Here's What Went Down With HairyGrabster After Shark Tank

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Patty Watne and Andy Watne are the couple behind the HairyGrabster — a product designed to stick on the wall to collect hair that falls from the head while showering, to prevent it from going down the drain or sticking to the walls. If you've ever been a part of the stick-the-loose-hairs-on-the-shower-wall gang, you'll understand. Patty explained that the two decided they needed to do something after seeing all the hair their daughter had lost while showering — which ended up on the tiles. "We wanted something to keep the walls cleaner and to keep hair from going down the drain," she told the Chicago Tribune.

After coming up with the product and getting it into production, Patty recalled to Patch that they began selling the item in local salons, as well as via Amazon and Walmart in 2019. But things slowed when the Coronavirus pandemic hit a few months later. "I had started taking samples to salons when the world shut down," Patty shared. When the world went into Covid isolation, the entrepreneurial couple decided they needed a little help getting their product out there, and that's where "Shark Tank" came into the equation. The twosome took the HairyGrabster in front of the Sharks during Season 12, which aired in March 2021. But things didn't exactly go as planned.

The Sharks felt HairyGrabster wasn't ready for an investment

Appearing in front of Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John, Patty and Andy Watne were looking to give away 20% of their company in exchange for $750,000. They explained that they wanted to use the funding to step up their marketing game for HairyGrabster, but it's safe to say the Sharks weren't overly impressed when they told them they'd only managed to rack up $600 in sales so far.

But the twosome's venture into the Tank didn't exactly end the way they'd hoped. Patty explained exactly what happened during their time in front of the cameras while speaking to Investors Digest. "In our discussion with the Sharks, they felt we were too early and our sales were too low for them to get involved," she shared. "Daymond John told us he got it and understood that we wouldn't miss the chance to present in the Tank, but we were too early for him. Mark Cuban said that HairyGrabster was the best product he had heard in the Tank, and he shared helpful marketing ideas with us. Barbara Corcoran had a lot of questions about our sales," she added. And that meant, just like Liberate did, the two sadly ended up slinking away from the Tank without an investment.

HairyGrabster still got plenty of interest despite not receiving an investment

Patty Watne and Andy Watne didn't let their lack of a "Shark Tank" deal discourage them. Following their appearance on the show, the two launched a new take on the original product — a butterfly-shaped HairyGrabster.

They got plenty of promotion just from appearing on the show too. Writing on the company's Instagram after their episode aired, the Watnes thanked their customers for their support and shared, "We have received THOUSANDS of orders, messages, and comments since our 'Shark Tank' appearance Friday!" They also hinted at how much work had gone into keeping up with the demand, noting, "We are working hard to fill orders and respond to messages; we just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know how much we appreciate you!!!" 

The two also dished on how much interest they'd had in the product three weeks after the episode aired while appearing on "Windy City." "The orders are still flooding in, we've got so many more customers between the orders and just the response from people," Patty said. "Whether it's emails coming in or reviews just so many people have had such a great response and have been so kind to us. It's been really amazing."

Not getting a Shark Tank investment hasn't stopped HairyGrabster from staying in business

It seems like the HairyGrabster has only continued to sell since then. In February 2024, the product is still very much available via the brand's official website, where the original and butterfly-shaped versions are both available. The HairyGrabster can also be purchased via Amazon, Walmart, and even Etsy. The company is also clearly keeping fans involved in what's next too. The brand held a competition on social media to allow its customers to choose the color of the new butterfly-shaped HairyGrabster, and they shared the winners in a 2020 Facebook video. "Look what's printing!" they captioned the upload, which showed a pink version of the product being made.

The company has also expanded further since its "Shark Tank" days. It now also offers reusable shampoo and conditioner bands via its website, known as BottleGrabsters. The latest addition to the range is a collection of bands that can be placed around a reused bottle so you easily know if it contains shampoo or conditioner.

"I guess you could say the Sharks attacked us but, to us, it was a great experience. We enjoyed every single second of it," Andy Watne admitted to "Windy City" of how they decided to keep the business going even after not finding success on "Shark Tank." "The sharks gave us some constructive criticism. We just thought, okay, let's keep moving on [and] let's see what we're gonna do next."

Patty Watne is still working hard on her business venture

It sounds like Patty Watne and Andy Watne are still invested in making the HairyGrabster as popular as it can be. When asked by Investor Digest what's next for the company, Patty explained, "We have several other shapes we would like to eventually add as well. We are exploring further uses for the HairyGrabster."

And Patty even founded and runs her own company to support her innovations. On LinkedIn, Patty lists herself as being the chief executive officer of The Watne Group LLC., which is the umbrella company through which they brought the HairyGrabster to market. As for Andy, his LinkedIn lists him as owning the patent for the HairyGrabster since 2020, though it doesn't seem to be his full-time focus. Nor has it ever been, for that matter. Andy has worked as a senior project manager for BMO Commercial Bank since June 2022, after previously working under the same title at MultiPlan, a healthcare company, from 2017.