Here's What Went Down With Stella Valle Jewelry After Shark Tank

Cast your mind back to May 2013, and you may remember two sisters, Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung, appearing on "Shark Tank" pitching their idea for a unique jewelry company, Stella Valle. The line came about from the twosome's service in the military. Ashley was in the army and was finishing her service commitment just as Paige was finishing her time at the United States Military Academy. The latter knew she wouldn't be able to join the army as she'd hoped due to an injury, and the two knew they had to find another passion. 

"[Ashley] just asked me, 'What are you extremely passionate about?' I said, 'I'm passionate about fashion,'" Paige recalled to Target's A Bullseye View in 2015, which is how the two founded Stella Valle. The line combined traditionally masculine and traditionally feminine jewelry trends as well as military-inspired designs, creating something totally unique for everyone. After starting their business, the two realized they needed a helping hand in taking their jewelry line to the next level, which is when they turned to the "Shark Tank" entrepreneurs.

Stella Valle attracted two Sharks

Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung confidently entered the "Shark Tank" tank in their military uniforms, asking for $150,000 in exchange for 25% of the business they co-founded. Paige told Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, and Lori Grenier, Robert Herjavec they'd already sold $75,000 worth of products, which included $37,000 the year prior. They also explained they were expecting to gross $80,000 that year.

The sisters spoke about their relationship with Bloomingdales and also dished on how much of a profit they're making from their designs. Paige revealed they had a piece that cost $3 to create, which they then sold for $96 — that impressed the Sharks. But there was still some back and forth, with John admitting he didn't see much value in the business because he saw it as pricey costume jewelry. He then dropped out. But Grenier and Cuban didn't let John ruin the opportunity for them. Mark suggested they team up and give $200,000 for 40%, though Grenier was more comfortable with the original $150,000 the two were asking for in exchange for 35% equity between them. The twosome then accepted the offer, and, just like the deodorant brand Curie, they had two Sharks on board.

Speaking to Glamour, Jung admitted they didn't go on the show looking for a Shark to run their business, they wanted leadership. "We look to them for strategy, advice, and guidance, but on a day-to-day basis, Paige and I make all the decisions."

Stella Valle made some huge business moves after Shark Tank

Thanks to an investment from Lori Grenier and Mark Cuban, Stella Valle saw success after appearing on "Shark Tank." Thanks to Grenier, the brand even started selling on QVC. "She helps guide us in the pieces we should sell on there and the pricing," Ashley Jung told Glamour in 2015. "Last year we were on 12 times and every time we presented a product, we saw her because she'd go on with one of us. When we're there, we'll meet with her, talk about the business, give her updates on what's going on." She also revealed that they'd met with Cuban once, who gave them branding advice. "We work with his team more regularly [than him specifically]. He has an accountant who does all of our bookkeeping and a business development manager that helps with all of his portfolio. He's provided different contacts for retailers and things like that," she shared.

And Stella Valle just kept on expanding. In 2015, the company created a line exclusive to, and also went on to have its own Amazon Store, as well as selling via Jared Jewelers and on HSN. The sisters also opened a popup in New Jersey in 2019 and a permanent store in Pennsylvania the following year. The entrepreneurs continued to improve their line too, with Jung telling, "The product that we had on 'Shark Tank' is not even close to the product that we have now."

But it's no longer in business

Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung clearly knew that there was going to be a lot of work needed to keep on making Stella Valle the massive business they wanted it to be. "After the show, people think that overnight you're just a success, but really, it's kind of the beginning. People think [the Sharks] open the door and close the deal for you, but it still takes a lot of work," Dellavalle told Glamour. She revealed the two had been working 18-hour days on the business and had been sacrificing their personal lives.

But Dellavalle and Jung's work with Stella Valle came to an end in 2022. According to Dellavalle's (who now goes by the name Paige Walker) LinkedIn, she ceased being the CEO of the jewelry company in April 2022. Jung's LinkedIn confirms she stopped working as the co-founder and COO of the brand in September 2022. Stella Valle sent out its final Instagram post in April 2022, advertising the company's stacking bangles. It's not clear why the company ceased trading, though its website went out of use shortly after and the brand's Amazon store also closed down too.

Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung didn't let the end of their business end their relationship

Though they're no longer involved with Stella Valle, it seems like Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung are still working in the business world. Dellavalle moved on to become Head of Business Operations at the cosmetic injectables company JECT. However, she left that position in 2022 to focus on another business of her own. Currently, Dellavalle is the co-founder and COO of The Brightwood Skin, a New Jersey company that specializes in skincare techniques including facials, wrinkle relaxers, and dermal fillers.

As for Jung, she became principal and practice area director, strategy and digital transformation at the business consultancy company LMI following the end of Stella Valle. She then got promoted to Vice President, Human Capital Solutions at the business in January 2023.

But though the sisters (who are now both moms) may not be in business together anymore, they're clearly still close. Proving the demise of their business didn't get in the way of their love for one another, Dellavalle shared a touching Instagram tribute to her sister in July 2022 in celebration of her 40th birthday. "To the most caring, loving, smart, beautiful, hardworking, athletic, generous, loyal, selfless, artistic, talented person I know," she wrote in the caption.