Velcro Rollers Are The '90s Staple We're Falling Back On For Major Volume (Dyson, Who?)

Even with so many hair styling tools out there on the market, it can be difficult to find something that gives you the voluminous curls you want. How can you obtain the middle ground between pin-straight hair and ringlets with the curling tools we currently have? Well, you'll likely have to go to your local hair store and pick up a package you might not have thought about since the '90s — a package of rollers.


We know what you're thinking. Rollers have become synonymous with outdated fashion — maybe something your mom or grandma may have used. However, Velcro rollers have seeped back into the world of hair styling, as the Y2K revival is expanding beyond fashion, and thank goodness they are. Velcro rollers are an excellent heatless curls hack that can help curb your hair's exposure to damaging heat. They are also relatively cheap in comparison to many other tools and are easy to apply once you get the hang of them.

Far from the first time they've been revived

What is interesting about the ongoing resurgence of rollers is the fact that they technically never went away. They have never stopped production nor were ever really discontinued — with the advent of more hair-styling tools, many just temporarily stopped using them. In the opinion of celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko, the volume they provide will always be sought after. "It's constantly been a staple in the hairstyling world," she told The Zoe Report. "It also demonstrates that people have always been searching for more volume. Nowadays with curling irons and blowdryers, most people don't reach for the rollers, but if you're looking for max volume, it is my number one recommendation!"


Polko brings up an interesting point in this regard. While we can't deny that our favorite tools can be helpful, irons often can't provide the volume that makes rollers such a staple in the industry. If you're looking for more compressed curls, break out the curling iron, but more wavy and bouncy looks can only be achieved with hair rollers.

Ways to style your hair using Velcro rollers

The great thing about using Velcro rollers for your hair is that you can use them in a variety of different ways. One easy way to test out if they're the right tool for you can be done if you have bangs — especially the dramatic side bangs that are trending again. Roll your bangs (or any face-framing pieces) into a roller, then either blow-dry them on a low setting or let them air-dry. If you like the way they bounce and hang over your face, consider using Velcro rollers more often!


You can also use these rollers to add extra height to the very top sections of your hair. However, the most common way to use Velcro rollers is to do a full head. When doing this, try to even out your hair sections as much as possible. You can roll your hair under the roller for a '70s-inspired blow-out, or you can roll it over for a cute wavy flow. Start at the ends of your hair for maximum styling potential.