Why Legalizing Sex Work Is A Feminist Issue

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Anna Sudit

Why you should be pro-prostitution.

The oldest profession is still one of the most controversial. While prostitution has been around for forever, the debate surrounding its morality and legality is still going strong in the year 2016.

Like it or not, sex work is actually a human rights issue — and as a female-dominated industry, it's especially a feminist political issue.

We're counting down the top 5 reasons why sex work should be legalized.

1. It would give women the right to do the job they want.


Every woman deserves to choose the job that's right for her. Just like any other profession, many women choose to be sex workers because they enjoy it, while others want the financial security that can come with it. Others might be between jobs and in need of a temporary job with stable income to tide them over. No matter what the reason or situation, women should be allowed to make their own career decisions, regardless of whether a third party disapproves of her line of work.

2. It would keep women safe from workplace violence.


By legalizing the sex industry, it would help eliminate the violent and unhealthy conditions that occurs in backroom brothels and on the street. In counties where sex work has been decriminalized or legalized, the police can be called to help out during disputes and sex workers do not have to engage in risky, unregulated behaviors. Giving sex workers and their clients a safe and sanitary workplace benefits everyone involved.

3. It would prevent women from being exploited by the industry.


Due to the black market status of the prostitution industry, pimps, madams, and others in positions of power have the opportunity to exploit sex workers who are desperate for money by taking unfair cuts out of their earnings. Legalizing the industry would guarantee all sex workers fair wages and provide the opportunity for other benefits.

4. It would help women who are victims of human trafficking.


With law enforcement busy raiding brothels and arresting sex workers, they are wasting their resources on victimless crime rather than focusing their efforts on tracking down victims of human trafficking who are not consenting to the sex work they have been forced into. By eliminating prostitution on the streets and in clandestine locations, this would help law enforcement more easily recognize and rescue actual victims of sex trafficking.

5. It would provide women with the free will they deserve.


Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of free will. Consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want with whomever they want as long as their are not harming anyone or committing any real crimes. The government should not be involved in regulating morality just because some people do not like the idea of sex work. If you don't like prostitution, don't become one and don't hire one. That is your choice. But don't tell someone else that they don't have the same choice in the matter.

It's time for society to put itself in the pointy stilettos of sex workers and have a little empathy.

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