Here's What Went Down With Bunny Eyez Glasses After Shark Tank

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If you tuned in to Season 15 of "Shark Tank," you may already be familiar with Bunny Eyez glasses. The innovative business created funky reading glasses that can be worn during even the most awkward times, as they can be twisted and turned to suit your needs. Created by Jenny Hutt (who you may recognize from her SiriusXM radio career) and her sister, Stacy Fritz, Hutt got the concept back in 2017 after realizing how much she struggled to wear reading glasses while getting her hair dyed. "I couldn't think of any reading glasses on the market that were fashionable, affordable, adorable, and had the features I was looking for," she explained on the Bunny Eyez official website.

Shortly after her epiphany, Hutt found out her sister was having the same issue, and the two joined forces to create Bunny Eyez. "We had no idea how to invent an actual something! We had to find a manufacturer to make a prototype and then we had to build an actual usable product," the two admitted to Rank & Style in 2018. But despite them not exactly knowing the ins and outs of what they'd taken on, the business gained some impressive traction. Their promotional journey even included Hutt and Fritz appearing on "Good Day New York" to promote the product. But after a few years, they knew they'd need some big business moguls onboard. So they turned to the "Shark Tank" Sharks for a little help and exposure.

The Bunny Eyez women impressed Daymond John

Jenny Hutt, Stacy Fritz, and their friend Andrea Gluck headed onto "Shark Tank" in the hopes of taking their glasses business to the next level, with their episode airing in November 2023. The trio were looking for $200,000 from the businesspeople, in exchange for 10% of their business. But despite being in business for around five years, Hutt, Fritz, and Gluck couldn't impress all the Sharks.

Mark Cuban, Kevin O'Leary, and Barbara Corcoran all dropped out after the trio made their pitch, though Daymond John wasn't about to let the opportunity slip through his fingers. John offered the trio the $200,000 they asked for but wanted 20% of the business. And that wasn't all. He also made it clear he wanted to make $2 on each pair of glasses sold. After he made his money back, he told the entrepreneurs he'd drop his stake in the company down to 15%.

Lori Greiner was full of praise for the women (calling them "so smart" for their business) but also dropped out after John's offer. "I don't think it's something that goes into a retail store. I think it's just way too hard," she added, encouraging the businesswomen to take John's offer. And that they did. "We'd love to have you onboard," they told him, as he came in for a big hug.

The Bunny Eyez team were seriously excited about their deal

Clearly, the Bunny Eyez team was pretty thrilled about how things went down on "Shark Tank." Speaking in a press release after their episode aired, Stacy Fritz said, "To appear on 'Shark Tank' and be able to share our readers with millions of people nationwide is such a dream come true for us. We're thrilled with the response we've gotten post-show, and believe Daymond is the perfect person to join our team." The women also expressed their excitement to be working with John, who famously invested in Jeska Shoe Company on "Shark Tank," on Instagram. "SPOILER ALERT! WE GOT A DEAL!" Bunny Eyez captioned an Instagram video, which showed Jenny Hutt and Stacey Fritz dancing in front of balloons spelling out the company's name. "So incredibly excited and grateful to be working with @thesharkdaymond. Thank you for believing in us[.] HERE WE GO!!!!!"

And it certainly looks like Bunny Eyez benefited from the famous "Shark Tank" sales bump that so many other companies got after their episodes aired. In an Instagram video posted to Bunny Eyez and Fritz's accounts, Fritz and Hutt explained that the team was working on a Saturday to get all the orders shipped because their site had so many visitors, still sweetly singing the praises of John. "[Daymond] is the greatest guy and so is his team," Fritz shared. "They're incredible."

The company had plenty of products to offer its customers after Shark Tank

Bunny Eyez appeared to only get stronger after appearing on "Shark Tank." Shortly after getting a boost from the show and an investment from Daymond John, the company celebrated the win with a Cyber Monday sale on its website which offered customers 30% off the products. And there were plenty of products to get "Shark Tank" fans ready to part with their money. The company offers glasses for men and women, sunglasses, reading glasses, and prescription glasses on its site, as well as help for customers looking for the right frame for their face shape. It also offers blue light glasses, designed for use while looking at screens.

But it's not just via the brand's website where fans were getting hold of Bunny Eyez products. The company has an Amazon storefront where a few of its products are sold out, potentially because of an influx of sales inspired by the company's TV appearance.

What's next for Bunny Eyez?

It seems like getting the word out there is very much the name of the game for Bunny Eyez. And it seems like Jenny Hutt is excited to be there every step of the way. Back in 2019, she opened up to In The Groove about her career plans, admitting she'd be balancing her radio and podcast career and her exciting business venture. "I have learned there is no balance, there is just doing. My radio show is in my soul because of all the connections I've made through the years. I love the relationship I have with my listeners," she shared. "My Bunny Eyez is the most exciting business venture in my life so far. I am incredibly proud of our young startup. It's wild. And fun."

As for what's next for Bunny Eyez, it seems like innovation is always key. With the likes of blue light lenses and prescription frames already on offer, it'll be exciting to see where Jenny Hutt and Stacy Fritz take the business next.