What Is Black Moon Lilith? Here's How To Harness Its Feminist Energy In 2023

At first encounter, the Black Moon Lilith in astrology can sound elusive, delicate, and perhaps even dangerous, all at once. And truth be told, this astrological placement stays true to these themes. Unlike the planets that we know and love in astrology, the Black Moon Lilith is not the name of another celestial body itself, nor is it the name of a point on the moon. Rather, on the track of the moon's elliptical orbit around the Earth, it represents the furthest point of that orbit, known as the moon's apogee. 

An apogee, being far from the Earth but still within orbit, can signify a certain push and pull aspect; in astrological terms, this could be a certain part of one's life that might be attainable, but feel isolated. This is what the Black Moon Lilith represents. The Black Moon Lilith is present, but hard to detect, like our subconscious minds; it is the potential energy that takes us further; and it is sometimes a part of ourselves that we feel compelled to hide, as it might not feel aligned with norms of an earthly and patriarchal society. The Black Moon Lilith is frequently associated with rebellious feminine energy, as the tale goes that Lilith, Adam's first wife, whom the Black Moon Lilith is named after, left the Garden of Eden when she refused to submit to him, though both were created from the same soil. Thus, the energy of the Black Moon Lilith is about both reclamation and freedom.

Depths of the Black Moon Lilith

Discovering where the Black Moon Lilith lands in your chart is the first step in identifying how its energy might manifest for you. Cafe Astrology even has a Black Moon Lilith calculator to check out. Of course, what "feminine" energy looks or feels like completely depends on your own interpretations and personal expressions of it; femininity is being constantly defined and re-defined across all genders, sexualities, cultures, and more. And while femininity is traditionally measured against whatever masculinity is not, in essence, such binary expectations are precisely what Black Moon Lilith energy fights against.

As such, Black Moon Lilith energy can reach deep, pushing us beyond the surface of who we are — or who we are expected to be –  and directing us toward our deepest needs and desires. At its core, Black Moon Lilith represents a part of us that has been wounded or repressed, thus giving this placement a somewhat dangerous reputation. But what, we ask, feels so dangerous about a woman recognizing (and acting upon) her own power? That it threatens to dismantle structures of violence, control, and oppression? The question then becomes this: What if the most wounded, alienated parts of who you are can become your greatest strengths? Reclaiming these aspects can be liberating.

How to harness Black Moon Lilith energy

Understanding your Black Moon Lilith is, at its core, an act of love — extending empathy to the parts of ourselves that a patriarchal society would otherwise prefer to remain disempowered. Harnessing the energy of your Black Moon Lilith is thus no easy task. Overcoming years — if not generations — of conditioned shame and oppression is a lifelong process. Often, astrologers talk about the Jungian concept of shadow work. Shadow work entails working toward first identifying the subconscious patterns, emotions, needs, and wants you have, then bringing them into the light, incorporating them into your whole being, rather than treating them as something to be separated. Shadow work might best apply when it comes to channeling Black Moon Lilith energy; naming our hurts can begin the healing process.

But while this Black Moon Lilith shadow work can be powerful, it can also bring up painful realizations in all aspects of your life. For example, you might feel ashamed that you have repressed your needs to please others for so long, or angry about the ways in which structures of violence have damaged your cultural heritage. Being enveloped in this pain is part of the process. And the more we turn away from it, the more we continue to turn away from our full beings and experiences. The Black Moon Lilith reminds us that we do have power in the face of forces that feel bigger than us. Claim it.