Jody Braverman

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Atlanta, GA
University Of Maryland
Foodie Experiences, Creating New Recipes, Healthy Cooking
  • A seasoned world traveler, Jody has a particular interest in global cuisines.
  • She considers herself a "sustainable foodie," with an emphasis on healthy, plant-based, locally grown foods. She loves to shop farmers markets and belongs to a CSA (community supported agriculture).
  • She can't live without espresso, dark chocolate, and sriracha sauce.


Jody Braverman is a seasoned journalist and editor with 20+ years of experience creating high-quality content for a range of print and online publications. She has written for, Dr. Oz, ShareCare, Health Digest, GoodRx, and more. She maintains several accredited certifications in fitness, nutrition, and yoga, and specializes in lifestyle content, including health & fitness, food, travel and mental health.


Jody Braverman received a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Maryland. She minored in journalism and communications.

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