Why You Shouldn't Shy Away From A White Swimsuit This Summer

Swimsuit season is coming, and that means it's time to start thinking about your own swim collection. Whether you have plans to go to the beach or prefer hanging out at the pool with close friends, you're likely to see people wearing a large variety of swim attire wherever you go. In recent years, swimsuits have become much more of a fashion statement instead of just something to swim in, meaning that there are endless different colors and styles to choose from.

However, one swimsuit color you probably don't see as often is white, because white swimsuits have gathered a bad reputation in the past few years. There are a handful of myths surrounding white swimsuits, including that they cause embarrassing incidents due to being see-through, that they don't suit everybody, and that they are generally unflattering. However, as with all myths, some of the rumors about white swimsuits just aren't true. There are several reasons why you shouldn't avoid a white swimsuit this summer, and you can easily live out your beach-ready white swimsuit dream.

Quality is the most important factor for a white swimsuit

The main thing to remember about white swimsuits is that they should not be see-through. If you're at a store with a no-try-on policy for swimsuits, pull the swimsuit over your hand to see the level of opacity. If you can see more than a small amount of your skin, chances are the swimsuit will be even more translucent when it's on properly. Moreover, always check if it is lined. An unlined swimsuit runs the risk of becoming transparent when wet, even if it passed the stretch test.

The specific shade of white makes a difference, too

If you're worried that a white swimsuit will wash you out, think again. There are certain clothing colors that work best for your skin tone, and figuring out which shade of white suits you can make a big difference. Generally, bright white suits cool undertones best, whereas warm undertones look better with off-white. Those with neutral undertones can get away with all shades of white. However, if you feel best in a shade that isn't "meant" for you, wear it anyway — what's most important is confidence.

Everyone can look good in a white swimsuit

A lot of people also worry about white not being flattering for their body, but this simply isn't true. Speaking to Glamour, creative director of swimsuit company Everything but Water Sabra Krock revealed, "A flattering suit has more to do with the silhouette rather than the color," and we're inclined to agree. This rumor could partly be because black has long been viewed as a slimming color when compared to white, which is a hue that will naturally show your curves more. Either way, if you feel good, you're guaranteed to look good in a white swimsuit.

Consider what makes you feel most gorgeous

While the cut of a swimsuit is key, the best bathing suit for your body type is the one you feel most confident in. A white swimsuit can make you feel more exposed, so you might want to go for one that has extra detailing in an area you don't mind people looking at. This will also draw attention from an area you might not want to showcase. Or, just find a silhouette that covers any area you're concerned about, for instance, high-waisted bikini bottoms will help you not to worry about how your stomach looks if that's a concern of yours.

Try adding accessories if you feel insecure

Want to try out a white swimsuit but still not quite there with your confidence? We recommend layering a printed sarong or a beach cover-up over your swimsuit. If you don't want to wear extra clothing, raffia accessories will be everywhere this summer, and an oversized hat or cute platform sandals are ideal for wearing on your way to the pool area/beach. Even just one accessory will ensure the attention is on your look as a whole instead of just your swimsuit, which will then help to build up your confidence over time.