How To Create The Most Realistic Faux Freckle Look

Everyone wants a chic, effortless look when summer rolls around. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can fake to nail that sunkissed aura we all yearn for in the warmer months. Summer girlies know the aesthetic depends on a good spray tan and a perfect shade of face-framing highlights, but these days, you can fake a lot more. Fake or "faux" freckles are the newest beauty trend you are about to see everywhere this summer.

Just like some people can tan naturally, not everyone is lucky enough to have random melanin deposits across their nose, giving them an enviable summer glow when the sun comes out. For those of us who are not so naturally sunkissed, there are always faux freckles. Faux freckles aren't just for the summer; they look good year-round, and when done right you can't tell the difference between what's real and what isn't. 

There are more than a few ways to apply your fake freckles, but the key is finding something that works for you and your skin tone. Some swear by henna while others prefer a specialized freckle pen. There are people who opt for mascara or eyeliner for a more dramatic look. But, of course, there is no wrong way to apply your freckles — it's all about personal preference. Below, we break down a few tried and true methods for freckle application.

Stay understated and natural

In recent years, freckle pens, once a gimmick item, has become a staple in many people's makeup bags. During a 2019 interview with now-defunct Man Repeller, Freck Beauty co-founder Remi Brixton told the outlet that their company had experienced 15 percent growth in the past year alone. Companies like Freck (which offers multiple products) make their bread and butter through freckle pens which are similar to liquid eyeliner pens. You can use them to apply a tiny dot of product to your face with the tip of the pen or tilt it on its edge for a slightly smudged, less-than-perfect look.

The key to making a freckle pen work to your advantage is all in the foundation. Ideally, you won't be wearing much makeup because freckles either real or fake imply a natural face. So, if you're comfortable with it, ditch the foundation and go with the freckle pen and a little concealer. On the other hand, if you want full coverage, be sure to blend, blend, blend, blend. Foundation hides natural freckles, so blend the dots out to create a more muted look as if the foundation is simply covering them up. 

Freckle pens may not be your cup of tea, in which case you can always fall back on a brow pencil or pen. However, if you opt for a pencil, ensure it's nice and sharp first — you want the smallest dots possible after all.

Get creative for something more dramatic

Cute little freckles are suitable for some, but for others, if you dive headfirst into the world of faux freckles, why not be a little more dramatic? If you crave something a little more eye-popping, experts suggest experimenting with henna. Henna is a dye made from the henna tree. It is traditionally used in Indian religious ceremonies or for temporary tattoos. However, some makeup enthusiasts swear by it as a substitute for real freckles.

Henna is a type of semi-permanent makeup, so it will take a more than few washes for your freckles to fully fade. Get a little practice applying the dots with a small brush on your hands or feet before going in on your face. Additionally, some henna dyes can have additives that skin irritation, making the type of henna you use super important. "There are a bunch of [henna artists] in the US who sell henna that's made at home, and the benefit of this homemade henna is all of the ingredients are natural and safe," Jill Desai, a henna expert assured Allure.

If you want something even more eye-catching than henna, regular old eyeshadow will do the trick. Unlike specially designed freckles pens and eyeliner pens, eyeshadow, when applied to your cheeks and nose with a Q Tip, will create chunky, messy, dramatic, baby doll-like freckles. Not for the faint of heart, but a much smaller commitment than henna.