The Glitter French Manicure Trend Is Here To Give Your Classy Nails A Little Pizazz

As much as we love a classic white stripe, more and more people are putting their own twist on the classic French Manicure nail look. And, according to Rianna Basurto, marketing specialist at nail salon Bellacures, the hottest way to do it is by adding a dash of sparkle. "French manicures will forever and always be on trend," she admitted to Byrdie. "The glitter design is a fun rendition of this classic mani during the winter season, as it brings the festivity of the holidays during this time of year in an understated, yet classy way."

But don't be fooled into thinking that the glitter French mani is just for the winter or the holiday season. No way. This is a glamorous and versatile twist on the classic that you can literally rock all year round. And there really are so many ways to do it, from the uber feminine to something a little more edgy. And we're about to prove it you by rounding up some of our very favorite takes on this glitzy trend.

Long nails mean more glitter

Those with longer nails who want to make a statement may want to try out a lengthened tip that's absolutely packed with glitter. Angled nails, such as almond shapes or stilettos, will be able to handle an extra dose of the sparkly stuff on the ends. At the salon, consider asking for dip powder nails to get a perfectly sculpted, snowy white effect.

But you don't have to go all out to see the glitter effect

IF you're more about keeping things subtle, instead of going for a dramatic or dark glitter, add a thin line of sparkle across the tips of your nails. A basic silver or muted gold works excellently here as the color is neutral and goes with everything.This look is perfect for shorter nails in particular, as you don't need a whole lot of space at the end of the nail.

Or the layer over a traditional white tip if you don't want to stray too far from the classic

We totally get it if you don't want to deviate too much from the classic French manicure. One way to give your nails and understated upgrade is to keep the white tips ultra thin, therefor only allowing for the faintest amount of glitter. Even though the glitter won't be obvious to the eye from afar, it will give your tips an overall brighter look. Stick with a polish in a white sparkle to keep things subtle. 

Go bold to bring the fun

A bright pink or a neon strip of glitter will instantly draw attention to your talons and bring some personality into this trend. It's also great for those who have shorter nails but still want a design that really pops. Feel free to play around with whatever color you like, though we always recommend matching the color to an occasion, such as red for the holidays, or a sunny yellow for the summer. If you can't find glittery color polish, paint your tips a solid color and apply an ultra thin layer of transparent shimmer on top.

Darker glitter can add an edgy twist to your French mani

Just because the tips of a French manicure are traditionally white, that doesn't mean you can't switch it up when glitter gets involved. A dark gold or brown glitter can give this manicure a fun, mysterious edge. The contrast between the dark, sparkly tip and your mostly translucent pink nail is striking enough to make a statement on its own no matter what outfit you pair with it. 

But don't think your glitter line has to go all the way to the tip

A glittery gold stripe across a champagne pink French nail offers just the right mix of femininity and sophistication. The middle placement of the stripe really highlights the length of your tips. It's totally up to you what you want to do when it comes to the shade of glitter and how thick the line is too, making this look unique to you!

While a double lined French manicure is double the glittery fun

Who said that a French manicure had to feature a block of color at the tip? Not us! If you want to bring a little extra dose of fun to your glitter take on the classic, create a double line with the sparkles — but don't fill in the middle. What you'll be left with is almost like a double rainbow effect of shimmery glitter that's not only super pretty, but also oh-so-unique.

But the glitter doesn't have to be at the tip to work

Applying sparkle to your nail bed is a fun way to switch up the usual design-on-the-tips look of a typical French manicure. Using a thin polish brush, paint a crescent U-shape of blue and silver glitter close to the cuticle. 

The world really is your oyster with this look, as you can try chunky glitter or thinner sparkles in an array of different colors.

A subtle glitter can even go over a traditional French manicure

It's true that a glitter French manicure doesn't have to mean glitter on the tip only. Not only can the sparkle shade be applied at the nail bed, it can also be layered over the top of the traditional, neutral manicure for a subtle all-over sparkle. Just make sure you opt for a formula with a translucent base so you'll still be able to see your classic nail design underneath. 

Or why not try glitter nail art over the top of a classic?

If you're not sold on the glittery layer but still want a faint hint of sparkle, you can opt for a glitter swirl. Adding a touch of nail art in a curved stripe adds sophistication and an intricacy that makes your nails look extra expensive without being too elaborate. This is perfect for anyone who has longer tips with a lot of space to work with. You'll still be able to see the classic pink-and-white French design underneath, but a swirl of glitter will just bring that little extra something to your talons.