We've Found The Easiest Way To Achieve A Natural Makeup Base

One of the most coveted accessories for summer is healthy, natural-looking skin. Nothing gives beach babe vibes like glowing skin that showcases your freckles and tan. Taking a less-is-more approach to your makeup can be an easy way to help you achieve this look, even if your skin isn't the best. Using foundation to help create an even, light base instead of covering up your skin completely is the key to giving the illusion of flawless skin.

Completely covering your skin in a foundation can actually create the opposite effect. With how hot and sweaty summer can be, putting as little product on your face as possible helps with sweating off makeup and summer-related acne flare-ups. Makeup is never a replacement for good skin care, so be sure to include a good, lightweight SPF before applying foundation, and take care of your skin's needs before the foundation goes on. To keep your foundation looking light and natural, the secret is in how you apply it.

Application technique matters

Part of what gives the appearance of natural skin is the dimension you see from the shadow on your face. The curve of your cheeks, jaws, and forehead create depth for your skin. When you apply a thicker layer of foundation all over, you erase the natural dimension and have to correct it with blush and contour. Layering products can be a hassle for the hotter weather. Instead, work with the natural dimension of your skin by working from the center of your face first with foundation.

Makeup artist Gucci Westman told Net-A-Porter that applying foundation to the center of your face first and blending it out to barely reach the sides of your face can create the illusion of perfect skin. Focus foundation application on your nose, cheek, upper lip area, and center forehead. These are the lightest areas of your skin, and creating an even base here adds to the illusion of perfect skin since these are the areas people tend to look at more when looking at your face. Applying foundation with a sponge or dense makeup brush can ensure an airbrush finish to your foundation and prevent streaking. This hack is especially great if you are applying makeup post-sunburn, as it's lighter and easier on tender skin.

Your skin prep matters too

Your foundation will only go so far if your skin isn't prepared. To help keep your foundation looking natural, it's important to make sure you moisturize, prime, and use SPF beforehand. These steps not only work to protect your skin but also prevent cakey-looking foundation. To cut down on products, look for potential combinations such as makeup primers that have SPF or hydrating primers. You can also go for a minimal, do-it-all serum foundation.

When looking for your base products for a summer makeup look try and find products that have ingredients like hyaluronic acid or vitamin E. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent ingredient because it retains water in your skin and it can reduce the appearance of acne scars according to the Cleveland Clinic. Vitamin E is important for the skin because it helps ease swelling and other skin damage that can occur from UV rays, which are higher in the summer, explained the Oregon State Micronutrient Information Center. Putting in the work to take care of your skin can help reduce how much foundation you use in the long run and works towards naturally healthy-looking skin.