We Won't Pretend We Understand Formula 1, But We Sure Can Dress Like We Do

If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Formula 1 (and it's totally fine if you are, this is a no-judgment zone), it's a racing competition that sees some of the most talented drivers race custom-created cars (made by the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari, and McLaren) across the globe. And we really mean it when we say this is an international sport. In any given year, the drivers race on grids in the United Kingdom, Monaco, Australia, and pretty much everywhere in between. The U.S. gets in on the action too, though! In 2023, F1 teams are set to swing by Texas, Florida, and Las Vegas.

Let's be honest, though. While the races can certainly be fun to watch, what really excites us about F1 is the fashion. Yeah, we said it. We're naming this trend motorcore, and it pretty much describes dressing like you're a part of the F1 movement. That can be a little ambiguous, we know, so we've rounded up some of our very favorite F1-esque looks that will have you cheering on the likes of Lewis Hamilton (who has quite the celebrity-filled dating history, by the way) as if you've been a Formula 1 fan for years.

Bring on the boots

Nothing quite says F1 like leather, and this look serves plenty of it. Of course, this vibe can be pulled off with real or faux leather, depending on your personal preference, but the knee-high boots paired with the racing-style white jacket tap into the idea of the black-and-white checkered flag but without being too on the nose. This kind of jacket could easily be worn by one of the drivers, while the black shades totally give us too-cool-to-care vibes.

Jack it up with a jacket

Seriously, what could be more Formula 1 appropriate than a jacket representing your favorite team? The best part is, an oversized jacket like this does all the talking, so you don't have to put too much effort into what goes underneath. Satin pants and a crop top add a little structure and make this ensemble a little dressier and more summer appropriate, but you could just as easily rock an all-black number underneath and still look super chic for race day.

Give all the F1 vibes in leather

We know, we know: Formula 1 racing protective suits aren't actually made from leather.  But traditionally, some race outfits have been, so rocking real or faux leather is always a great way to go when you want to dress your F1 best. This look can also be re-created using vinyl, a viral look that looks effortlessly cool. This all-black look is super chic, and rocking it with sneakers only adds to the sporty vibes while you take in a day of racing (either in person or on TV). If you're looking to go for a leather crop top to create your own version of this look, we'd recommend pairing it with high-waisted pants for the most flattering silhouette.

Support the team

As we mentioned, some of the biggest motor brands in the world have cars racing in Formula 1, so sporting a top related to your favorite team is a great way to dress for the occasion. This top represents Red Bull's main man Max Verstappen (who's one of the top drivers in the game, FYI) so it's a solid choice if you're just getting into the sport. But if you've already picked your favorite driver or brand, then wear that support with pride. Pairing it with a leather or vinyl skirt will still ensure your look has a feminine twist if that's your style, but pants would go just as well with a sporty top like this.

A day at the races

Regardless of whether you're lucky enough to actually go to a Formula 1 race or you're just watching from home, an outfit like this proves you're very much feeling the F1 spirit. Plus, this outfit is actually much easier to achieve than you might think. All you need is a pair of black shorts and a tank top with an F1-inspired racer jacket zipped over the top — and you're good to go! For a sunny day, you can't go wrong with a matching baseball cap and sunglasses, and rocking it with sneakers will make you look even more sporty.

Cheer on in a crop top

It's worth noting that a lot of the Formula 1 season takes place over the summer, in traditionally hot countries, so sunny weather looks are usually the most appropriate if you're planning to attend a game. A crop top paired with a skirt or shorts (or even a skort in this case) is a cute way to stay cool and fashionable without showing too much skin. And don't you dare tell us you're too grown up for a crop top, because it's just not true. Adding a jacket ties the whole look together, while adding a baseball cap with the logo of the team you're supporting brings that extra F1 element.

Keep it classic in denim

Here's another way to show your support for your favorite Formula 1 team in a more casual way. All you have to do to recreate this style at home is get your hands on a shirt bearing the logo of your chosen team or driver, then pair it with the summer staple that is denim shorts. This look shows support for British Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton, and is super chic for race day with minimal effort — which is why it's one of our favorites.

Bring down that checkered flag

Yeah, we know, this look isn't for the faint-hearted, but we know you can totally rock it with confidence. Fashion designer and model Gabriela Gonzalez wore this totally fire outfit to an F1 after-party in Miami in May 2023, and it screams F1 fashion to us. The black-and-white Christian Dior bag (with checkered strap) gives us total checkered flag vibes, while the two-toned leather-looking pants mirror the protective outfits the drivers have to wear for safety reasons in their vehicles (which give off a leather-look but are actually made from Nomex).

Match for the match

A matching set is rarely a bad idea when it comes to a sporty look, so getting a matching jacket and pants and putting a leather top under it screams race-day glam. If you really want to bring the fashion, rock it with heels. If you want to go a little more casual, this look can easily be paired with flats and still look good. The leather (or faux leather) crop top though gives it a bold edge and can be extended to a full top if you're just not feeling the cropped trend.

Keep it casual

Who said it all has to be leather pants and tight clothing to get a Formula 1 vibe? Not us! This look proves you can look just as race ready in a more casual ensemble, and a T-shirt and sweatpants can still look super chic. A motor company T-shirt can easily be turned into a crop top for those hot race days (and show a little skin to bring a little more structure to your look) while the bottoms will keep you feeling comfy no matter if your team wins or loses.

Stay cool in a shorts bodysuit

Here's another casual look for those looking to stay comfortable for a long and hot day. A short bodysuit makes a great base outfit, and a formfitting one in black goes with so much. Simply add a white sport jacket like this one over the top (a cropped jacket in particular really works with a one-piece), then all you have to do is add sneakers and a baseball cap. It's both easy and super stylish, something we love to see. 

Racing red

Red and denim are always a winning combination, and they're so traditionally American that they're the perfect shades to mix and match when F1 comes to the United States. Jeans will keep your look a little bit more casual (it is a sporting event, after all) but a sleeveless crop top will dress it up slightly and keep you looking and feeling super cool as the supercars race by. If you're not feeling the crop top, though, you could swap it out for a longer tank.

The team colors

If you've already chosen your team, then why not use those colors to create your outfit and really show how well you know your stuff (when it comes to dressing for Formula 1, at least)? This look shows how easy it really is. For Ferrari, the main colors associated with the luxury car company are of course, black and red, so black pants with a red top show your pride without being too on the nose. The yellow on the badge can also be incorporated into a look like this one for an extra pop of color.

Bring chic to F1

If glamour is more your thing, then there's a Formula 1 outfit for that, too! For those who prefer not to wear too much color, try an all-black look. A sleeveless vest like this will keep you cooler in the heat, and you can accessorize with your team's baseball cap on your head. This look couldn't be simpler, but it's super effective in keeping you stylish and in the F1 spirit.