Let's Be Real - White Denim Is Undeniably Chic. Here's How To Wear It All Year-Long

There are times when fashion rules are meant to be broken, and sometimes they are lost in the past and forgotten about for good reason. One of those old rules that no one really pays attention to anymore is that you can't wear white after Labor Day. You can wear white the whole year round if you'd like — in fact, we think it's a fabulous autumn option. White jeans, shorts, and skirts can get you through summer and right into the cooler months. You won't want to pack up these fashionable looks when the snow starts to fly. And, while, much like black, white goes with nearly anything, we think you get a more chic and sophisticated look when you pair white with darker colors.


Consider adding white jeans to your capsule wardrobe, as they are extremely versatile. From donning them with sandals to boots, and wearing them as a casual, go-to style to making them look office-worthy, we have some excellent ways you can style your white denim that will have you grabbing them out of the closet every chance you get. While jeans may be the most common option for white denim, we don't want you to forget about pristine white denim shorts or stylish denim skirts, long or short.

Mixing whites, casually

Mixing white with white, or pairing your white denim with an off-white top, can give you a fresh monochromatic look (which, also not pairing darks here, is still fashionable). There are no rules here — just pick a couple of shades of white that play well together. This is proof that you don't have to stick with white on the bottom and something colorful or dark on top. We like this style because it's laid back and comfy, but with the right tweaks, it can also be a look ready for a fun night out.


Pair baggy or tight denim jeans with a loose-fitting or oversized sweater or sweatshirt. It's a casual look that works perfectly on chillier days or nights and can take you right into the winter months. This is also a fun way to show off your favorite brands, sports teams — or that cute sweater with a cat riding a unicorn you got last Christmas. Don't be afraid to wear a tighter-fit sweater, though, as it'll look just as fly, and you'll be ready for a night on the town. While canvas shoes pair well with this look, you can also get away with a nice pair of Uggs or other chunky boots.

Or try business casual

Who says you can't wear jeans to the office? Well, perhaps your dress code says you can't — but white denim will go perfectly with a blazer for a busy workday if it doesn't. In our example, we have a woman pairing a white top with white denim and accents of black. While you could pair white with any color, we suggest using darker tones, like black, dark gray, or even navy, especially for an office vibe. The darker colors help tone down the brightness of the white and give this outfit a classical look. Bright colors would take away from the business vibe and may make it look like you're ready to attend a rave.


The black belt breaks up the outfit, so it doesn't look like a pantsuit (not that there's anything wrong with pantsuits). We like the pairing of some black Mary Janes with this outfit because it makes it look even classier, though it would look just as nice with some black sandals or a pair of pumps. Consider wearing this confidence-boosting look for your next job interview — you'll definitely be memorable, and it may help you get the job.

Try a retro look

Nothing says chic like a well-thought-out retro style that screams disco. It could be the white denim or the pattern or style of that button-down, but this look is absolutely delicious. While it doesn't have one of those showy butterfly collars that really shout disco, the top buttons undone and the shirt carefully tucked in make us want to go back in time and dance at Studio 54. This look wouldn't be as retro-chic without the white denim, no matter what else that shirt was paired with.


We suggest finding a patterned button-down top you love to recreate the look. If you want to take the outfit to a prim and proper edge, do up the sleeves and button the shirt all the way up. However, keep some of those buttons undone for a more fun Saturday Night Fever look, and perhaps even throw on a stylish white blazer, à la John Travolta. Picking a patterned top with white makes the outfit look cohesive, but you can opt for any color combination your heart desires. To get into those truly '70s vibes, consider a shirt with a paisley print or some flowers.

You can never go wrong with the right tee

For the days when you want a totally casual look that tells people you're taking it easy, we suggest pairing your white denim with one of your favorite t-shirts. White denim is as versatile as blue and black denim, so you can wear any tee with these crisp jeans. Your white denim will make any white in your tee pop, so if you want to make a statement, this is a great way to do it. We even like the gray top in this photo — it's not dark and sophisticated, but the white denim keeps everything looking chic.


How you wear your tee is also up to you, but tied in the front or on the sides gives the look a fun edge. You can tuck it in, leave it untucked, or wear a cropped tee. For a chic look that will make you feel like a trendsetter, consider altering your tee — whether you choose to go sleeveless, show off a little cleavage with an immodesty window, or add some stylish cuts along the back, people will be asking how they can do that to their t-shirts.

Feel confident in a sporty look

When you're looking to get casual in your white denim, adopting a sporty look will give you an edge of confidence — you'll feel like you could grab up a racket and have the perfect swing or kick a soccer ball and always get the goal. Of course, you don't have to play a sport to make this look your own. We love that this Instagramer combined her white denim with a black and white striped top — it looks chic and relaxed all at once. This looks like a comfy combo to wear while shopping with friends or on that next cruise vacation.


While the tennis shoes make a perfect partner to this ensemble, we think a pair of canvas shoes would give this look a sailor feel (again, perfect for that cruise) — and that sounds fun too. If you want to recreate this look but aren't a fan of stripes, any polo shirt, even a solid one, will do. We suggest a darker color shirt to make those white pants look bright. Color up, and you'll look like you're about to head to an Ivy League polo game.

Try a cozy autumn look

This look would fit well with falling leaves and warm apple cider, but it's also a great combo for those cooler summer nights around the campfire. Ditch the hoodie for a nice lightweight jacket like this one. You can enjoy the great outdoors while being in style! Obviously, the turtleneck is more of an autumn and winter vibe, but you can pair this collection with any shirt style you want — consider a sleeveless top if you're going from a warm day to a cool evening.


You can just see the woman's toes peeking out from her long pants, which tells us this is definitely an outfit for days that don't have too much chill in the air. Like her, pair this chilly morning at the farmer's market look — when you know the weather will warm up before you're done perusing veggies — with some sandals that enhance the color of your jacket, or pair it with any other shoes in your closet that beg to be worn. We think this look is pretty versatile, especially regarding footwear. If you're wearing wider-legged pants, something dainty is the best choice, while a tighter leg would look great with more foot coverage.

Or a great grunge look

Grunge came back in style in 2022 and seems to be still going strong. If you want to get your grunge on and follow some other current style trends, we suggest you don some ripped white denim jeans over your black leggings and perhaps dig out that flannel shirt you've had sitting around since the late 80s when grunge just got its start.


In our example of pulling off the grunge look, the model pairs her white denim with a grunge-worthy cropped sleeveless top — that bare midriff look just screams, "I don't care what you think," and that is undoubtedly a grunge vibe. We definitely condone adding a fun color to your hair to pull this look off (or you can just walk around with the bedhead look, too — à la Kurt Cobain). The shades give this outfit a definite rockstar feel as well. We could easily see this young lady rocking out at a concert or hanging out backstage with the band. If you want to give off an attitude of self-confidence and not caring what others think of you, this is the look for you.

Wear them with boots

Whether you're wearing white denim jeans, shorts, or a skirt, cowboy boots make a great addition to your look. It says you're fun, but don't take any crap, either. You don't have to be heading out to a country concert or a barn party either — this look is fun for a casual night on the town, whether you're shopping or clubbing. Plus, if you're a country girl at heart, you can pull off cowboy boots with any outfit you choose. We love them for a fun summer look, a winter warmth look, and even fall looks that have you walking through the apple orchard and posing next to the changing leaves. Our point? Don't hold back.


You can go for a full-on cowgirl look with some slightly ripped jeans tucked into your boots and a cute button-down top (heck, why not throw on a cowboy hat, too?), or you can aim for more of a Daisy Duke look with some ripped denim short shorts and a cute frilly crop top. Cowboy boots also look great with loose-legged jeans as well — we love when that pointy toe peeps out.

They look sleek with pumps

We love this fresh, clean look that pairs a nice top or jacket with white denim jeans and some pumps. This is proof that you can pair your white pants with brighter colors if you want something fun and outspoken. It's really all about picking the right color combo and pattern — and the color of her jacket pops even more because of the white in the pants. But what we're digging here are her shoes. They're just as fun and flirty as the rest of the outfit.


If you want to pull off this look, we suggest pairing pumps that match one of the colors of your shirt if you don't have any white dress shoes. While this looks fabulous with the toes covered, open-toe pumps would amp up the summer look here. While we love white shoes, they're a pain to keep clean and scuff-free. If you opt for white, we suggest keeping a magic eraser in your vehicle or your purse for quick scuff removal to keep those shoes looking pristine.

And they pair well with sandals

If you don't want to wear pumps and you're looking for something easier to shop in but want something classier than tennis shoes, sandals are where you want to look. They'll keep your feet cool while offering a stylish note to your overall look (just leave the flip-flops for your bathing suit ensemble). And again, this example photo shows how fun and summery white denim can look with a brighter-colored top — while it's not as sophisticated as a darker color, it still looks chic and in style. It would be hard not to smile if you saw this young lady walk by in this bright outfit.


We love that she matched her purse with her shoes. It pulls the outfit together. Depending on your style and your pants — capris (or shorts) — some gladiator sandals would pull off the summery look. We like that the model chose brown sandals to go with her sunny outfit, as it keeps a natural feel to the look. She could be going to a picnic at the park, going on a date to the zoo, or meeting up with friends for a cocktail at a beach bar with this look.

White denim shorts keep you cool

With summer on our minds, you know we would give a shout-out to white denim shorts — we think white is the new black right now. Whether you go with a classic fit like these or something a little grungier, you can stay cool and look cool all summer long in white shorts. The model makes them look chic, pairing them with a dressy shirt, proof that shorts aren't just for a fun time at the beach or in the backyard. The right pair of shorts can be the perfect wardrobe item for a casual day at work or a dinner date. Of course, you want a pair of dressy shorts, like those shown, for any event that isn't super casual.


How to work the white denim shorts also ties into what you're putting on your feet. We already saw ripped jean shorts paired with cowboy boots. For a sporty look, reach for sporty shoes if you're wearing them with a tank or polo top. Pick a nice pair of sandals if you're going for classy or summer casual.

Remix the classic denim skirt for a little fun

We saved the classiest look for last, proving that jean skirts are much chicer than we remember them being in the '70s and '80s. There is just something delicate about the image of a white denim skirt, especially this one — the slightly-to-the-side slit gives it the look of a skirt you'd wear to a fancy event — but it's a jean skirt! You could switch up skirt lengths depending on the type of look you're going for — mini skirts for nights out, pencil skirts for the office, etc.


Our favorite thing about this particular outfit is the combination of a tube top and skirt — but we love that minty green color, too. For the model, the color of the top enhances her tattoos but also gives her a classy look that could go from fun on the beach to a fancy dinner without one change to the look. We think this outfit deserves some strappy sandals and a statement necklace.