5 Ways To Bring The Deep French Tips Trend Into The Winter

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The deep French tip trend leans into all of the charm of a classic French manicure, just with a more dramatic finish. Just as it sounds, the deep French tip means that the accent line at the tip of the nail is thicker. While the classic French manicure features white tips, the trend has exploded to showcase all kinds of color combinations and tones. Now that we're in the winter months, summer tones feel far away. Our focus is now on rich reds, dark pigments, and frosty glitter to match the chilly weather outside. Red nails are perennially trendy, so those came as no surprise. We're feeling metallics and chromes too, since they offer a decadent sumptuousness that we associate with the cashmere and woolen knits of winter. The gilded French manicure is another way that rich tones are working their way back onto our nails. So whatever colors you choose to wear, get ready for some fun with these deep-tipped styles. 


Gold deep French tips glitter all season long

Liquid gold nails are next level, especially when worn with an abundance of yellow gold jewelry. The extra-long tips on this French manicure mean that there's a lot of gold to look at, and no one's complaining. The dramatic tips on these golden nails work especially well in winter months because of their festive vibes. Come cooler weather, we're less interested in pastels or juicy neon hues. 


In selecting the right color, go for an ultra-rich gold with yellow undertones. The Metallic Gold Nail Polish by Àuda.B from Nordstrom checks our boxes. Addiction Tokyo's nail polish in Real Surreal Metallic Gold is another perfect choice to capture the sumptuousness of this deep French tip look. You can also achieve these wintery nails with Holographic Mirror Nail Powder in Chrome Gold Effect. This nail powder packs a potent punch, so you'll get it right every time. 

Clear deep tips with a French outline

This clear nail design is the pared-down version of deep French manicure tips, and the delicate white line drawings keep things ultra-minimal. We're seeing a lot of the clear nail trends now, and the simple white paintwork is a great option for those who don't want to rock deep tones, chromes, or something overly colorful. These nails are sharp and polished, while still catching the eye. The outline French manicure with deep tips is a great way to play with this trend, and the negative space gives the design an architectural edge. Plus, the nails themselves have a marbled shadow to them, so they have a more interesting final effect. Seasonally appropriate, they look like frosted windows on a cold night. 


What makes the white lines so impressive is that they require a steady hand. Opt for a white nail pen like the Nails Inc. Nail Art Pen in White that's famous for French manicures. Style this minimalist line work with an equally sparse aesthetic. Avoid too much jewelry, since the look is complex enough on its own. These frosty nail tips mimic winter months in the best way. 

A subdued deep tip in winter cheer

Not every deep French manicure tip needs to be excessively long. For those who don't enjoy the dramatic nail length that Khloe Kardashian sports, a more workable length is also an option. These delicate silver deep-tip nails, complete with silver snowflake embellishments, make for a superb winter look. They're both simple and festive. Plus, they're the perfect design for cold weather.


To find a flawless silver match, source out some heavily pigmented chrome nail polish. Essie's nail polish in Mystical Mist is a perfect choice for seasonal nails that can rock a noticeable silver. Similarly, Essie's Fun For Fall Collection features a silver that's heavy with glitter, which is also a perfect choice for nailing this elaborate winter scene. When it comes to drawing on the stars, you'll need a device that can offer precision. Use the Nails. Inc Silver Mani Marker Nail Pen as an effective device to excel at nail art. You'll have silver stars for days. 

Black matte deep tips for a winter frost

In a very dramatic turn, these black and silver deep-tip French nails have all of the va-va-voom of winter romance. They're a moody, decadent choice that's perfect for showing off some bling. These nails are a darker version of the deep French tips, and the matte black polish on the nail bed creates a compelling contrast to the excess of the glitter on the tips. While it looks unusual, matte black polish is easy to source. Chanel's Boy de Chanel in Black will get the job done perfectly. Claire's Matte Effect nail polish in Black Cat Beauty is another solid, more affordable choice.


To achieve the extravagantly glittery nail tips, a nail powder is the perfect route to go. Try the Metallic Glitter Dipping Powder in Silver Pagoda from SNS Nails. To get the right shape, and to keep the glitter only on the deep tips, use half-moon nail guides as a tool to block off the tip from the bed of your nail. Apply a base coat of sparkle to your nail tips and dip your tips, or carefully pack on the glitter with a dry brush. Gently and carefully peel off the half-moon guides, and you're good to go.

A classic winter red for deep French tips

Nothing is quite as classic as a red nail, especially in the winter. Think of the rich scarlet tones in plaid scarves, the decadent crimson of cranberry sauce, and the blood red of holly berries. Red is the perfect antidote to the short days and dreary grey tones of winter months, which is why we're craving it all the more as a nail trend. It's a way to carry some cheer with you all winter long. In this deep French tip trend, the red, glittery tips make for a nice festive finish but aren't as overpowering as a full red nail. The square-cut shape of the nails offers something unique. The red glitter is the best part of this look. Thankfully, this bright red tone is an easy color to source. Bitten by ILNP is a decadent choice for this look, and OPI's Big Zodiac Energy Nail Lacquer Collection in Kiss My Aries is another gorgeous shade that has serious shimmer power. You'll twinkle your way into spring.