8 Micro-Bang Looks To Give Your Style Vintage Flair

Long bangs are having a bit of a moment. We see them all over Instagram and TikTok, with beauty influencers grabbing their Dyson Airwraps to show us how they perfectly curl, primp, and prep their bangs to achieve different looks. Long bangs are a pretty modern hair look though, so it's safe to say the style isn't for everyone. If you're more into a throwback vibe and have a penchant for vintage, the bangs for you may actually be micro-bangs, which finish at least a good couple of centimeters above the eyebrows.


We've seen micro-bangs make quite a few comebacks over the years, but they're probably most synonymous with the 1950s. Back then, it was one of the ultimate go-to hairstyles, which makes it a staple today for those looking to channel a little vintage flair through their hair. But what you may not realize is there are actually quite a few different ways that you can rock the micro-bang look, and each has its own unique style.

Bring back the Bettie bangs

If you want to go for a super vintage vibe, Bettie bangs might be for you. Named after the 1950s pin-up icon Bettie Page, this look is distinctive because of how short the blunt bangs are and the fact that they form a slight U shape over the forehead. This kind of bang will instantly give your look a throwback edge, and it's perfect for headscarves too if you want to take things one step further. 


If you're unsure though, you may not want to cut these bangs into your hair right away. It's not the easiest thing to change if you decide it's not for you after all. Particularly if you've never experimented with bangs before, we recommend starting with longer ones and then going gradually shorter once you know you're feeling the look. After all, this look is a big commitment and will limit the different styles you can achieve — but, damn, it is stunning!

Chop it off

If you don't want to go too harsh and blunt with your bang cut, try going choppy instead! Lara Bilyeu showed off her vintage-inspired look on social media, which consists of choppier bangs rather than the bold, sharp line we saw with looks like Bettie bangs. That makes this version of micro-bangs a little softer and, because of that, it's more universally flattering on a range of different face shapes.


The vintage element is still very much there but there's a little more you can do with this kind of look than if you had something a lot blunter. You can even style these bangs with a little side sweep to change things up, and, depending on how long your micro-bangs are (remember you need to have a fair gap between the bottom of your bangs and your brows!) you could potentially clip it back and keep it versatile.

Round it up

If you love the Bettie bang look but feel it may be a little too harsh or committal, you could try this more wearable version. This take on the classic look still has a vintage vibe, but with a modern twist, which means it's not quite as harsh. Plus, you don't have to commit to something quite so blunt, and it's more universally flattering on a wide range of face shapes. To achieve the volume, you'll probably want to invest in a round brush, or a round brush hot tool, while the good old Velcro (or heated!) roller is also ideal for getting this look. Just remember to have your micro-bangs cut slightly longer than you actually want, as you'll lose some of that length depending on the volume.


Instagram user @isabellesnotes obviously opted for a gorgeous pink hue here, but these rounded bangs could pretty much go with any length and color locks.

Take sides

Another way to style your micro-bangs and show off your vintage side is by literally picking sides with your 'do. Somewhat similar to the side-swept bangs that were oh-so-popular in the early 2010s (millennials will know exactly what we're talking about), this look is kind of like the 1950s version of the 2010 trend. As Instagram user Riley Ivory showed us, to achieve this look you'll need to pick a side of your forehead for your bangs, and then leave the other side bare. In this case, Ivory balanced out the look with a stunning red flower pin.


What gives this style an extra dose of throwback is the way it's curled under and towards the face, unlike the more modern way we see all over social media, which encourages curling the hair away from the face. For this, you'll want to ask your hairdresser for slightly longer bangs, which you can then put in a roller to create the vintage volume.

Believe in bumper bangs

Now this look is oh-so-vintage and oh-so-glamorous. Bumper bangs refer to bangs that have been tightly wrapped around what's known as a "rat" — but don't worry, there are no animals being hurt in the making of this hairstyle. The hair "rat" is just the term used to describe a tool, not too dissimilar to a hair donut for buns, that holds the style in place and gives you something to wrap the hair around to create a smooth effect.


One of the biggest pros of this look is that, if you have long locks, you probably won't actually need to cut your hair. Instead, you're kind of faking micro-bangs because you can pull longer bits of hair from the side of your face and wrap it in your hair rat to give the illusion of super short bangs. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy to do, too! Just make sure you have your hair rat (or something similar, as you can also use things like foam rollers) to hand, and check out the many bumper bangs tutorials that are floating around social media before you get started.

Kiss the curl

How adorable is this micro-bang look? Instagram user @katelynodiearlene showed off her gorgeous vintage flair with these curled bangs that take us back to a simpler time. To get a look like this, you'll probably want to invest in smaller rollers, heated or otherwise, depending on what you prefer.


To achieve this look, instead of using one big roller, roller brush, or roller brush heat attachment as we would for a more modern style, you'll want to put in at least three small curlers (two to either side and then one in the middle) to create different size curls and give your hair a little texture and volume. It's completely up to you how you do it, but one of the most flattering ways is to curl the hair away from the face at either side. Again, you'll want to start off with longer bangs and smaller curlers to ensure the finished product is a micro-bang, as anything longer will probably end up impacting your vision.

Point it out

If you're ready to go big or go home, you may want to give pointed bangs a try. Though it may look more modern here, this V-shaped take on bangs has actually been around for quite a long time. This retro look puts an edgy twist on vintage, but it's probably more wearable than you think, particularly if you're a fan of a headscarf, which looks super cute when paired with this 'do.


Candice Shaw showed off her version on Instagram and went for a bright blue, red, and yellow, to really show it off (she even matched her brows to her bold shade!), but this bang choice goes with hair of all shades and can be paired with a length of your choice. To stay in keeping with a more vintage style, we'd recommend sporting it with a short, blunt bob to frame the face or an updo.

Hop on the Hepburn bang train

Arguably, one of the most famous bang hairstyles of all time belongs to Audrey Hepburn. In the 1961 movie "Breakfast At Tiffany's," the actor rocked super short wispy bangs, which are a great choice to recreate if you're looking to adopt micro-bangs into your life. Kim Louise showed off her version of the look on Instagram, and it's actually more wearable than you think.


Although bangs famously don't have a lot of flexibility when it comes to different looks, this version is a little more adaptable. It allows you to change up things like where you want your part and how much hair you push to either side. Because it's not as severe as some other versions of micro-bangs, it's also more flattering on the face and doesn't take quite the same amount of maintenance as some of the other versions we've seen. One thing to remember, though, is that bangs do take a little more upkeep than a bang-less 'do, which could mean more frequent visits to the salon. But then there's always the chance to get proactive and save a few dollars by trimming your bangs yourself!