Hair Tinsel Is The Shiny Trend Even Adults Can Rock - Here's How

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What do we want? Hair tinsel! When do we want it? Now! (Even though we're not teenagers anymore!) Hair tinsel is trending, and it's easy to see why. The look of sparkly strands throughout your hair is just plain cool no matter who you are. So, why should we steer clear of the trend? Hair tinsel may be popular among teens, but these days, we could all use a bit of shimmer in our lives. Not only do we totally deserve to hop on whatever trend we love, but hair tinsel is actually a particularly commitment-free and easy way to add a bit of extra pizzazz to our look.


A karmic haircut can do wonders if you're open to it, so just imagine how adding a bit of sparkle to your look could totally change your outlook. Does the idea of rocking hair tinsel in your day-to-day life still give you a shiver down your spine? Still worried that you can't rock the look? Have no fear — we have all the tips and tricks you need for making this whimsical, eye-catching detail a part of your look. 

Strive for subtlety

If you're on the fence about whether or not to go for the hair tinsel trend, then you may want to opt for a subtle version. Sure, that likely seems difficult when it comes to glittery hair, but it's actually all about the shade you choose. Colorful hair tinsel is certainly popular and fun, but you should opt for neutral metallics if you're wary. 


Try copper, bronze, or gold threads if you have darker hair and silver or gold threads if your hair is light. You should also disperse the tinsel all throughout your hair instead of going for big chunks. This way, the sparkles will be spotted only when you move your head in certain ways, rather than drawing attention to your locks. 

Coordinate with a bold color

If you've already got your hair dyed a bold color, then you're probably not afraid of letting your hair tinsel shine and catch the light. On the other hand, if you're about to go for a bright color for the season, you may want to consider adding a bit of tinsel in to make your color pop. Coordinate your tinsel color with the dye color you choose, or opt for a neutral metallic to emphasize your vibrant hue a little extra. 


Don't be afraid of styling

A lot of people avoid hair tinsel because adding metallic threads to your hair may seem like a disaster waiting to happen if you love using hot tools on your locks. Luckily, you actually can use heat on your hair tinsel — just use a bit more care than you might when straightening or curling your hair normally. You should also be sure to add a heat protectant just in case. That said, there are plenty of heatless curl hacks out there these days, so this might be the perfect time to try them out. 


Tinsel is temporary

Most folks head to the salon to get their hair tinsel-fied, and that will leave your strands sparkling somewhere between one and two weeks. As hair changes go, that's actually a pretty short amount of time before you're back to your original self. 


If you do feel the need to remove them before they come out on their own, though, that's no problem, either. Hairstylist, Brittany Rodriguez, told, "To remove the microlink method, I squeeze the bead with pliers in the opposite direction to open it up. The tinsel will fall right out," says Rodriguez. "With the single-strand method, I will find the slip knot, open it back up, and slide the hair out." Want your hair tinsel only on special occasions? There are clip-in versions available like this option

Why not go bold?

Plenty of folks may be wary of making the major fashion statement that hair tinsel comes along with. Still, if you're going to hop on the trend, consider going big or going home. When hair tinsel is concentrated and in a bright, eye-catching color, it's undeniably cool. And, it is summer, after all, so now's the best time of year for a fun hair moment. 


If you have lighter hair, go for hair tinsel in a darker, bolder color like deep blues, greens, or reds. For dark hair, opt for pinks or lighter blues, or lavenders. And, if you're really leaning into the fun and whimsy, why not try matching your makeup? Now that's a look we can get behind.