Quiz: Only A Real Hawkeye Could Ace This Iowa Quiz, Can You?

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Are you a Hawkeye?

Take this fun women.com quiz if you're from Iowa to see if you're a true Iowan Hawkeye and know all about Iowa slang, food, and culture.

 Jul 30, 2018
1 of 18Complete the sentence!
You can find statues made of butter at __________.
The Iowa Army Reserves
The Iowa State Fair
The Iowa State Football Games
2 of 18Complete the sentence!
Des Moines’ amusement park is called _________.
Pillsbury Farms
3 of 18Choose your answer!
Iowans are crazy about what type of ice cream?
Blue Bunny
4 of 18Choose your answer!
In the midwest, Ohio is the buckeye state, Idaho is the potato state, and Iowa:
is the corn state
soda state
is the city state
5 of 18Choose your answer!
What's a Scotcheroo made up of?
Scotch and Soda
Chocolate, Peanut butter, and Rice Crispies.
Chocolate chip cookies with frosting.
6 of 18Fill in the blank!
"RAGBRAI" is actually a ________________.
triathlon held in Iowa
nickname for people from outside of Iowa
bike race across Iowa
7 of 18Fill in the blank!
The Iowa Hawkeyes and The Iowa State _________ are the biggest football rivalry in Iowa.
8 of 18Choose your answer!
What animal outnumbers people in Iowa?
9 of 18Fill in the blank!
Hy-Vee, one of Iowa's most popular grocery stores, has the slogan “a helpful smile____
for every child."
In every aisle."
for every mile."
10 of 18Choose your answer!
Iowa is known for which of these foods?
Shrimp Scampi
Pork Tenderloin
Mai Tai
11 of 18Choose your answer!
What's a MaidRite?
A loose-meat sandwhich
A lemonade
A loaded turkey sub on french bread
12 of 18Fill in the blank!
You prefer to call a casserole a _________.
hot dish
brown betty
13 of 18Choose your answer!
Field corn isn't grown for people to eat, its grown:
To feed livestock
To protect privacy
To test the soil
14 of 18Choose your answer!
When you see a car with one headlight burnt out, you yell:
15 of 18Choose your answer!
You know you can get a butterburger and concrete form which fast food chain?
Burger King
16 of 18Choose your answer!
Giving someone "the finger wave" on the road is an expression for:
Picking your nose while driving.
A friendly wave you give another person on the road while driving.
Playing patty-cake while driving.
17 of 18Choose your answer!
What cherry-flavored nougat based candy bar was created in Sioux City, Iowa?
Mars Bars
Three Musketeers
Twin Bings
18 of 18Choose your answer!
Iowans have a pretty old rivalry with this neighboring state:
The Nebraska Huskers
The Illinois Wildcats
The Minnesota Vikings
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Iowa is definitely known for corn and...well, not much else, but there's so much more rich culture to this state than it gets credit for! Anyone from Iowa knows that theres a deep sense of community that can't be matched anywhere else. There's something inherently special about being a Hawkeye that brings people together, even if they aren't sports fans.