Ear Cuffs Are All The Edge Without The Commitment

When it comes to piercings, we love options for accessorizing. But, of course, we are limited to the number of piercings we have. Piercings have become synonymous with an alternative, edgy ethos, taking its roots from various subcultures that used piercings to explore identities such as gender and sexuality. Once seen as taboo, piercings have become far more commonplace, even becoming trends in and of themselves. Conch and faux-rook piercings, for example, are the hot spots for new earrings, per PopSugar. But as fun as piercings might be, getting them can be expensive, and the healing process can be time-consuming. Not to mention, piercings can be painful for some. For this reason, some have opted into the permanent jewelry craze, where you can simply wear your favorite jewelry all the time. But still others are looking for something with less commitment. 

This is where ear cuffs come in. Ear cuffs are the perfect way to ramp up your edgy look, without the cash and care that multiple new piercings could require. Evolved to suit multiple styles and aesthetics, ear cuffs are exceptionally versatile, and can be worn really in whatever way best suits your vision for your look. While ear cuffs are typically seen as complements to your actual piercings, we want to challenge that. What if your ear cuffs were just as much of a staple in your accessories as your regular jewelry? Here, we've found a few ideas to elevate your ears to next-level edge, all without the commitment.

Super chunky ear cuff

While we tend to think of ear cuffs as delicate additions to our earring sets, why not make one your main statement? This super chunky ear cuff from Urban Outfitters is a great way to wear big earrings without them pulling uncomfortably on your earlobes. Simply wrap them around the inside of your ear for a futuristic, modern look. We love the unconventional placement of this ear cuff, which looks as though it's a regular post earring. While bigger seems to be better for jewelry in 2023, and silver pieces take precedence over gold, this look both embodies several trends, and allows you to make it your own for less than $20.

Hanging hoop ear cuffs

These ear cuffs from Faris via SSENSE will make you look as though you're dripping in gold. Made of imperfect melded metal, these cuffs give way to a natural shape that can be worn with any outfit, dressed up or down. Jewelry that puts a modern twist on a classic silhouette shows both an appreciation for timeless looks, as well as a sense for the fashion-forward. We find these handcrafted earrings both delicate and bold. For those who might not have any ear piercings but want to wear trendy hoops, these cuffs could be your match. And for those who do have earlobe piercings, we appreciate that these cuffs entail no risk of tearing. Currently retailing for $110, these earrings are sure to give you years of chic.

Spiral ear cuff

When we think of cartilage ear cuffs, we often think of small, delicate hoops that cling to the ears haphazardly. This ear cuff from MAM completely defies that expectation by creating a spiral cuff to sit secured over the top of the ear. Futuristic to the core, these cuffs remind us of an orbiting planet or Saturn's rings; there is an essence both ethereal and out-of-this-world when it comes to this piece. Because hair might be quickly tangled in this cuff — and because you will definitely want to show it off — we recommend securing the hair behind the ears for maximum effect. Pairing this cuff with a cool, asymmetrical top or off-the-shoulder look will bring the attention to the orbital effects that this ear cuff conjures. This piece currently retails for $99. 

Flower power ear cuffs

For those looking for a funky way to accessorize beyond the classic silver and gold, these groovy flower ear cuffs are sure to brighten up both your face and your look. These flower cuffs are handmade and painted in Italy and currently retail for $110 each. The creator of the brand, Bea Bongiasca, has an offbeat aesthetic with products that are still easy to wear. Made in 13 different colors, the cuffs can be worn one at a time, or mixed and matched for a maximalist vibe. Even style icons such as Dua Lipa, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Doja Cat, Bella Hadid, and Gigi Hadid are supporters of the brand. Should you want to follow in their footsteps, these fun and fearless cuffs can get you started.

Hidden full ear cuff

For an understated piece with a super stylish edge, this ear cuff from Panconesi via SSENSE does both. Three glass crystals appear to float around the ear, mimicking single stud piercings. This is because the ear cuff is secured behind the ear to achieve this invisible effect; one crystal appears close to the daith, while the other two appear by the earlobe. We love that the design of this piece is simple but impactful — the chunky crystals balance the delicate sterling silver frame of the cuff, perfectly balancing both elements. This is another piece that can be dressed up to add a modern edge to a gown, or dressed down for a lowkey night out with friends. This piece is currently available for $130.