This Pay Gap Calculator Will Make You Hate Dave In Accounting Even More

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Another day, another 79 cents.

The gender wage gap is just one of the many discriminatory costs society places on women. On Equal Pay Day, it's important to bring this issue to center stage and fight for women's rights to equality in the workplace.

When you actually look at the numbers, the disparity between the average salaries of men and women for the same work is eye-opening, to say the least. Omni has created a Gender Wage Gap Calculator based on the country you live in so you can visualize just how much less you are making than Dave in Accounting.

Let's say you're an American woman who makes the U.S. median salary of $30,000 per year in personal income. If you were a man, you would be making $36,630. Looking at it from a different perspective, you work for free until March 8 (the first 66 days of the year).

Check out the pay gap calculator here!