Are You Southern Enough To Finish ALL These Southern Phrases? Bet Not!

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Are you as Southern as you think you are?

Find out how Southern you really are by taking this quiz and filling in the blanks to the famous and classic Southern phrases.

 Jun 19, 2018
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Southerners have endless slang phrases and terms that Yankees just don’t get. One of the true tests of a Southerner is whether they can understand and remember all the phrases and sayings they’ve head around them all their lives. To see if you can make your family proud with your knowledge of Southern slang, take this fun and challenging quiz! Simply choose the correct word to fill in the blanks and finish the phrases to pass! Some of the unfinished phrases you will see in the quiz include “You are ________ up the wrong tree”, “Her skirt is so short that we can see _____”, “Slap your __”, “I'm snug as a _____ in a rug”, “That ________ just won't hunt”, “Your druthers is my _____”, “He's moving slower than __”, “Take your own _____ time”, “That happens every once in a ________ moon”, “In a month of _____”, “You're goin' to _____ in a hand basket”, “She is cute as a _____”, “I am wound _____ than a clock”, “We're like ________ on rice”, “He is ________ as a peacock”, “That argument just don't hold _____”, “I've known you since you were knee-high to a __”, “Yer getting too big for yer __”, “It is deader than a door __”, “Madder than a _____ hen”, “Don't get your feathers _____”, “Jerk a _____ in your tail”, “Like a ________ in a china shop” and “Stinks to high ________”. Take the quiz now and see if you can really call yourself a Southerner!