How Eclipses Near Your Birthday Can Help Prepare You For Major Life Changes

Social media platforms light up and start buzzing whenever powerful solar or lunar eclipses are on the horizon. Astrologers talk about which planets and zodiac signs will be most affected by the eclipse and the type of change it heralds.

As you flip through the channels, a "mundane" astrologer may put world and cultural events into perspective, an astrologer who does personal charts can orient you about what to expect in your life, or, if you're listening to an evolutionary astrologer, it's still personal, but "focuses on the growth and evolution of the soul, whether in this life or over multiple lifetimes."

Your sun sign comes from your birth information — the precise day, place, and time you were born. Although you may not be able to read it unless you're a pro, you can get a free chart from several places, including Your chart will tell you what your sun sign, ascendant (also known as rising sign), and moon are, such as Taurus sun, Leo rising, and moon in Gemini. A chart will also tell you which houses your planets are in and this is quite helpful if an eclipse falls on or near your birthday.

About solar or lunar eclipses and your birthday

Solar eclipses can only happen on a new moon. It means the Moon is standing between the Earth and the Sun, blotting it out, and often represents a brand new beginning or phase in life. In contrast, in a lunar eclipse, the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun and happens on a full moon. Lunar eclipses are all about massively important endings, the closing of a chapter. Remember the distinction between an exciting new phase and a termination as you determine whether you'll be getting a solar or lunar birthday surprise.

Susan Miller, renowned astrology expert and author describes eclipses as the wild child of the horoscope. "They are some of the most dramatic tools that the universe uses to get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change." She cautions that if any eclipse falls on, within five days of, or directly "opposite" your birthday (which means exactly six months away), you must be mindful of your health.

Get ready for a major lifestyle change if an eclipse falls on or within five days of your birthday. The same holds true though if the eclipse takes place in your rising sign. The drama doesn't always happen on the day — major life changes instigated by an eclipse can take place one month earlier or later, with an adjustment on either side of five days.

The types of changes eclipses bring

Though they get a lot of publicity for ushering in striking change, how deeply you're affected truly depends on your personal chart and its aspects. defines aspects as angles between planets that produce positive or negative effects. A life change might mean a meaningful internal "aha!" moment about a decision you've been trying to work out, or it could mean the loss of a job or home. If money is an issue in your life, your Venus placement is key to understanding your spending habits. An eclipse could signal the start of a key new relationship, a divorce, or a lawsuit.

You should consult a professional to look at your chart for insights about what aspects might soften the blow of a huge life transition. Astrologically speaking, as shocking as eclipses can be, if you place them in the category of change happening for us not to us, you'll get the full benefit. They shake us awake so we can mature.

For those of you with a bit more advanced astrological understanding about the significance of the houses, on her YouTube channel, astrologer Magic Kathi describes the effect of an eclipse that landed on her birthday a few years ago: "Literally ... my business skyrocket[ed]."