12 Celebs Who Have Been Open About Freezing Their Eggs

It's no secret that more and more people who produce eggs and ovulate are taking control of their fertility by freezing their eggs. This revolutionary step forward in fertility involves taking several eggs, freezing them, and then thawing them when the person is ready for parenthood. It offers birthing people a much better chance of pregnancy, as eggs tend to be healthier and more susceptible to fertilization the younger they are. This technology has changed the lives of so many people across the world, allowing women to have babies much later in life than they potentially would be able to, had they attempted to conceive naturally. In fact, since it was announced in 2012 that the procedure was no longer considered experimental, the number of people choosing to have their eggs removed and frozen has drastically increased. According to the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology, in 2020, more than 13,000 women made the decision to freeze their eggs. That number then jumped a further 31% going into 2021, when SART reported over 16,700 egg-freezing cycles took place across the U.S.


With that, the concept has also become increasingly mainstream, and people arguably feel more comfortable than ever sharing their own experiences publicly. That means plenty of famous faces have been bringing attention to the concept, with multiple celebrities getting very candid about their fertility decisions.

Chrishell Stause has been very vocal about her desire to be a mom

Chrishell Stause has been very vocal about wanting to become a mom on the Netflix reality series "Selling Sunset," and she's shared that she's frozen her eggs in order to make her journey to motherhood a little easier when the time is right. The star revealed that she'd made the decision for herself during a 2020 interview with People, explaining, "I'm going to do everything I can to take that power in the situation, and hopefully, that will empower me going forward in the dating world, so there's not so much pressure." Stause also told the outlet that she actually began the process while she was competing on "Dancing With the Stars" that year.


The following year, Stause explained to Us Weekly that she made the fertility move in order to take some of the pressure off of having a child, particularly while a lot of her friends and co-stars were preparing for parenthood. "I think that's why I froze my eggs, so that I don't have to have that stress," she said. "Right now, [motherhood] just [is] not on my mind. I love that it's there whenever I'm ready."

Priyanka Chopra Jonas felt free after her procedure

Before marrying Nick Jonas and welcoming their daughter Malti Jonas, Priyanka Chopra Jonas made the decision to freeze her eggs. Priyanka explained on "Armchair Expert" in March 2023 [**1:40:00**] that she wasn't in a place to have a baby because she wanted to focus on her career, and she also felt a lot of anxiety because she wasn't in a serious relationship when she was in her mid-30s. She was encouraged by her mom's OBGYN to undergo the procedure — and doesn't regret a thing. "I did do it for myself as well," she shared, while also noting her mom was a big advocate of her having it done. "It's the best gift you'll give yourself because you're taking the power from your biological clock, and you can work until however long you want," Priyanka, who admitted she always knew she wanted to be a mom, said. "Your eggs will still be the same age as when you froze them."


In April 2023, Priyanka shared that she was filming for "Quantico" when she made the decision to freeze her eggs, which made the procedure a little more difficult. "I just wanted to do it for myself. It's expensive, so you should save for it. It's not the easiest thing to do but I do advocate it for working women, single women, or those who want to have kids but aren't sure about it," she said on "UnWrapped."

Kelsea Ballerini wants to freeze her eggs before her 30th birthday

Kelsea Ballerini has been open about wanting to freeze her eggs, admitting that explaining her decision to her former husband, Morgan Evans, didn't exactly get the response she was hoping for. The country star got very candid about a heated conversation she had with Evans before their marriage ended during a February 2023 appearance on "Call Her Daddy." [**22:28**], explaining she wasn't ready for kids but knew her then-husband was. "He was ready. He was like, 'I don't want to be an old dad,' is what he kept saying. And I was like, 'I'm not there yet, and I can't do that to save this and give you something that I'm not ready for,'" she recalled. Ballerini noted her decision did not go down well with her now ex ("It was not a good day," she admitted), and the two divorced not too long after that. "I'm not there. And whether I'll get there or not, I don't think it's with this person if it is," the star added of the realization she had, noting she's still undecided if she wants to have kids.


But whether or not Ballerini decides to stay childless, later that month, she revealed she still planned to freeze her eggs before her 30th birthday — in spite of her ex's response. "Why not?" she told Evening Standard when asked about her baby plans.

Whitney Cummings wants egg freezing available via insurance

Another star who's been open about planning for motherhood is comedian and actor Whitney Cummings. She shared during an appearance on "Today" in February 2023 that she'd frozen her eggs eight years earlier, when she was 32 years old, and was now considering becoming a mom. "I have all the time in the world to have biological children, so there's no rush, but I did freeze my eggs," she explained on the NBC morning show. "They have a beautiful beachfront in Redondo, California. They're on better real estate than me. I do want to get them out before the sea level rises and they flood, but I was going to try this year to get pregnant," she added. Cummings then joked she was looking for someone to fertilize her eggs, quipping, "So, any takers? Any husbands in New York? There [are] no husbands in L.A."


The year prior, Cummings opened up about her decision to Yahoo! Life, explaining she found herself less willing to settle in her dating life after freezing her eggs. "There was just this freedom to it, whether I use them or not, that made me feel like I got another 10 years back. It took weight off," she said. "And I talk ... so much about it, even though I sometimes feel like it's elitist to talk about, because I think the more we talk about it, the more success we'll have getting covered by insurance."

Halsey took the reigns on her fertility early

Halsey was in her early 20s when she decided she wanted to freeze her eggs, and she spoke openly about the decision to do it so early on in her life during a 2018 appearance on "The Doctors." "When I tell people that, they're like, 'You're 23, why do you need to do that? Why do you need to freeze your eggs?' Doing an ovarian reserve is important to me because I'm fortunate enough to have that as an option," she said, explaining that she made the decision in order to give herself more options later down the line. Halsey, who uses she/they pronouns, had previously shared that they had been diagnosed with endometriosis and experienced a miscarriage, which were the driving forces behind their decision to give themselves the best chance of becoming a parent when the time felt right. "Reproductive illness is so frustrating because it can really make you feel like less of a woman," the star candidly explained. "And so taking these measures to make sure that I get to have a hopefully bright future and achieve the things that I want to achieve by doing that ovarian reserve is really important." Halsey went on to welcome her first child, Ender, with her partner, Alev Aydin, in 2021.


Kourtney Kardashian didn't freeze her eggs until she was 39

Proving that freezing your eggs certainly doesn't have to be done in your 20s or even early 30s, Kourtney Kardashian actually took the step when she was 39 years old after welcoming three children with her former partner, Scott Disick. The procedure was even documented on Season 15 of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." "I just feel good. I have the insurance if I want to have kids, or maybe I'll never use them. But, I think, it's just nice to have the peace of mind that I don't have to worry about [it]. I think it was all worth it."


Kourtney then opened up about her decision alongside her sister Khloé Kardashian on "Lady Parts" in March 2021, explaining that she was actually encouraged by those around her — but she's glad she did it. "'It gave me a feeling of taking a deep breath. I was about to turn 40, [I] was like, 'Everyone stop rushing me, I don't even know if I want to have another kid or if that is in the future,'" she shared, adding that it's since made her feel less worrisome about potentially becoming a mom again. As Kardashian followers will know, Kourtney eventually sparked up a romance with her now husband, Travis Barker, and the two were very vocal about undergoing IVF in order to welcome a child together. However, it was recently revealed in the new season of "The Kardashians" that none of Kourtney's eggs survived being thawed, so they've put their IVF journey on hold.


Khloé Kardashian decided to freeze her eggs after welcoming her daughter

Kourtney Kardashian isn't the only Kardashian to have frozen her eggs. Khloé Kardashian has also made the decision to better her chances of conceiving later down the line, and spoke about making the choice during a 2020 episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." As for why? Khloé told her mom, Kris Jenner, "There's no downside to it, so why not?" Jenner then asked her daughter if she planned to make embryos out of the eggs, though Khloé explained she wasn't ready for that step just yet after welcoming her first child, daughter True Thompson, with her former partner, Tristan Thompson.


In another "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" scene, Khloé told her sisters Kourtney and Kendall about the process, sharing she found the injections she had to have weren't as bad as she anticipated. She also shared that she'd potentially changed her mind about turning the eggs into embryos and was considering doing so with Tristan — even though they weren't a couple at the time. Fast forward, and the Good American co-founder has welcomed a second child via surrogate, a son named Tatum Thompson.

Olivia Culpo wanted to take the pressure off herself and her relationship

Olivia Culpo's desire to become a mom one day has been no secret, as she revealed during an episode of "The Culpo Sisters" in 2022 that she was hoping to become a mom sooner rather than later. So, it's probably not all too surprising to hear that Culpo made the decision to put her eggs on ice to better her chances of making that happen one day. In November 2022, she told Extra that she'd begun the process after discussing wanting to someday start a family with her boyfriend, football player Christian McCaffrey. The model explained, "[I wanted] to try and take that situation and put it back in my control," noting that she and McCaffery were both very busy and not quite ready to focus on a family. "We talk about it but I don't want to put a ton of pressure on it. We're on the same page. We're heading in the right direction and that's all that I can really say at this point," she added.


Culpo also explained the reasoning behind her decision further on her E! reality show. "I've been making decisions out of fear for the future," she shared. "There's a lot of pressure that I've been putting on my relationship because of fertility ... I am going to freeze my eggs so that I can have babies when the time is right ... it's an insurance policy. It's exciting."

Scheana Shay has undergone multiple rounds of egg freezing

Back in January 2019, "Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay confirmed she was having her eggs frozen in a candid Instagram upload which included a photo from her hospital bed. Shay explained in the caption that she was single and wasn't even thinking about becoming a mom at that point, so decided to undergo the process after finding out her Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels were low. "My doctor highly recommended for me to do this to have a better chance at a healthy baby down the road," she wrote in the caption, before recommending others in their late 20s or 30s also undergo the procedure if they were able to. Shay noted at the time that she was planning another round of egg retrieval later that year.


In August 2020, Shay spoke again about her decision to freeze her eggs on "Scheananigans" [**50:54**], this time discussing things with her partner, Brock Davies. When asked by a fan if she planned to freeze embryos next, she responded, "I don't think that is on the agenda right now, but I think before I were to go through a third round of freezing eggs, we would do embryos." The reality star then added, "I had talked about doing a third round of freezing my eggs and then I was like, 'If I were gonna that, I would probably just do embryos and not do eggs.' But that's just not on our agenda right now."

Ariana Madix also put her fertility in her own hands

Scheana Shay isn't the only "Vanderpump Rules" star to undergo the egg retrieval process. In fact, she almost went along with one of her co-stars! Ariana Madix shared that, just like Shay, she also underwent the procedure, opening up about her decision during a November 2021 episode of the Bravo show. "Surprise! I froze my eggs! Me and Scheana were actually going together to freeze our eggs, and then she got pregnant," Madix shared, explaining she and Shay planned to go together before she and Brock Davies welcomed their daughter, Summer Moon, into the world. During the episode, Madix noted that freezing her eggs didn't mean she was ready to become a mom immediately. "This does not mean that I'm jumping on the baby train. It's about having agency over my own body and my own future. It's also kind of a nice, fun f**k you to anybody who questions my values or my choices."


Madix, who was dating Tom Sandoval at the time before his notorious affair with Raquel Leviss came to light, has previously shared she may not ever want to have children of her own. "I don't want kids or marriage," she told Bravo's The Daily Dish in 2016. "I actually really love kids, and I'm a big sister, and I have a lot of small children in my family. I love them all. And I love all my friends' kids."

Kaitlyn Bristowe was ready to take control of her future

There's not much Bachelor Nation's Kaitlyn Bristowe hasn't been honest about when it comes to her reality TV career, and freezing her eggs is one of them. Back in 2017, while she was still engaged to "The Bachelorette" winner Shawn Booth, he revealed via social media that she had decided to freeze her eggs. "Very proud of her taking control of our future and continuing to empower others! #ovaeggfreezing," he captioned a March 2017 Instagram upload that showed Bristowe resting her head on his lap. A fan then asked why she made the decision on Twitter, to which Bristowe gave an on-point answer. "I'm taking control of my future! As a woman, there's always pressure to have babies, and this puts my mind at ease for when [I'm] ready," she responded.


Later that month, Bristowe explained her decision during an appearance on "Good Morning America." "I think a lot of women feel pressure to have kids, especially when you get engaged. And for me, I'm like, I don't want that pressure on myself," she said on the ABC morning show, adding, "This is kind of a backup plan for us and for us to feel comfortable. It's kind of like insurance."

Rita Ora wants a big family

Another star who chose to freeze their eggs a little earlier on in their life is Rita Ora, who called the decision one of the best she ever made. Speaking on Australia's "Sunrise" in 2017, the "Your Song" hitmaker said that she'd been thinking about the procedure since her early 20s after being encouraged by a doctor. She then decided to go for it when she was 24. "[The doctor] said you are healthiest now and it would be great, why not put them away and then you never have to worry about it again? I think it depends on people's beliefs and I'm a big believer in using what we have in making the most of it," she explained, noting that she wanted to be on the safe side when it came to her fertility.


Four years later, Ora told the Independent that she actually underwent a second egg retrieval when she was 27 and was still very happy that she did. "I think as women, we put that pressure on ourselves, subconsciously, because we feel like that is our duty — to create and give life. So, I just wanted to not worry about it. And I didn't after, and it was the best thing I ever did," she shared, revealing her hopes to one day have a big family.