreed on a deal.


Nail Pak went on to huge things after appearing on the show

"I can't believe it's actually happening. And when I say that I mean it's going to change our lives," Barbara Lampugnale told "WTNH News8" shortly after her "Shark Tank" episode aired. And it certainly seemed to do that. After partnering with Lori Greiner, she got the product on QVC and sales increased immediately thanks to the exposure. "Within our eight-minute segment, we sold through our inventory!" Lampugnale told Women's Wear Daily. "We are currently finalizing our distribution strategy and are in hopes of making an announcement regarding placement of the Nail Pak at a retail level in the very near future. I can't reveal the terms of our agreement — but we are working together and things are going great."


During Season 4, Episode 10 of "Shark Tank," fans got an update on how well Nail Pak had been doing with Greiner on board. The episode revealed that the company had made a deal with Ulta Beauty to stock Nail Pak in 500 stores and sell it online. It was also confirmed the company sold 50,000 bottles since appearing on the ABC show, bringing in a very impressive $750,000 in sales. And it sounds like Lampugnale was more than grateful to the show and Greiner. "I don't know where I'd be without 'Shark Tank,'" Lampugnale said. "Quite literally, it's more than just a TV show. It's sincerely something that has made my dreams come true."

Nail Pak is no more

While it seemed like Nail Pak was seeing a huge amount of success very quickly after appearing on "Shark Tank," it didn't exactly go on to see the huge success Lori Greiner predicted. According to Barbara Lampugnale's Facebook, she seemingly rebranded Duality Nail Pak (where she was the CEO) in 2014. The company was renamed Grace Nail Company and sold a very similar product to Nail Pak, with Lampugnale listing herself as the President of that company on the social media site. Nail Pak as we knew it appeared to slip away with the company rebrand, and it is no longer available via QVC, UltaBeauty, or Walmart. On Lampugnale's LinkedIn, she lists her time as Executive Director at Duality Cosmetics as coming to an end in June 2014.


As of August 2023, Grace Nail Company's official website is still available on the web. However, the products are not available to purchase via the site or any other outlet. The business's Facebook page hasn't been updated since July 2018, while the now final post on its Instagram was shared back in September 2019.

Barbara Lampugnale may be more focused on personal endeavors these days

Despite the website needing an upgrade, Barbara Lampugnale still describes herself as the President of Grace Nail Company on her LinkedIn page as of August 2023. She hasn't updated her account to show any further career moves, though she has shared her passion for running with her friends and followers. On Facebook, the entrepreneur has shared more personal updates than professional ones, regularly sharing photos from her competitive runs.


We do know though that Lampugnale had big plans for Nail Pak beyond the nail world before it shut down though, so there's every chance we could see her back with a vengeance one day. "We have plans with other cosmetic categories but the focus right now is in nail care. We have other plans within the nail category, which we can't discuss now, due to patenting issues," she told Women's Wear Daily of her business ideas back in 2012. Lampugnale also teased to Patch that same year that she could never switch off her business mind, suggesting her innovative ideas aren't over. "I'm thinking of an idea right now. I'm always looking for a simpler, better way to do things," Lampugnale said.