Follow This Super Easy Hack To Sharpen Even The Dullest Tweezers

Finding the right pair of tweezers can be a feat. Depending on the texture of your hair, some strands are more difficult to pluck than others. Because of this, you can't buy a pair of tweezers that a friend might rave about and assume they'll work perfectly for you too. It would be great if it were that simple, but beauty is never without a little trial and error.


When you do find the right tweezers, it's an immediate hallelujah-type moment. Suddenly, the world feels as though it's exactly as it should be and your brows, as well as all the other places maintained with your plucking, look perfect. Then one day you wake up and your beloved tweezers just aren't working the way they once did. You panic. How are you supposed to banish your facial hair now? You find yourself faced with a painful decision: do you try to find new tweezers that live up to your standards or do you sharpen your dull tweezers yourself? Sharpen them yourself, of course! All it takes is a nail file to get them back in pluck-worthy shape again.

How to use a nail file to sharpen tweezers

If you've been wondering how to sharpen your favorite tweezers, you're certainly not alone. Six years ago someone on the SkincareAddiction subreddit shared a story in which they scoured the internet looking for a way to sharpen tweezers. In the thread, Giraffee125 wrote, "My long-standing, favorite, would-cry-if-I-lost-them tweezers have recently become dull and won't grab fine hairs. After a quick Google search, I found a few articles that recommended using a nail file to rub against the grippy side of the tweezers, and IT WORKED. It was so easy, and now my tweezers are back in business!" The hack immediately went viral and when Allure reached out to Giraffee125, they confirmed, "It works like a charm."


Although this is a great hack to have in your beauty arsenal, PureWow pointed out that you can stave off dullness longer by being proactive in caring for your tweezers. All it takes is wiping them down with rubbing alcohol between each use and you can extend the amount of uses you'll get out of them.

Why it's worthwhile

For starters, when you find something that works and works well, it's hard to part with it — even when it stops working. With this hack, you don't have to worry about having to break up with your favorite pair of tweezers. It's also a money-saver! Some tweezers can cost as much as $40, and money that could be spent on far more exciting things. (Solo wine and cheese date, anyone?) Most people already have at least one nail file lying around that they can easily use to sharpen up their tweezers.


Having sharp tweezers is essential when it comes to facial hair maintenance. Tweezers that have a firm grip will "prevent breakage of hair follicles and ingrown hairs," dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, MD told Byrdie. No matter where you have an ingrown hair, it can be painful and a bit unsightly, so the last place you want one is your face.

As Chanel eyebrow artist Jimena Garcia told New York Magazine, tweezers should "last a lifetime, like a timeless Japanese knife" and with this sharpening hack they definitely can. Those favorite tweezers you've been wielding for years now are officially your forever tweezers. Congratulations to the both of you!