Achieve The Soft Goth Look With Dark And Moody Lips. (Who Said You Have To Wait For Fall?)

For some people, the beauty community's never-ending love for bright reds and shimmering pinks just don't gel with them. Rather, they prefer darker shades of purple and even black pop, pulling off a sultry look that turns heads. What was once considered a lipstick look for social outcasts has become mainstream thanks to the soft goth trend, and it's about time.

However, if you don't want to commit to the look using a full-on black matte lipstick, why not go glossy? Black gloss looks are quickly becoming a major makeup trend inspired by the Y2K revival and the runaway success of Netflix's "Wednesday." Not only does it make a statement, almost anyone can pull it off, a flexibility that makeup has historically had a major problem in accompanying.

"Black lip gloss is a fun take on the soft goth trend," said Milk Makeup Director of Artistry Sara Wren, "and a totally unexpected gloss shade that is surprisingly flattering on many skin tones." Of course, it's one thing for us to say that this trend is the hottest thing out right now and another to prove it. Here are some of the best examples of why black and glossy lips should be here to stay.

The classic

Beauty influencer Isabell Rose is always on top of the hottest makeup looks, so when she brings out the glossy black lips, you know it's here to stay. In this TikTok, she uses black lipliner to define her lips, then applies a black chalk to provide a punchy base. Finally, she applies dark-pigmented gloss over the chalk. A shiny and dark look is then achieved that everyone associates with the classic goth aesthetic.

The ombre

While we love actual black gloss, you can pull off a fun dark lip without it. Case in point, this cool ombre look from TikTok influencer Ritaonsaturn. She achieves it by lining her lips with a liner, opting for thick strokes instead of pencil-thin ones. After pressing them together to solidify the liner, she uses a clear and glittery gloss to apply over her liner. This creates a dynamic and fun look that you can perfect in seconds.

The vampy combo

If you're looking for more dimension in your lips, this glossy look could be perfect for you. Inspired by City Girls rapper JT, makeup influencer TyAna White proved the gloss's versatility with this combo look. Much like the previous look, you'll need to outline your lips using a black liner, but don't just stop there. Shade the middle crease of your lips with the liner, as well, then apply black gloss around these lines. Fill in the remaining parts with a more pinkish gloss, and you've got a showstopping look.

The DIY approach

If you prefer experimenting with different products, you can create a black gloss on your own! Makeup influencer Schanelle Quiza did just that in this fun TikTok, where she combined a neutral gloss with a black eyeliner pencil. After smudging the pencil on a clean surface, you can mix it together with the gloss applicator just like she did. The result is a slightly-pigmented and lip-popping gloss that will complete any look.

The as-is look

While playing around with different lip makeup combinations is fun, there will often be times when you just want to throw on some gloss and call it a day. Don't worry, as Instagram beauty influencer Jane Daly proved that black gloss can give even the simplest of looks a much-needed edge! Simply moisturize your lips, then swipe them with a tube of gloss. Whether you are too busy to do an intricate look or just don't feel like doing one, black lips can be for any occasion.