The Cancer Celebrities Who Perfectly Embody Their Zodiac Sign

If there's one thing to know about cancers, it's their sensitive and empathetic nature. This zodiac sign includes some of the kindest people out there, who can't help but offer care and comfort to those they love. Equally, though, a cancer is not afraid to fight back and show you their pincer grip when they need to, hence why the crab that represents this water sign. That's because Cancers tend to feel their emotions very deeply — that goes for the good and the bad. "They live and die by their emotions. They feel things deeply, for themselves, but mostly for others," psychic expert and astrologer Inbaal Honigman, explained to Hola!.


It turns out that just like many Pisces celebrities, famous folks born under the sign cancer are well known for exhibiting the placement's typical personality traits. They demonstrate everything from Cancer's deep love for family and a safe home environment, to the sign's impressive spiritual abilities and capacity to tap into emotional energies others may not even understand.

Khloe Kardashian is a super caring homebody

Just like the crab that represents them, Cancers sometimes have a tough outer shell. And as "The Kardashians"  fans will know, famous Cancerian Khloe Kardashian has been known to put up a hard front in certain situations to avoid getting hurt. But, as she's shown time and time again, underneath that hardened Cancer shell are some of the kindest traits once you get to know her.


Kardashian, a June 27 baby who's slightly better at communication than some of her fellow Cancers, is also extremely family and home orientated. "I could stay at home all day. I have to MAKE myself go socialize," Kardashian admitted to People in 2020. "I'm such a Cancer and I get so comfortable. I have a beautiful house and everything I need, so I don't have to leave!" Not only that, but many Cancers are expert caregivers, and Kardashian has proven time and time again how great of a mother and caretaker she is. She even took in her ex Tristan Thompson and his brother, who is disabled, after the death of their mom and a tragic accident made Thompson's home unliveable. "I just think this is what family does when s**t hits the fan. All you have is your family, and Tristan and I are family and we're going to be family for the rest of our lives," Kardashian explained on "The Kardashians" (via People).


Mindy Kaling demonstrates the spiritual capabilities of Cancers

Born on June 24, Mindy Kaling demonstrates the Cancer ability to feel energies and almost transcend the reality we're living in. There are many Cancers who are believed to have a special connection to the spiritual, which can even sometimes even manifest itself in psychic abilities. Kaling opened up about her link to a potential other realm herself, explaining during a 2018 interview that she still feels a connection to her mom after her passing. "I have been surprised at how my relationship with her has continued even though she's not here," Kaling shared during an episode of Oprah Winfrey's "Super Soul Sunday" (via E! News).


Cancers are also famous for their impeccable intuition skills, which is something else Kaling touched on during the interview. She explained that she had to work hard to get her show "The Mindy Project" picked up by a TV network, but she knew she had to press on and keep tyring to sell it. Then, following her mom's death, the series was almost instantly picked up. "It was as though when she passed away, there was something she was able to help me [with] in another way. It was within the hour, actually," she recalled. Cancers also have a lot of emotional intelligence, which we think Kaling has in spades.

Ariana Grande shows how Cancers can pinch

Ariana Grande perfectly showcases why you don't want to upset a Cancer — because they can give a nasty pinch if they feel threatened! Grande has shows off the sassy side of her zodiac sign on multiple occasions, dropping bold and audacious tracks such as "thank u, next" and "Yes, And?" She's also the queen of the clapback on social media, using her sharp pincers to snap at anyone who dares try to spread negativity. Back in 2018, for example, she tweeted and then deleted an epic clap back after a social media user dared make fun of her forehead. "Also I see some of y'all making fun of my forehead ! sorry I have a big forehead ! at least I'm cute and don't make fun of other ppl's foreheads ! suck my d**k," she responded in a since deleted tweet (via Metro). Snippy!


Grande — who we could totally see getting a Cancer tattoo — has also revealed how she relates to her zodiac sign (and then some) when it comes to love. Back in 2019, the star, who was born on June 23, joked about how she was a bit of a needy Cancer in her relationships. She commented on a post on Instagram from Co-Star Astrology which claimed Cancers need "sympathetic head nodding." Grande then jokingly commented on the upload, per Comments By Celebs, "My cancer a** need a lil more than a head nod i promise."

Selena Gomez knows the importance of self-protection

Another famous Cancer who perfectly embodies the zodiac sign is none other than Selena Gomez. This star born on July 22 and demonstrates how Cancers can be self-protective and sometimes need to step back into their hard shell for a moment. One of the ways Gomez has done that is by taking regular social media breaks when she feels she needs them to protect her mental health. Speaking at the TIME100 Summit in April 2024, she shared, "I took four years off of Instagram, and I let my team post for me for those years. I felt like it was the most rewarding gift I gave myself."


She also shared during the panel how she inhabits the Cancer trait of getting snippy, especially for those they love and want to protect. Revealing how she feels about social media since she returned to it, she explained, "I find it frustrating and then I get a little mouthy, and I want to defend people I love." And that's the Cancer's ability for great compassion and need to care for those around them. We also see that super caring side of them via Gomez's philanthropic efforts, including her work as a UNICEF ambassador. Let's not forget that Gomez also designed her Rare Beauty makeup line to be easy to open, as she had those with different abilities in mind. 

Solange Knowles is another Cancer with a close connection to the spiritual world

Also representing Cancers' intuition and link to the spiritual realm is Solange Knowles. This star revealed on Instagram back in 2021 that she experienced something very special during a scary health issue and believes she spoke to God. "With depleting health and broken spirits asking God to send me a sign I would not only survive, but that if he let me make it out alive, I would step into the light whatever that meant. He begin speaking to me. Half the time I didn't know where it was coming from. I only knew I had to open the door and honor it," she wrote on the social media site.


We also know that Knowles will go to bat for the people she loves and wants to protect, demonstrating a Cancer's love for their family. How could we forget when the "Don't Touch My Hair" singer went to bar for her sister Beyoncé in that infamous elevator fight with Jay-Z? Though we'd never condone violence of any kind, a source explained to People at the time that Knowles (who was born on June 24) hit back because she's cares so deeply for her only sibling. "Solange is super protective of Beyoncé," they explained. And we know Cancers in particular are very caring when it comes to those they love... even to the point it can become a little controlling.