Pointed-Toe Heels Are Back And Better Than Ever (These Aren't Your Mom's Pumps)

A pointed-toe pump is one of the most classic shoes in history. If it wasn't, Apple never would have made it one of the few shoe emoji options on the iPhone. Yet, despite its icon status, the pointed-toe pump has some not-so-modern connotations that might have had fashionistas shying away from it over the course of the past few trend cycles. Yet, as we've learned, when it comes to trends, what goes out must come back in again — whether it's cargo pants, fit-and-flare dresses, or the indie sleaze trend — and the pointed-toe heel is no exception to this rule. This iconic shoe is stepping back into it girls' wardrobes, but this time around, it looks a bit different than when we last saw it.

Many of the most highly anticipated fall/winter 2023 shoe trends give edge to classic looks. It's not surprising, then, that many of the twists on the classic pointed-toe heel go in this same direction. In order to ensure that your pointed-toe heels are fashion-forward rather than an unwelcome blast from the footwear past, adding a little bit of edginess and spice to this classic shoe will let you shine with every step. Here are all the types of pointed-toe heels that will point you in the direction of footwear perfection this season.


One way to revamp the pointed-toe heel is by making sure that it's anything but plain or boring. A shoe with a bit of glitz can add an unexpected statement to any outfit, and it can do so while still maintaining a neutral color palette. This makes for an updated, fresh take on the statement shoe. From fully blinged-out pumps like this Betsey Johnson pair to a little accent of sparkle as we see on these daring, hot pink slingbacks, there's more than one way to incorporate some shimmer into your ensemble with a pair of pointed-toe shoes. 

Pop of color

If you're looking for something that adds a different kind of dimension to your look, a shoe that provides a pop of color is always a classic. A bold, bright color is a great way of elevating any outfit that has a simple color palette. A colorful pointed-toe shoe also makes the shape look fresh and modern. This neon green pair gives a fun, bold twist to a classic silhouette. You can also look for multicolored options that can provide even more dimension to your ensemble. How cute is this pair of rainbow slingbacks or this colorful snake print pair


A clear shoe is just plain cool. It gives you some qualities of a sandal mixed with some qualities of a pump; you look fashion-forward no matter your shoe's shape. A see-through pointed-toe heel is a unique and versatile option to add to your closet, especially for the summer. This slingback is so unique and gets you that glitzy look, while this pair will help you rock the pointed-toe trend while letting your shoe basically fade to the background, so your outfit can do all of the talking. 


A neutral pointed-toe heel is one of the shoes you should have in your closet for endless outfit versatility. A simple pointed-toe heeled shoe in a neutral shade will work with virtually any outfit while elongating your leg and dressing up your ensemble ever-so-subtly. Consider swapping out your favorite sneakers with this pair of shoes in your go-to jeans and t-shirt outfit, or replace your sandals with these shoes when sporting a sundress this summer. The vibe will be elevated but not over the top. This beige kitten heel is a slightly casual, summery option, while these buckled khaki heels are perfect for so many different looks, no matter the season. 

Toe cleavage-baring

If you're not familiar with the term, "toe cleavage," it's exactly what it sounds like. Toe cleavage is when the opening of your shoe is just wide enough in the front to show the bottoms of your toes. It's a cute, updated little addition to a normal pump, and for some of us, it'll leave us feeling a little less exposed than regular cleavage might. Shoes with openings that dip down below where your toes start have an updated feel while still giving you that classic silhouette. When it comes to finding a shoe with your ideal amount of toe cleavage, you'll probably have to try a few options to get that perfect style and fit. Of course, you'll want to try options with a shorter front portion, like this faux patent leather pair


From pointed-toe shoes that show off a lot of your foot to those that show off none of your foot, another way to give pointed-toe heels a bit of a refresh is to sport them in bootie form. We all know by now that the days of ankle boots being designated for fall and winter only are behind us. A neutral bootie with a pointed toe and a low heel, like this Nine West pair, is a perfect year-round wardrobe staple. Alternatively, if you're attending The Eras Tour, walking a red carpet, or just want to be the star of Sunday brunch, we simply cannot stress enough how much you need these metallic butterfly booties


The metallic trend is going to be everywhere in the upcoming seasons, so why not sport it from your head to your toes? A metallic pointed-toe heel is such a fun, unexpected, and fresh way to take this quintessential shoe shape to a new, funky, modern level. It's so easy to swap a neutral shoe out for a silver sling-back or gold pump to give your outfit a little extra oomph without looking distracting or clashing. These bronze Nine West slingbacks are such a cool, chic option to pair with wide-leg pants or a maxi skirt. You can also opt for a bold color in a metallic finish like this show-stopping pink pair.

Kitten heels

If you haven't heard the latest footwear news yet, allow us to report that the kitten heel is back. After years of being thought of as a totally out-of-date fashion faux pas, a short heel is now considered "in" again — much to the joy of those of us who find a tall heel a bit too wobbly and a flat a bit too flat for all occasions. A pointed-toe option is the best kind of kitten heel to rock because it elongates your leg without requiring the help of an unstable stiletto. The pointed-toe kitten heel is a great alternative to a flat or a heel and will give you a bit of the benefit of a tall shoe without all the drama. This gold Lilly Pulitzer sling-back is basically our dream shoe, and this knit option is perfect for every day.