One Step When You're Getting Ready Will Make Your Clothes Appear More Expensive

If you have ever wondered why you don't look put-together despite the price of what you're wearing, you should consider adding ironing into your getting-ready routine. An often overlooked step, making sure your clothes are crease free will instantly elevate your outfit.

"Regardless of the price tag, clothing in poor condition that is visibly pulled out of a drawer or marinating on your 'clothing chair' (we all have one) without being ironed, never looks good," Esther Kim, co-founder of Into The Night, told Byrdie.

It may feel a little time-consuming, but ironing your clothes will take your outfit from looking like it's straight from a thrift store to looking like it's from a designer store instead. This tip is especially key for when you're traveling, as your clothes will have been stuffed in a suitcase for a while. Staple fabrics like linen and cotton wrinkle very easily and can make you look unkempt. If where you're staying doesn't have an iron, think about packing a portable steamer. Though not as effective as an iron, a steamer will get out the worst of the wrinkles.

These tools will help, too

In addition to ironing, you might want to think about investing in a lint roller and a fabric shaver (also known as a depiller). 

A fabric shaver will help to keep your sweaters and other knitted items looking good as new, even if you've had them for several years. Clothes pilling and bobbling automatically make an item look old and like you haven't taken care of it, even if you have only worn it a couple of times. You can't use fabric shavers on all fabrics though — more delicate knits like cashmere may not react well to being shaved. It will usually say on the care label whether fabric shaving is okay.

A lint roller will have a similar effect in making your clothes more presentable. Black clothing is especially susceptible to gathering lint and other bits and pieces, which can make your clothes look less expensive overall. With a lint roller, you can keep your pants, tops, and dresses looking the way they did when you bought them. Plus, a lint roller is very easily transportable, so you won't have to worry about it adding bulk to your suitcase when traveling.

If in doubt, monochrome it out

If you are still worried about your clothing looking cheap, opt for a completely monochrome outfit. This doesn't have to be black or white, but rather one single color all the way through your outfit. Easy to style due to everything being one color, a monochrome outfit will leave you with an effortless and therefore expensive look, even if the pieces themselves didn't cost much.

Fun fashion accessories are also a great way to take an outfit to the next level. However, don't go and throw on every piece of jewelry you own, because the term accessories covers more ground than just necklaces. As stylist Noah Diaz shared with Byrdie, "You can't go wrong with a good purse. Whether you splurge on a new one, or find it at a secondhand shop, a bag can always elevate the look." A chic bag will turn your outfit from something you just threw into a thought-out look — black is always a good bet, particularly if it's made from leather. Even faux leather purses can look expensive, though it's best to shop in person to ensure the bag doesn't have the plasticky look vegan leather bags often do. With these tips, your clothes will appear more expensive to the eye at the cost of relatively little effort.