5 Celebrity Fashion & Beauty Brands Embracing Pride 2024

Every year as June rolls around, we love to see big celebrity brands putting their money where their mouth is for Pride month. We've already seen several big-name celebs speak out in celebration of Pride 2024, including the often outspoken LGBTQ+ ally Taylor Swift who wished her fans a "Happy Pride Month" during her "Eras Tour" stop in Lyon, France. Mariah Carey has also extended her love, posing with a rainbow Pride flag (with her picture on it, of course, darling!) on Instagram, as she launched her own range of flamboyant Pride merch. But what are her fellow celebrities with fashion and beauty brands doing to acknowledge and support the community?


Well, from the likes of the late iconic LGBTQ+ ally Elizabeth Taylor to our modern LGBTQ+ supporter Lizzo, there's a range of stars who are using their voices and the reach of their brands to spread the message of equality, love, and acceptance. And this is how they're doing it.

Patrick Starr's One/Size has been flying the flag (literally) for Pride month

Makeup artist Patrick Starr found success teaching his tips and tricks to us mere mortals on YouTube and social media. He went on to launch his own makeup brand One/Size in 2020, and he certainly hasn't shied away from sharing his Pride via the brand since then. And we love to see it. For 2024, One/Size went all out when it came to supporting the LGBTQ+ community, including taking part in West Hollywood's WeHo Pride Parade where the brand gave out beauty goodies to other attendees.


In a post shared to One/Size's Instagram on June 3, Starr could be seen dressed in a red marching band uniform that matched their float while flashing a big smile. "Feeling all the love during #PRIDE," Starr captioned the upload on the beauty brand's page. "Thank you to everyone who came out today to support and spread the love! We will continue to spread kindness and be the voice for the unseen and the unheard! Makeup is a ONE/SIZE fits all!" The account has also shared several other uploads celebrating Pride this June, including uploading a video in which the brand asked its employees what Pride means to them.

Elizabeth Taylor's House of Taylor created a 2024 Pride T-Shirt

More than a decade after her passing in 2011, Elizabeth Taylor's family is keeping her loving legacy alive by celebrating Pride 2024. The late LGBTQ+ community ally's company, House of Taylor, has launched a Pride T-shirt to celebrate the super important month. The white tee, which is exclusively available via House of Taylor's official store, features Elizabeth Taylor's name on the front in rainbow letters and one of her most iconic quotes written on the back. "There is no gay agenda, it's a human agenda," it reads. 


Not only is the top super stylish, but wearing one is also a great and easy way to give back to the community. Proceeds of each sale of the $35 t-shirt will be donated to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which aims to raise HIV and AIDS awareness. Taylor was a staunch campaigner for the cause during her life, even hosting a dinner to raise funds for LGBTQ+ non-profit APLA Health in 1985, which raised a whopping $1.3 million.

Trixie Mattel launched a Pride 2024 tee, too!

Drag superstar Trixie Mattel has also launched a Pride t-shirt for 2024, which the reality star is selling through her successful makeup brand, Trixie Cosmetics. The flamboyant pink t-shirt features the Trixie Cosmetics logo and "extra fruity" on the breast and the words "Queer all year" written across the back. Just like Elizabeth Taylor's version, sales of this T-shirt are also doing a whole lot of good for the community. For each one sold, Trixie Cosmetics is donating $20 to an LGBTQ+ charity, which can be chosen by the customer at the checkout. At the time of writing Mattel's Pride 2024 top had already raised over an impressive $13,000 for LGBTQ+ non-profits.


Mattel proudly showed off the limited edition t-shirt in a video posted to the cosmetic brand's Instagram. "At Trixie Cosmetics, Pride month is just another month," the former "RuPaul's Drag Race" star joked in the clip, noting how the brand aligns with the LGBTQ+ community all year round. And Trixie Cosmetics is just one of many brands regularly showing its support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Hayley Williams' Good Dye Young has been sharing LGBTQ+ stories and rainbow hair transformations

Paramore singer Hayley Williams has her own line of hair dyes (including a range of permanent and semi-permanent options) called Good Dye Young and the company took the time in June to put the spotlight on LGBTQ+ stories. In an Instagram post on June 2, William's co-founder Brian O'Connor touchingly opened up about his sexuality and how the brand's rainbow theme was inspired by the LGBTQ+ community. "Vivid color has always been a way for me to come to terms with who I am and being enough," he shared. "Using colors made me come full circle with who I was and to help knock off that shame." In the caption, the brand then vowed to continue to be an ally, writing, "Here's to continuing to champion the LGBTQIA+ community to live vibrantly, experiment safely, and express yourself confidently."


Also in celebration of the important month, Good Dye Young showed off a stunning rainbow hair dye transformation on Instagram. "New month, new hair, who dis?" the caption read, alongside a rainbow emoji.

Lizzo has been representing Pride with Yitty

Lizzo is another star using her power for good by celebrating Pride. On June 3, Lizzo shared photos to Instagram of herself celebrating the LGBTQ+ community as she attended WeHo Pride. She rocked a rainbow-colored two-piece from her Yitty clothing line and tagged the brand in her upload. "WEHO PRIDE TODAY," she wrote in the caption in all caps. "SO MUCH LOVE & HUGS[.] IF I SEEN YA I LOVE YA." She then went on to share another upload from the event on June 4, that time posting a video confirming she was representing Yitty at the annual gathering.


As for how Yitty as a whole is celebrating Pride this year? The company has a Pride collection available on its website. The range includes the same rainbow co-ord Lizzo was rocking during the parade as well as a white hoodie with the words "Self love is radical" written in rainbow letters. Also in the collection? A Pride flag pin (one of the many flags representing the community) and Yitty tees with the logo written in rainbow colors. Just remember though, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Pride even if you're not comfortable being out or wearing bright colors.