The Trailer For It Ends With Us Is Out, And Book Fans Are All Saying The Same Thing

After what has felt like the longest wait ever, the trailer for the movie version of "It Ends With Us" has finally dropped. Based on the Colleen Hoover novel, the movie stars Met Gala queen Blake Lively and Justin Baldoni as couple Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid, while Brandon Sklenar plays Lily's ex Atlas Corrigan. And fans have had a lot to say about this casting. 


Anyone who's familiar with the book will know the characters are written a lot younger than they appear to be in the movie. They'll also know the original romance contains a more significant age gap (which there's nothing wrong with when consensual). Lively is 35, though Lily is only supposed to be 23 at the start of the book. Ryle is written as 30, but Baldoni is actually 40. This change has left some fans annoyed ever since the casting decision was first announced in 2023. "I just can't let the age problem go. It would've been so much better with 20-something actors. The Atlas actor's voice is way too deep for me," wrote one X user wrote after seeing the trailer. Another fan explained, "Anyone who actually has read the book will understand that we all needed a younger cast. Don't get me wrong Blake Lively is a really good actress but this wasn't the 'Lily Bloom' I was expecting to see." 


But it seems like Hoover isn't too worried about the backlash. "She is absolutely perfect for the role," the author told Entertainment Tonight of Lively's casting. "She knocked it out of the park."

Some fans have concerns over Justin Baldoni's casting as a domestic abuser

However, because of the disturbing domestic violence storyline that plays out in the book and movie, others had concerns about the way such a serious subject is portrayed. One X user pointed out that Justin Baldoni's casting in the role of Lily Bloom's abusive partner Ryle Kinkaid raised its own questions. "So her white childhood sweetheart gonna save her from her violent vaguely ethnic looking boyfriend," one person questioned alongside the trailer. Baldoni is from a Jewish-Italian family. Others shared their opinion that Baldoni may have been better cast as his Ryle's love rival, Atlas, who tries to free Lily from her abusive relationship. Another voiced their concern over the way some viewers will likely still romanticize Ryle, despite his serious domestic abuse against Lily, because of Baldoni's casting. 


Baldoni, though, serves as the movie's director as well as the star, and has suggested he took on the project as a way of raising awareness of domestic violence situations. "I think what comes from the heart hits the heart and that's what kept me going throughout this whole process, knowing that we're working on something special that has the potential to impact millions of lives," he told Entertainment Tonight following the release of the trailer. If done the right way, the movie certainly has the potential to educate people on how to support a loved on in a toxic relationship.

Not everyone was so critical of the It Ends With Us trailer

Despite there being some backlash, not all responses to the "It Ends With Us" trailer were negative. Some X users made it clear they were looking forward to seeing the movie, and for a few different reasons. Many Swifties were taken in by the trailer using Blake Lively's bestie Taylor Swift's emotionally raw song "My Tears Ricochet" to demonstrate the emotional turmoil at play. "'It Ends With Us' trailer is insane i'm so excited. Was not expecting 'my tears ricochet' to start playing but oh my days it works so well," one user shared.


Others even wrote on the social media site that seeing the trailer made them want to pick up Colleen Hoover's book and see why everyone is talking about this story. "Based on this trailer this might just be a really nuanced or at least interesting take on domestic violence and how to get out of it?" one fan tweeted. "I've been led to believe Colleen was romanticizing violence but this doesn't seem like it."

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.