Here's What Went Down With Bootyqueen Apparel After Shark Tank

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Remember Bootyqueen from "Shark Tank"? Cast your mind back to 2017, and you may recall bodybuilders Amanda Kuclo (also known as Amanda Latona) and Steve Kuclo heading into the tank to pitch their apparel business. The company consisted of workout clothes designed to really highlight, you guessed it, the booty. "I always wanted my own apparel line and never wanted to put my name on it, like Latonas athletics or something. Then, when I got married, I'm old fashioned and changed my name... and people didn't know me as Kuclo so having Kuclo athletics didn't make sense either. Being that I'm known in the fitness industry for my glutes, I would always post pics and hashtag #bootyqueen," Amanda explained to Women Fitness in 2016. "I wanted a brand with a cute recognizable logo and something women would love, and what woman doesn't want a better booty? So we decided to go with that," she added, noting that she designs all the leggings herself. "Our leggings are what we are known for and they are made to accentuate a woman's curves and help flatten the tummy and love handles," she shared.


The super fit bodybuilders took their business to the Sharks shortly after Amanda opened up about the concept. The twosome appeared on Season 8 of the ABC series, pitching during Episode 22, which aired in April 2017. And this is what happened.

Bootyqueen Apparel got an impressive investment from a Shark

Amanda Kuclo and Steve Kuclo appeared on "Shark Tank" with a hope to swap 20% of their business for a $250,000 cash injection. During their meeting with the panel, the two opened up about how their passion for fitness led them to create the company. At the time, Amanda had amassed quite the following in the fitness world for her workout videos and uber-toned body. The pair explained that the company had already brought in $375,000 in the first 18 months of operating, but that wasn't quite enough to get all of the Sharks on board. Kevin O'Leary lamented that he wasn't a fan of going into the apparel world because of how competitive it is, with Mark Cuban agreeing. Both entrepreneurs then declared themselves out. Lori Greiner also declined, despite sharing how much she loved the brand's niche, while Robert Herjavec dropped out after claiming the brand was more about Amanda than the clothing.


But, just like what happened with Tania Speaks Organic Skincare, you only need one Shark to believe in you. And luckily for the Kuclos, Daymond John wasn't so quick to shut down the idea. John made the two an offer, asking for 33.3% of the company for the full $250,000. The couple then asked if he could drop down to 25%, but John wasn't having it. They did finally settle on a deal though, with John stumping up all the cash for 27.5% of the business.

Daymond John didn't regret investing in Bootyqueen Apparel

After Amanda Kuclo and Steve Kuclo's episode of "Shark Tank" aired, Daymond John opened up about why he decided to be the only Shark to invest in the company in a YouTube video. In the clip, he explained that he mainly invested in Amanda, knowing that every time she posted a video online, she would be selling the brand. He also shared that he handed over the cash because of the company's ability to expand. "Maybe Beautyqueen Apparel isn't going to be the only thing. Maybe she's going to open this up to other areas. But it will be around Bootyqueen. And that's why they sold me," he said.


The couple also opened up in September 2017 about how "Shark Tank" had changed things during a chat with Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network. "Life has changed because, first of all, everything's awesome. But imagine taking your business and like, quadrupling the amount of exposure and everything and business. And you still have the same kind of people running it," Amanda shared. "It's been stresses but good stress," Steve then added, noting that they've been doing a lot of learning since their ABC TV appearance.

The company had its grand opening party in Dallas, Texas, in January 2019. An Instagram post from Amanda showed they celebrated with an exercise class in a store. "The grand opening was grand," Steve said in the clip.


Bootyqueen Apparel appeared to be thriving after Shark Tank... until it wasn't

Shortly after Beautyqueen Apparel's appearance on "Shark Tank," the business seemed to be going from strength to strength. Amanda Kuclo explained to Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network in that same September 2017 interview that she had expanded their business and hired family members and friends she knew from the fitness industry to help her and Steve Kuclo with their new venture.


But that growth appears to have been short-lived. In July 2021, Beautyqueen Apparel made what is currently its final Instagram post, advertising a sale on the brand's website. As of August 2023, the website is no longer functioning and the company's Amazon page is showing all Beautyqueen Apparel items, including all leggings, tops, and workout accessories, as being currently unavailable. With that, it's fair to assume the company is no longer is business, or at least not operating under the Beautyqueen name.

One of the reasons Amanda and Steve Kuclo no longer seem to be focusing on the brand may be due to the end of their marriage. Amanda filed for divorce from Steve in December 2021, and the latter has since moved on to find love with Michelle Sylvia Kuclo. The two got engaged in April 2022, and Michelle appeared to confirm on Instagram in November of that year that they'd officially tied the knot.


What's next for Amanda Kuclo and Steve Kuclo

Amanda Kuclo has returned to her maiden name of Amanda Latona on Instagram and is seemingly focusing on other projects away from Bootyqueen Apparel. However, over on her LinkedIn page, she still identifies herself as the CEO of the company, which could hint at a potential return for the workout gear business one day. She also lists herself as being an athlete with ALLMAX Nutrition, Inc. since 2016. On her Instagram account, she often promotes her work with the company.


As for Steve Kuclo, as of August 2023, he still lists himself as being the managing director of Bootyqueen Apparel on LinkedIn, as well as a director at Upgraded Human LLC. and Kuclo Productions LLC., and president of Kuclo Enterprises LLC. He also promotes what appears to be his personal trainer services on Instagram. In July 2023, he shared a post endorsing a 30-day Summer Slimdown Challenge costing $99, which appears to be a part of his Upgraded Human Mastermind fitness business.