Our Best Tips For Nailing The Sheer Dress Trend At All Of Your Holiday Parties

If you've paid attention to 2023 fashion trends, then you know this year, it's all about sheer. The see-through look made a splash in the spring and summer, and continued to dominate social media and celebrity red carpets well through the fall. And we totally get why. A sheer dress is a sexy, chic look that hints at showing some skin without actually showing true nudity. Trend forecaster and founder of JMR Trend + Creative, Jessica Richards, described sheer clothing as giving "seductive siren vibes" to Marie Claire, and, honestly, we couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Because of this, the trend is just right for elevating your next holiday party look. "Sheer pieces have an edge in embracing a more sexy look, while holding a delicate feminine touch with layering ability, allowing depth to dressing," Sophie Coote, co-founder and creative director of Partly, further explained to Vogue Australia. But, let's be honest, wearing a sheer dress isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world, especially during the winter. It can inspire a whole host of questions, like what underwear to pair with it, how sheer is too sheer, and how to avoid an awkward wardrobe malfunction. To answer all those questions and more, we're sharing some of our very favorite styling tips for rocking that stunning sheer dress to your holiday party with ease.

Show off your straps

The bra and underwear can really make or break a sheer look. One of the reasons why see-through clothing is so fun is that it's a chance to show off your nicest negligée. It's no longer an undergarment, it's now part of the show. If you want to look confident, skip the regular T-shirt bra and pick undergarments that look like they were meant to be see; like a lace bralette or crisscross strap sports bra. A black bustier under a sheer shift dress is just right for a holiday soiree or girl's night out.

You look amazing in that sheer dress and you know it. So why not act like it? One of the very best tips for nailing a sheer dress to your holiday party is to wear it with the confidence you deserve. As Sophie Coote advised while speaking to Vogue Australia, "[Wear] with an air of confidence — the most important element to embracing sexy dressing."

Have fun with metallics

If a holiday party is on the agenda, there's no better opportunity to play with fun textures by sporting a sequin romper, bedazzled bra, or metallic, sparkly bodysuit under a loose fitting, see-through sleeve dress. An A-line style see-through dress is great here as it allows for optimal movement. Opting for a sheer piece in a darker color, like black or green will create a shadow tint that tones down the brightness and can help you feel less exposed, even though your legs may be visible.

To keep your look sleek ad p, try matching the color of your undergarments to the fabric of the dress, or at least sticking with the same color family — a silver sequin romper with a black sheer slip, for instance, or a red sheer skirt over red hot pants. "Choosing undergarments in a similar shade as the sheer clothing is always a super chic way of showing off your lingerie," Apryl Yii told Marie Claire Australia.

Slip it over a festive color minidress

A green spaghetti strap minidress can be pretty basic, but when layered under a long-sleeve sheer dress in the same color palette, it's immediately elevated to holiday party elegance. It's also a great way to wear the see-through trend to a place where more coverage is a better option, like an office holiday party or a family gathering. Look for bodycon dresses that confirm to your figure so that the sheer dress seems invisible.

If your sheer dress won't suit a slip because it has panels in the wrong place or its length just isn't right for the undergarment, then it's not your only option. "You can also try layering with seamless camisoles or bodysuits to provide additional coverage," Yii said. Celebrity stylist Danyul Brown agreed, and explained to InStyle that a bodysuit that finishes at the thigh is "a great choice as it will create further excitement, [add] structure to the outfit, and is a more fashion-focused choice."

Add a sweater or jacket to keep warm

Across the world, holiday parties generally mean at some point, you're going to deal with cold weather. A great way to get the sexy and chic effect without freezing is to layer it with something thicker on top, like a sweater or jacket.  You could even show off your uber fashionable side with a red sweater or giant, plush sweater — which are always a hit at holiday parties.

Not only will you look super on trend, you also get the practical benefit of being able to wear a regular bra (which, in itself, will keep you that bit warmer!) without any straps showing. To nail this look, try a long-sleeved maxi dress with a sheer panel at the bottom.

Layer it over pants

There's no reason why you can't put your dress with pants — especially if it's all sheer. 2023 saw pants with dresses all over the runways, with the likes of OpéraSPORT showing two versions of the look for its Spring/Summer 2024 show. So why not go for a super modern look by embracing the best of both trends? Layer a black sheer skirt or shirt dress over a pair of slim fit trousers or black jeans. Not only will you look super stylish, you'll also be able to sport one of the most daring trends without baring much skin at all. If you want to give the look a bit of holiday pizazz, choose trousers in a fun print, or a sheer dress with a polkadot or diamante pattern.