7 Winter Hairstyles That Still Look Good With A Hat

Oh so many of us know the struggle of trying to keep our hair looking its best in the cold winter weather. You spend all day bundled up in a beanie and a scarf while playing in the snow, thinking everything is great until someone wants to take a picture. It's not until you see the Snap that you realize your hat has totally flattened, disrupted and, well, ruined your beautiful locks. Awesome. 

While there are a few methods for taming unruly hat hair, sometimes you want your hair to look as well with a hat as when you take it off. Luckily, there are plenty of hairstyles that look fabulous under a winter warmer — and they're super easy to achieve. And it doesn't matter if you've opted for a bobble hat, beanie, fedora, or anything in between. We're taking a look at some of our very favorite winter appropriate hairstyles that still look good with a hat.

Long wavy hair looks super cute under a floppy beanie

If you have long hair, the secret to keeping your hair from looking flat is to give it some volume. A great way to do this is by curling your hair with your favorite tool, but creating curls that are a little tighter than you're actually looking for. This is because once you step outside, your hair will gradually loosen into more of a wave. However, with the right products, the look could last all day with minimal effort. Plus, wearing it under a ha means it will cover your roots, so it almost doesn't matter what's going on under there color-wise as long as your strands are in order. It's also super easy to give your tresses a brush through to keep your locks soft and wavy without having to remove your hat.

You could even channel your inner Princess Leia with your hat hairstyle

If you prefer to have your hair up rather than down, pigtails are perfect for a thick rimmed beanie This hat hairstyle makes used of two "Star Wars" Princess Leia-esque buns on either side of the head. Simply separate your hair into two sections with a center part, and twist them to create two buns. You can even leave the bottom part of the locks out for a more casual, undone or tighten them up to make them more polished. Just remember to keep the buns low, as, of course, your winter hat will need to sit just above them.

While oversized braids can look super cute with a knit

If you want something that's sure to stand out and give you tons of compliments, a pair of elaborate fishtail or flat braids is the way to go. To create a super loose, rounded effect, create two three-strand braids, and gently pull out each section to create rounded shapes. For those who already have braided hair, this look could also work by pleating those existing braids together. Just remember to finish your braids in front of your shoulders so you won't feel too much pulling when you move them forward.

Or try the pigtail look with a bubble braid twist

Similar to the oversized braid look, this version of the style is made up of a mixture of fishtail and bubble braids. It takes a little more effort to get the effect, but it's totally worth it, especially if you'll be wearing a hat all day but still want your hair to have some style to it. It also works well if you don't want your hair falling around your face.

But you could also keep it simple with a single braid down your back

Not really feeling the pigtail braid look? Or like the effect but find the style a little too complicated or too much effort? Then you can get the same style in a much simpler way. If you'd prefer to have your hair a little more hidden and away from your face, then the simple three strand braid is the way to do that. This braid will keep your locks in check in the winter weather as you won't have to worry about it losing its style. Another benefit? For many hair types, once you remove the braid you'll be left with stunning wavy locks. Two easy hairstyles in one? Count us in!

While pigtails with face-framing strands can be super flattering

For another twist on the pigtail loo, try involving cure braids. This hat hairstyle features two classic pigtails that fall behind the shoulders, but with several smaller braids sticking out. The best way to get this look is to put your hat on our head first and then pull the face-framing tendrils forward, before you create your pigtails and braids. It may seem odd to put your hat on before doing your hair, but doing this step first will let you see exactly where your hat is sitting, so you'll be able to customize your style to your exact piece of headwear.

But why not bring out the hair accessories?

Hair accessories were trending everywhere in 2023, and that's not going to stop just because we're adding hats. A bit of hair jewelry or  is ideal for creating intrigue, especially if you're wearing your hair straight under a beanie. However, it works just as well with any texture — be it crimped, waved, or curled. Metallic additions like embellished hair ties or bedazzled barrettes are all fair game here.