Blue Makeup Is Our Favorite Beauty Inspo For Summer 2024

Try not to panic when we say this, but blue makeup is officially back. The return of the dramatic look seems to be part of a revival happening with '90s style makeup trends, which includes brown lipstick and thin eyebrows. We've already seen the likes of massive trendsetters like Dua Lipa and Sabrina Carpenter incorporate different shades of the cool tone into their makeup this year, so it's hard to deny the resurgence of the colored cosmetic.


Now, if this news is giving you scary flashbacks to the frosted eye makeup of the 1990s and early 2000s, you're not alone. For those who weren't around back then, let's just say those days without online beauty tutorials were rough. Thankfully, though, in 2024, we're much more knowledgeable about how to work this primary color onto our faces, paying mind to what's most flattering to our individual skin tones.

While eyeshadow is still leading the charge when it comes to blue's rising popularity, there are several fun ways to bring the hue to your look as we get ready to enjoy the summer sun. After all, the eyes shouldn't get all the fun. But to make sure we all know how to do blue makeup the right way this time around, we've rounded up the very best ways to bring the primary color into your summer makeup.


Don't shy away from shimmer when it comes to blue eyeshadow

As you may, or may not, have expected, the hottest blue-inspired makeup trend for summer 2024 is blue eyeshadow, and the best way to wear it is with full on shimmer. So that means leaving the matte blue shadow in the draw. At least for now.


We get it, you may be reluctant to reach for the blue shimmer shadows of yesteryear, but this trend comes with a stamp of approval from Chanel makeup artist, Anna Payne. So you know it's hot. Payne gave her best tips on how to pull off the look to Elle U.K., recommending, "Apply a denim hued blue shadow to the lid and crease, blending it out towards the outer corner of the eye." She added, "Then, apply a shimmering silver or white accent to the inner lid for the ultimate 2000s shimmer." The most important thing? Don't be afraid! Because chances are that blue is your color. As makeup artist Jo Baker told InStyle, blue shadows can work on a wide range of different skin tones.

A blue eyeliner can be easy to pull off

Blue eyeliner first started having a moment in spring 2024, and it looks like it'll be sticking around for the summer as well. This eye brightening look is a great way to get blue into your makeup if you're not into the idea of covering your entire lid with shimmery blue eyeshadow. Plus, it's already a favorite look for a number of celebrities, including Taylor Swift and former "Pretty Little Liars" star Shay Mitchell. 


The key to the look, of course, is finding a shade that makes your eyes pop. Makeup artist Patrick Ta (who tried the look on Mitchell) recommended to People going with a darker blue, such as a navy. He also noted that you don't actually need blue liner to try the look; using a thin brush to apply blue shadow to the lash line can achieve a diffused, softer look. Because the liner color is so loud, it's best to keep the rest of the lid neutral. On Mitchell, Ta used a brown shadow for a more blended, less dramatic effect.

How you do blue liner is totally up to you and the overall look you want. If you want something more out there, try an electric blue liquid liner with a strong wing and no blend. If you prefer something more understated, a smudgy blue liner across both lash lines is the way to go.


Knight blue is the hot lip color for 2024

Knight blue has been tipped as one of the hottest makeup shades for 2024 – and that's no different when it comes to our lips. This one's pretty out there, so you'll need some confidence to pull it off, but it's so worth it. Knight blue is essentially a deep, rich shade similar to royal blue and even electric blue, so we can't exactly say it won't be a dramatic change to your lips. One thing you can do though to feel more comfortable wearing such a bold shade is try the ombre lip look and put a slightly lighter shade in the center. This will give your looks extra dimension over a flat, one note shade.


Not feeling bright blue lipstick, though? That's cool. One way to get on this trend without having to be quite so dramatic is to try a lip product with a blue tint rather than it being full on blue. That could include a lip gloss or lipstick with subtle blue sparkles. To find the one for you, focus on cool-toned lip products, as they're the most likely to have blue undertones.

Blue highlighter can work, too!

Another way to get in on the blue makeup trend and keep things a little more natural looking is to try blue highlighter. Highlighter may have fallen out of favour a little in recent years, but that's just made way for a new trend. The hidden highlighter trend. And that's a great way to wear the look in summer 2024. Opt for a highlighter with a blue undertone and/or a subtle hint of blue shimmer as this will be perfect for the hidden highlighter look that's also trending for summer.


If you're unfamiliar with the hidden highlighter trend, it essentially involves a more subtle highlighter glow than we saw a few years ago where we were blinding people on the street with our glow. For this, try grabbing a blue-tinged product that will only show as a somewhat faint blue shine once it hits the light. That way, you're getting the blue look that's hot for summer, but it's still only giving you a soft, diffused glow.

Try blue lashes for an on-trend twist on the classic

You may have heard that colorful lashes are trendy for 2024, and, right now, there's obviously nothing hotter than blue. One of the easiest ways to jump on this trend train is to get your hands on faux blue lashes. You could try super over the top strip lashes or simpler individual lashes, but either way, this is a quick and easy way to show off your love for the look in a dramatic way.


Of course, there's also colored mascara to add some color to your eyes. If you're no fan of falsies or just want something that's not quite so glam (or potentially damaging to your natural lashes), coat your lashes in blue mascara for a colorful twist on maximalist makeup. A darker blue tends to look best here and blue mascara can also have big benefits. It can make the whites of your eyes look whiter, making your peepers appear brighter, and it can really bring out blue eyes too!