How To Use The 2023 Summer Solstice To Chase Your Desires

One of the most important astrological events of the year outside of eclipses is coming soon. That's right — the 2023 summer solstice will occur on June 21 at 10:57 a.m. EST, officially marking the beginning of summer with the longest period of sunlight of the year. According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, a solstice occurs when the sun finds itself along the sky's northernmost path. When in this state, the North Pole is at its maximum tilt toward the sun, which is why the day feels so much longer than normal.

Astrology's reverence for the summer solstice is not dissimilar to that of many European cultures — Sweden's Midsummer holiday, which comes just a couple of days later on June 24, is a celebration of present and future happiness. They have the right idea since the prolonged sunlight offers the chance to reflect on what you have and what you want to achieve.

The longest day of the year matters

In a symbolic sense, sunshine represents hope and clarity, as it can inspire you to look ahead at the road in front of you. As such, the more sunlight there is in a day, the wider the theoretical opportunity for self-reflection and self-love becomes. Without the uncertainty that shrouds the darkness of night, you can be honest with yourself.

With the summer solstice coming with the longest period of sunlight of the year, it marks the perfect opportunity to get to the bottom of your desires. Evaluate what your life is right now and what you enjoy about it. Then, think about what you don't like about your life and if you would want to change anything. Maybe you have lost touch with a close friend, or your mental health isn't what it used to be.

Here is where the symbolism of the light comes into play. Try to look ahead and envision your ideal future, one where your favorite and least favorite parts of your current life are just the way you want them to be. Think about how you can work towards that future, starting with the easiest goal to achieve and ending with your deepest desires.

How to plan for the summer solstice

Now that you know how you should recognize the solstice, it's time to prepare for deep introspection. While you can't anticipate your revelations, you can take note of your most pressing or immediate thoughts ahead of time. Grab a journal or tablet and keep track of the things you currently enjoy about your life and the things you don't. Every time you think of either of these categories, jot it down, even the most trivial of gripes or complaints. Once the solstice arrives, return to these pages and reflect on what's calling to you the most.

Of course, this is merely a suggestion. Most of the revelations folks usually encounter during a solstice occur suddenly during introspection. Perhaps jotting down your growth-oriented thoughts before a solstice will work for you, especially if you have a lot that you want to think about for the future. However, the most important thing that you should prepare for is to feel a drive to change the way you view or navigate the world.