How To Integrate On-Trend Buttery Yellow Shades Into Your Fall Wardrobe

Move over summer, because yellow isn't just for you anymore! We know, the bright and cheery color has typically been reserved for those sunny hot days, but for 2023, buttery yellow (think a soft, muted yellow) will be having its moment when the summer heat is on its way out. "Yellow is having a moment, and it's as sugary sweet as it comes. Forget punchy mustards, and leave neon to the '80s. This autumn/winter encourages us to mellow out in soft shades of buttermilk yellow, one of the more luxurious shades in the pastel palette," Remy Farrell, shopping editor at Who What Wear UK, explained to the publication. "After all, what other color makes us feel instantly happier just by looking at it?" Well, that is a good point.

But how on earth do you take the light yellow look out of the summer and bring it into the fall without looking like you've got your seasons confused? Allow us to provide a little inspiration.

Bring out the oversized shirt

An oversized shirt is one of those go-tos we recommend everyone get their hands on, as it's ideal for when the weather is getting a little cooler or for transitional dressing — which can come with its own challenges. A buttery yellow oversized shirt can be used as a jacket to keep things a little lighter but also still give you more warmth, and pairing it with jeans brings effortless style to a more casual day. To bring your own flair to this style, you could also tie the tails of the shirt for a chic fall look over a crop top that shows just a little skin.

Count on a co-ord

A pantsuit, or co-ord, is another way you can nail the buttery yellow color trend while still dressing appropriately for the season. Long pants with a blazer or jacket means you have several looks in one when you opt for monochromatic looks because you can take off the jacket on those warmer fall days, or wrap up warm on those cooler ones. It's also an ideal look to dress up or down, which makes it perfectly versatile as the darker nights roll in.

Say sayonara to summer with a sweater

Nothing says hello fall quite like a cozy knit sweater. So why not get on trend by making it buttery yellow? This brings a little fun, fashion, and some color to your fall wardrobe while keeping you comfy and cozy at the same time. As always, blue jeans are a perfect addition to your bottom half, but you could opt for black jeans if you wanted to dress this look up a little more to add something a little more sophisticated to your look.

Go long

A maxi skirt is a great way to incorporate a little buttery yellow into your wardrobe — especially with boots as the colder weather starts rolling in. To balance things out for the darker days and to avoid making the look too summery, pair it with something a little darker on your top half. A black turtleneck or simpler long-sleeve top will work wonders here and will make your whole look more seasonally appropriate.

Coat it in yellow

What's better than treating yourself to a new coat when fall rolls around? Well, if that sounds like you and you want to be on trend as 2023 starts to draw to a close, then a buttery yellow coat will have you looking chic and feeling warm enough at the same time. A yellow coat in a shiny leather or faux leather material like this one won't have you overheating in the same way a wool coat will, and pairing it with sheer black tights will also give you a little more breathability before it's time to break out the hats and scarves.