What A Karmic Haircut Can Do For You, If You're Open To It

Are you ready for a new look? Have you been feeling a little more spiritual these days? We have the perfect activity combining the two — a karmic haircut. Whether you're starting a new career, ending an old relationship, or you just want to see what the Universe has in store for your hair, a karmic haircut offers something a little different than what you'd pick out of the latest hairstyle magazines.

Before we dive into exactly what a karmic haircut entails, let's look at karma first. The word karma itself means action, which makes complete sense when you think of all of the things you've likely heard about karma, like how bad karma from past lives leaves you needing to take action in this life to get rid of it. According to Licensed Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Rhodes, in talking with Healthline, "The journey is not about being perfect, it's about undoing what is not us and becoming who we really are." Meditation and mindfulness expert Tejal Patel added that "Karma is a philosophy of how to live our lives so we can truly become the best version of ourselves and live the most fulfilling life we desire." Your karmic haircut could be just what you need to propel you forward!

What is a karmic haircut?

In essence, a karmic haircut, or spiritual haircut (as they are also being referred to), is a way to take action by letting go of negativity by ritually cutting it away. Healer Leila Sadeghee told British Vogue "Even a tiny trim can be helpful to feel lighter and less encumbered." To teach others how to use spirituality in this way, Sadeghee actually taught people how to spiritually cleanse themselves through a haircut by removing that bad energy with a snip here and a snip there. In fact, there is a belief out there that our hair can hold energy, whether good or bad. 

Karma or not, for some, getting a fresh haircut after something life-altering happens is a way of healing and moving on. While it all ties in with the meaning of karma, it's something many of us do without a second thought — it's an easy way to make a change to ourselves since we feel like so much has changed in our lives. Spiritual expert Francesca Oddie told Daily Mail, "Women have always intuitively had a haircut after a breakup. But now we're doing this intentionally and using a haircut to heal."

What to expect when getting your karmic haircut

Depending on where you go for your spiritual or karmic haircut, you may have a different experience. One place may be set up more like a spiritual center, and the stylist-healer may begin the process with some sort of ritual, like a cleansing. Some stylists may be Reiki Masters and use that healing energy as part of the haircutting process. Whatever the process, though, there's sure to be plenty of emotion. Prices will vary, depending on the stylist and the setting, but since this isn't your usual haircut, you can expect to pay more. Think more along the lines of the cost of a cut and color.

Because karmic haircuts are combining your salon visit with energy healing, you can expect to feel some emotions. You may cry. You may feel depressed. But, when you're done, the idea is that you'll have shed that bad energy so that you can move on with more positivity.