The Must-Have Resources For Finding A Pride Event Near You

June is not only the start of beautiful summer weather, but it's also home to one of the greatest celebrations of the year: Pride. With fantastic parades, parties, and LGBTQ+ history, Pride is an amazing opportunity to promote visibility and celebrate progress. Given current legislative attempts to strip LGBTQ+ rights, and the rise of discrimination across the country, Pride can feel more important than ever this year. However, with a million ways to celebrate across an entire month, it can also sometimes feel daunting to navigate.


While Pride parades generally receive the most attention, people who aren't comfortable being out just yet or who simply prefer quieter ways to celebrate can struggle to find the right Pride event for their interests and comfort levels. With lectures, film screenings, book clubs, and more, there are SO many ways to celebrate Pride. Here are some must-have resources for finding the right Pride event for you.

Organizations and online resources

There are numerous organizations and online resources that make looking for Pride events easy. The Gay Pride Calendar allows you to look up Pride events by location, making it a piece of cake to get connected with events (and hosting organizations) in your area. Another resource for finding Pride events by location is GayCities PrideFinder, which includes Pride events happening around the world.


If you're looking to approach Pride a little differently this year and need resources for either yourself or to help others, you can also find information on ways to support the LGBTQI+ community beyond voting, tips about how to support members of the community, and even coming out guides from organizations like the Human Rights Campaign and The Trevor Project. You can also connect with your local chapters of advocacy groups working on the front lines of LGBTQ+ rights like PFLAG or Equality Federation's member organizations (which are listed by state). These chapters and groups will each have their own local resources for events.

Find your local LGBTQ+ Center

Most larger metro areas and cities have their very own LGBTQ+ Community Centers. These Centers can be amazing resources not only for events but also education, legal, and medical resources for members of the community. In fact, a 2020 Report found that 75% of LGBTQ community centers serve as health and wellness centers, offering direct services for physical and mental health as well as anti-violence work. They can also be a vital part of growing (or joining) your local LGBTQ+ community.


CenterLink's LGBT Community Center Member Directory is a great resource for finding these community centers near you. With over 300 participating community centers across 48 states, Puerto Rico, and Washington D.C., CenterLink's directory is the best way to find a center near you. Their directory will also let you see what specific resources, services, and outreach options are offered at each member center listed so you can save time if you're searching for something specific.

Explore your community

There's a reason word-of-mouth marketing is still so successful and social media can be a great way to utilize that idea to discover events happening near you. Using your own social network to find out about events can also be an awesome way to grow your friendships in the process. Since most Facebook events allow you to see if any of your friends have already shared that they're attending an event (or are interested in attending), it makes it the perfect way to ask if you can tag along.


Instagram can also be a great way to discover events. Whether through your local city's profile page or perhaps a favorite local news/media profile sharing specific events, you can find a wealth of information on Pride events and resources. For more general Pride events and news, you can also follow pages like @Pride and @LGBTQ.

Chances are there are events in your local community you don't know about yet, so don't be afraid to reach out to friends and acquaintances for recommendations and ideas. Most importantly, remember that however you choose to celebrate Pride is the right way!