Only A True Southerner Can Define These 25 Words In 2 Min Or Less. Can You?

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Reckon you can ace this quiz??

From Yankee to collards and everything in between, this fun trivia quiz covers everything you need to know about the south.

 Jun 16, 2018
1 of 25Define the word!
"Fixin' to" do something means...
About to
Making food
Making a drink
2 of 25Define the word!
"Pocketbook" is another way of saying...
3 of 25Define the word!
A "Po'Boy" is a...
4 of 25Define the word!
"Collards" refers to...
a vegetable
a group of people
a sandwich
5 of 25Define the word!
What does "darn tootin'" mean?
6 of 25Define the word!
If you have a "hankering" you...
have a song stuck in your head
are annoyed by something
are craving something
7 of 25Define the word!
What are "Britches"?
Mean people
8 of 25Define the word!
"Hush puppies" are a southern delicacy made of...
fried green beans
leafy green vegetables
fried cornmeal
9 of 25Define the word!
If something is "cattywampus" it is...
10 of 25Define the word!
If you "reckon" something, that means you...
11 of 25Define the word!
When you "skedaddle" you...
12 of 25Define the word!
Exclaiming, "tarnation" is an expression of...
13 of 25Define the word!
If something is described as "yonder" you are referring to its...
14 of 25Define the word!
If everything is "Hunkey Dorey", everything is...
falling apart
far away
15 of 25Define the word!
A "Yankee" is someone...
from the North
who is drunk
with red hair
16 of 25Define the word!
What's a "crawdaddy"?
a new father
a crawfish
a mean person
17 of 25Define the word!
How would you describe someone who has "gumption"?
a craving for seafood
18 of 25Define the word!
What's a "skeeter"
a skater
a mosquito
a thief
19 of 25Define the word!
What does "lickety split" mean?
very fast
far away
20 of 25Define the word!
What's a "lightning bug"?
someone who likes storms
a raincoat
a firefly
21 of 25Define the word!
A "buggy" is another word for a....
a small insect
shopping cart
small car
22 of 25Define the word!
A "hissy fit" is a...
a fight with a sibling
a square dancing outfit
23 of 25Define the word!
A "poke" is another word for...
a bag
a friend
a dog
24 of 25Define the word!
Which of the following describes a "humdinger"?
a hamburger
a hummingbird
a funny story
25 of 25Define the word!
What is "supper"?
a way of saying "whats up"
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