Quiz: If You Can Get 10/15 On This Test, You Must Have A 150 IQ

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How high is your IQ?

Take this test to see if your IQ is as high as you think it is by answering logical questions and solving problems.

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Ready to test your knowledge? Take this fun trivia quiz that will determine if your IQ is above 150. If you can answer all these tricky questions correctly, congrats! You have a genius IQ of over 150! These tricky questions are not for the feeble, you'll need some serious brainpower and concentration to get all of these questions right. This quiz will ask you a variety of questions, from riddles, to brainteasers, to general knowledge, to trivia. You will need to have an extremely well rounded knowledge base in order to get a perfect score on this nearly impossible quiz! If you have a few minutes, why not take this quiz and see if your brain is sharp enough to ace all these questions? We guarantee it'll be an excellent exercise for your brain and you'll be feeling smarter in 5 minutes or less! So what are you waiting for? Give your brain cells a quick work out by taking this simple quiz! If you enjoy yourself, check out our quizzes to play some more fun quizzes to test your knowledge!

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