16 Ways To Bring Tailored Shorts Into Your Wardrobe This Summer

As summer rolls around once again, it's time to get those shorts out — no matter the occasion. And there's one particular style of leg-baring bottoms that really can do it all, from a trip to the beach to heading to the office. The item in question? Tailored shorts! For those unfamiliar with the style, these bottoms (which are usually made out of cotton or linen) tend to be a little more form-fitting around the booty and the middle, and usually come with belt loops and pockets.

These bottoms are pretty versatile when it comes to how and when you can wear them, which means you can get so much wear out of just one pair. That means it's time to ditch the summer dresses and skirts and grab your shorts, as we're taking you through how to style these go-to bottoms that will have you feeling super comfy as you live that fabulous life in the sunshine. The best part? Tailored shorts can work for any shape, style, age, and beyond, and there are oh so many different looks you can create from them. Allow us to show you ...

Go monochrome

Monochrome is definitely one of the hottest trends for summer with Barbiecore taking over pretty much everything. That's why a pair of pink tailored shorts are a must for the hot summer days and go perfectly with a matching pink top. In this case, tucking a short-sleeved top into a belted pair will give your outfit even more structure, letting you show off your super cute bottoms in style. Added bonus? Wearing matching sneakers will have you stylish and comfy!

Nice and nautical

Love a nautical-inspired outfit? Then look no further than this tailored shorts ensemble! A dark navy pair with a blue and white striped top screams a day on the boat and — whether you're lucky enough to take to the water or not — is a fun way to bring the bottoms into your summer wardrobe. This look can instantly be dressed up or down too, which makes it so versatile. Kitten heels like this add a little dressiness, but you could just as easily pair it with loafers or white canvas shoes to take a stroll along the boardwalk.

Let your tailored shorts dress up your outfit

Not looking to put too much effort into dressing up? Then throw on a T-shirt with your tailored shorts and let them do all the work. A bright, florescent pair like these will instantly dress up your T-shirt, without you having to do anything at all. The gold metallic logo matched with the heels also adds a little extra glamour. To dress this look down though, we'd recommend swapping out the metallic heels for sneakers.

Tailored shorts don't have to be short

Don't think you have to go for super short shorts to pull off the tailored trend. Oh, no. This look proves that your bottoms can look just as chic high-waisted, and stretching down to your knees. This super form-fitting style is ideal if you're looking to bring out the crop top this summer, as a high waist will instantly make your top that little bit more demure, while draping a blazer over your shoulders screams dressy elegance. Just throw on a pair of heels with this look (go black for a super chic look or bring in your pop of color in here) and, bam, your shorts are ready for a classy night out.

Keep it chic with an asymmetric top

How cute do these slightly longer white shorts look with a one shoulder cut-out top? Going more form fitting on your top half will let your shorts do all the talking, while keeping your outfit black and white is a quick and easy way to create a chic aesthetic without having to try too hard. On those hot summer days, ditch a jacket and slide into some sandals, and you're good to go!

Style shorts with satin

A billowy satin shirt tucked into your tailored shorts is another way to look super stylish while beating the summer heat. We love the way the top matches the ankle boots because with those two items doing all the matching, you can grab your shorts in whatever color you want without having to think about being too color coordinated. Having your legs out will keep you cool on those hot days, with the more billowy nature of the button-down offering some breathability.

Tailored shorts work with a white shirt

An oversized white shirt should already be a staple in a lot of people's wardrobes, and this just proves how they work with a pair of tailored shorts. Here, the baggy top is almost doubling as a shirt and jacket, with the open buttons adding some untucked summer breathability to the outfit. We also love the idea of keeping the actual clothing more neutral-toned, then bringing the fun with a vibrant-colored heel.

Bring out the lace

Looking to turn a few heads in your tailored shorts? Then bring out the lace! We know this one may not be for everyone, but it's certainly a fun way to bring your short bottoms along for a night on the town. A monochromatic, all-white look like this one looks super chic, and a bodysuit is a great partner to tailored shorts because of how easily they tuck in. Adding metallic heels gives this outfit an extra little bit of flare so you're ready to hit the town.

Summer pastels

Summer is the perfect time to bring out your pastel shades, which is why a cute pair of pale pink tailored shorts are a super cute way to enhance your sunny style. This pair almost acts as a neutral, meaning they're really easy to pair with almost anything. A delicate floral print sleeveless top tucked in is perfect for something a little more spotted like a brunch with the girls, and a statement necklace adds a little extra hint of glamour.

Dress up your shorts with a nice top

Forget jeans and a nice top. This summer, it's all about shorts and a nice top. A pair of tailored black bottoms are easy to dress up for evening, and wearing a nice top with them alongside a belt with some sparkly hardware will elevate them one step further. If you love your heels, black tailored shorts are perfect for pairing with those too. An off-the-shoulder top will also make the bottoms more evening appropriate, as will tucking it into the shorts.

Keep it casual

On those summer days when the sun heads behind the clouds, shorts can still be a solid option. As this look proves, a structured pair can even be paired with a slouchy sweatshirt for a super casual look with a twist. In the height of summer you could go for a thinner sweatshirt over a tank top in case you need to de-layer, but shorter shorts like these should balance things out so you don't overheat. Add a pair of Vans to keep the edgy look going, and enjoy the juxtaposition of the grungy top with more structured bottoms.

Just add a t-shirt on lazy days

Proving tailored shorts can be oh-so-easy to wear, rocking a colored pair with a T-shirt is all you have to do to make this piece look chic. To put a little bit more effort into this casual look, matching the color of the shorts to the logo on the T-shirt makes it look like you've put a little more effort into your ensemble (even though we know you haven't, but your secret's safe with us).

Take shorts to the boardroom

We know, traditionally, shorts haven't exactly been deemed as office appropriate. But hear us out on this one; On those super hot days when you've got to dress appropriately for a long day at work, opt for a longer pair of tailored shorts (to the knee is the perfect length) in white linen, and pair them with a black top and gray blazer. The blazer will instantly dress up the breathable bottoms, and you can add a pair of heels or more dressy work shoes to this look to spiff it up that little bit further.

The two-piece look

When you don't have too much time to put a whole lot of effort and energy into your look, all you need to step out in this are two items and a pair of shoes. Though this style is all black, you can choose whatever colors you want, and all you have to do is wear a simple, basic bodysuit with some tailored shorts. Seriously. What could be simpler than that to achieve chic in the summer heat?

Nice knitwear

We know — knitwear isn't usually top of anyone's list over the summer, but there is a way to wear it. Teaming a sleeveless, thin knitted tank with tailored shorts is one of those ways, while neutral tones like this will keep you super cool no matter what the day might bring. How you accessorize this look will depend on what's on your to-do list that day, but cute neutral flats or brown sandals would go perfectly while allowing you to get your errands done, or keeping you comfy for a BBQ with friends.

Bring the color

It's summer, so why not bring out some color? Tailored shorts in a bold hue like this bright blue pair make them so much fun in those sunny months — ideal for those hot days! With a skimpy floral top, this outfit is one to rock on vacation to bring a little fun to your summer wardrobe. As seen here, if you're going all out with the floral pattern and the color of the buttons, strappy nude shoes will tie the two together and let your clothes do all the talking without clashing.