The Benefits Of Using A Clarifying Shampoo On Curly Hair, Explained

You've probably heard of clarifying shampoo before, but you might not have a lot of clarity (pun intended) on what it actually does for the hair. Particularly when it comes to curly hair, does it really have any benefits? Well, we're breaking down all you need to know about how clarifying shampoo can help curly-haired beauties, so you can have the absolute best hair of your life.


Let's start with the basics of clarifying shampoo. Essentially, a clarifying shampoo is designed specifically to get rid of a buildup in our hair. That can be anything from too much product that's not been washed away, to the pollutants that cling to our strands. Think of it as a deep cleanser to give your hair a fresh start, banishing all the bad stuff that's stopping your hair from reaching its full potential. Not only can it help the health of your hair, but clarifying shampoos can also work as a detox for your scalp. That's because it can help to rid it of things like excess sebum that builds up and makes your locks look greasy and dull.

Clarifying shampoo can really improve the look and health of curly hair

So, what are the main benefits of using a clarifying shampoo on curly locks? There are quite a few. You may find it's time to use one if you've been noticing your hair and scalp just aren't at their best. If you have an itchy scalp, dry hair, limp locks that feel weighed down, hair that doesn't feel or look any cleaner after washing, or an increasing lack of curl definition (aka frizzy), then clarifying shampoo can potentially help with all of these issues by essentially resetting your hair and scalp. It can also help in situations where you feel your regular shampoo isn't quite doing its job anymore by stripping away any shampoo buildup and allowing it to work properly again.


To keep your hair and scalp at their best though, try getting a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo. That's because sulfates can sometimes contribute to the hair feeling waxy, which may still make it look greasy and weighed down. Not what you want when you're trying to keep your curls voluminous and defined. A gentle version may be best for those clarifying for the first few times, while clarifying shampoos specifically designed for curly hair are also good for keeping your curls in order. Products specifically designed for curly hair may provide that extra bit of moisture your locks need, which may not be in a product aimed at other hair types.

Use clarifying shampoo carefully and sparingly

Though clarifying shampoo does have several benefits and can be a holy grail product for anyone struggling to keep their curls looking their best, you still need to be careful. One way you can do that is by not overusing it. If you over-clarify your hair, instead of benefits, you may find it ends up leaving your hair dry and frizzy because it's too harsh and has stripped your locks of moisture by removing natural oils. To prevent that, Sharley Viola, Curlsmith's lead educator and textured hair specialist, recommended only using a clarifying shampoo every three to five washes. How often you should clarify won't be affected by how curly your hair is, but it will be determined by how many products you use. If you need a lot of product to keep your curls at their best, you may need to clarify more often than someone who uses fewer products to remove excess from the hair and scalp.


A few other things to remember before reaching for a clarifying shampoo? Make sure you're doing it before you get your hair colored, as hairstylist and curl specialist Laurie Cain told The Holistic Enchilada about how it could dull your color. Remember, finding the clarifying shampoo and routine for you may take some trial and error, so it may take a few different products and a change in wash frequency until you find what works for you.