The Butterfly Top Is Back - Here's How We're Making It Modern

It's the news you've been waiting for — the butterfly top is officially back. Yep, don't fight it, just embrace one of the many summer 2023 Y2K fashion trends we, being totally honest, never really thought would ever make its way back into our lives. But, here we are in butterfly heaven.

It turns out there could be quite the poignant reason we've been seeing butterflies all over the runways and fashion Instagram, too. "We were all caterpillars during lockdown, cocooned in our daily athleisure uniforms, friendship bubbles, and the anxieties and hardships of the pandemic. Now, as restrictions ease, we're re-emerging as butterflies — at least stylistically," Biz Sherbert, culture editor at The Digital Fairy suggested to The Zoe Report. Of course, the butterfly has a lot of symbolic meaning and can be seen in some circles as a sign of rebirth, new beginnings, and hope. "It tracks that many would gravitate towards the aesthetic use of a symbol that has a direct parallel to our particular cultural and social moment," Sherbert added.

So, if you're ready to bring some butterfly goodness to your outfit and show off your new hope to the world at the same time, has you covered with some of our favorite modern ways to wear the butterfly top.

Bring out the sneakers

It's no secret that comfort and athleisure are two of the biggest trends in fashion we've seen recently, as well as the idea of mixing traditionally sporty styles with more feminine aspects to combine different aesthetics (and stay comfy at the same time, which is always a bonus). That's why pairing the uber-feminine butterfly top with sneakers is a surefire way to make the Y2K throwback feel a little more modern.

Go high-waisted

The butterfly top is basically a crop top, so to make it work with your grown-up wardrobe, you can pair it with something more high-waisted. The original rein of the butterfly top was all about pairing them with low-rise jeans, so covering your midriff will bring the concept back up to date and give just a hint of nostalgia. If you're going for something full of color or sparkle, opting for something simpler on the bottom will also help your look appear more chic.

Go butterfly crochet

As much as you may want to fight it, the crochet trend is oh-so in for summer. So what better way to show your super fashionable side than rocking a crochet butterfly top? If you're talented enough to know how to crochet yourself, then you can create a unique look that incorporates everything you like while also making it easier to match with your bottom half. You can join in on this summer's Barbie obsession with a pink number. Or if you want to show your Pride, then crochet a rainbow.

Make it a maxi

As we know, the denim maxi skirt is having a bit of a moment for summer 2023, but you don't have to rock it in denim to be on trend. By extension, the maxi is so in, and it's also a way to upgrade a nostalgic look to make it more modern. We're also loving the chic monochromatic black and white butterfly aesthetic pictured here, complete with matching sliders.

Show off your butterfly with skorts

As you may know, skorts are back in a big way. Not only will pairing your butterfly top with the shorts and skirt combo give you a whole lot more freedom than rocking a standard mini-skirt, but it's also another way to bring the athleisure and sporty trend we've been seeing so much of into your outfit for a cute and modern twist on the Y2K classic.